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  1. Thank you SC and your team for your hard work and dedication. Thank you Blerm for your delightfully fast download server. Gamaliel the Lurker.
  2. ROTFLMAO!!! I greatly appreciate the warped sense of humor. My stomach still hurts from laughing... Keep up the good work Barron. Gamaliel out.
  3. LOL, enjoy your well-deserved vacation SC! The patch sounds sweet. I'm off to explore the galaxy... Gamaliel out.
  4. quote:Originally posted by Soback: Oh, man. The one in the docking bay looks awesome. Hey $ilk, how did you do that?? That is interesting. Gamaliel out.
  5. Keep 'em coming guys. BTW Simparadox, why were you attacking a scientist starstation?!? What did my colleagues ever do to hurt you, hmm?? I guess my next question would be: What caste were you playing in those pictures? Just curious...Please don't kill me!! Gamaliel out.
  6. Ahhh....a fellow Scientist. I like the way your pictures tell a story, LOL. BTW Medics also make horrendous shuttle pilots. Yes, I did find out about that the hard way. I would post pictures but I was so angry at them that I plumb forgot about it. Gamaliel out.
  7. Those are pretty pictures, Barron. Well...except for the last one, LOL. I think I will keep a safe distance from Valkerie space from now on. And to think that the game reviewers say that this game doesn't have good graphics. I guess they need to play the game longer and see more of the universe. Gamaliel out.
  8. Ok SC, it will be done. I will send you the saved game as soon as I re-deplete the shuttlecrafts charge. Unfortunately, I saw your post after I had been playing the game again and I had already recharged the one shuttlecraft that was seriously depleted by docking it with Genesis starstation and using the station's Logistix screen. Needless to say, they all now have a charge of 98% to 99%. I will get them down to 75% or so before I zip up the files and send them in. EDIT: For clarification; realized after posting that what I had written was unclear. I have now sent the files. My ISP's e-mail server is notoriously unreliable, so if there are any problems please let me know. Gamaliel out. [ 12-09-2001: Message edited by: Gamaliel ]
  9. My apologies, SC for not providing sufficient information in my previous post. I have started a new game with RC9 with the following parameters: Terran/Scientist, Roam, LRT-15 unarmed transport. By some miracle I have managed to avoid attack approximately three hours into the game and can report that all ship systems (including the auxiliary charger) are at a full 100% according to Logistix/Crafts/CC. Both Flight Engineers are on-station. All ship systems have full power allocated in Logistix/Power. Unfortunately I must report that my shuttlecrafts are still not being recharged according to the CVD/SSS. (I have launched them several times for various purposes and then recovered them. They are currently docked with my CC. In all cases I have used the highest AI system engineers and/or medics as pilots.) I have a theory for why this might be happening. I have noticed that Carrier class vessels have a "central charging unit" listed in Logistix/Power. I have also noticed that the "central charging unit" does not appear in Logistix/Power on Transport class vessels. Perhaps if this unit is not present then the auxiliary charger can not work. I am probably 100% wrong about this so it is just a theory. In any case, given the fact that this issue does not appear to be a problem for anyone else in the community, and given the fact that I can just recharge the shuttlecrafts at a starstation or starbase; I figure this is of no importance. I am well aware that you are quite busy SC and since I do not wish to become an annoyance, I will not bother you with this again. I will report to the airlock now and await further orders. Respectfully, Gamaliel.
  10. First off, thank you SC for answering my questions over in the Clueless Newbie Questions thread. I did not realize my questions might serve a useful purpose. I am now testing 1.0.02 RC6 and have welcomed the new flight engineers to my crew. I also noted the presence of the new auxiliary charger on Deck 4 of my transport. However for some reason my shuttlecrafts still do not appear to be getting recharged. I have noticed that Carrier class vessels have a charging unit listed in the Logistix Power allocation screen that does not appear on the Transport vessels Power allocation screen. I do not know if this is in any way relevant but figured I would mention it. Please don't flush me out the airlock - I am just a newbie. Gamaliel out.
  11. quote:Originally posted by EAGLE: The way i see we'll only be able to prove what ship is most effective in MP turnament or wait for BCO. I'd love to see 20-30 ships in a system watching 2 guys fighing for their life and 'best ship' title. LOL, "Battlecruiser Tournament". Gamaliel out.
  12. I play as a Terran/Scientist and my favorite ship is the LRT-15 transport. Why? The big cargo bays give me plenty of space for my mineral samples and it looks good. Gamaliel out.
  13. My apologies, Aramike. Now that I have had a chance to actually play the game, I would like to change my choice of ship to an LRT-15 class unarmed transport. I need those big cargo bays in order to hold more of my mineral samples. Please let me know if there is any problem with this. Gamaliel out.
  14. Greetings, I noticed that the forum software has been upgraded to version however I am still having the same problems as before (on two different PC's and a Mac). The only improvement I have noticed is that while refreshing a page seems to be more helpful than before, it is still not 100% effective. IOW the browser reports a page as being "done" even though it is obviously incomplete and hitting refresh sometimes allows more of the page to be seen and other times not. Oh well...back to lurking I guess Gamaliel out.
  15. I am posting this just in case my email does not get through. My ISP's email server has a tendency to be a bit unstable. RP/ Dear Rear Admiral ShoHashi: Per your request, I would like to inform you that I recently received a message from the Bishamon Fleet CommNet. However, I am not in the Bishamon Fleet and am not even a member of the Terran Insurgency. In point of fact, I am an Indie Scientist!! As a scientist I am a neutral party and prefer to steer clear of messy political conflicts. After all, they could interfere with my research! Respectfully yours, Commander Gamaliel /RP Gam out.
  16. Aramike, I would like to request that the UCV Medea be a Jenstar class transport. If there is any problem with this, please let me know. Gam out.
  17. I have been having problems with this board for the last five days or so (I think). However, in my case hitting refresh is not helping at all (If anything it makes things worse - the page gets cut-off further and further up). Basically any page that is longer than about 20-25 posts is being cut-off and I am unable to get to the bottom. (7-8 posts for some of the General Discussion debate threads ) I access this forum from three different machines: a Win 98 PC w/Internet Explorer 5.0 and no Service Packs (home), a Win Me PC w/Internet Explorer 5.5 SP 1 (home), and a Mac OS 8.0 w/Netscape Communicator (work). The same problem shows up on all three. I guess for now I am going to have to lurk (no choice). Gam out [ 11-12-2001: Message edited by: Gamaliel ]
  18. Congratulations, Officer! Uhm...Does that mean I just get a warning the first time you scan my ship's cargo hold?? Just kidding...Happy B'day Spuzzum.
  19. quote:Originally posted by Cmdr Jeffery Eu: Anyways feel free to browse around, I'm sure you know by now that we, Intercorp Unlimited are recruiting and would love it if you could join our cause as we don't have any one to organise the Scientists Division of Intercorp. If you're interested mail me. Thank you for the offer, however due to RL concerns I am going to have to operate as a lone wolf for the moment. I would also like to have the chance to play around with BCM for a while so that I may have something useful to contribute. If and when my situation changes for the better, I will contact you or post here on the forum. Gam, out.
  20. Outstanding! Let me know how I may be of assistance and we will see what arrangements can be made. After all, I can always use more grant credits to support my research.
  21. Greetings. I am alive, kicking, and most definitely an Indie. In any case I am checking in. Gam out.
  22. Greetings I have been lurking about and spotted this thread. I would like to check-in prior to submitting my registration. Gam, out.
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