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  1. It's funny, I cannot recall when I stopped getting the emails alerting me to a roll call. Any word from Most?
  2. What happened to July's Roll Call? Oops, was I suppose to let it slip I'm here?
  3. Saw the Season 4 premiere, LOVED IT! Some good bits, but can they PLEASE just focus on one thing like Michael coming back and the gang's reaction. His scene with his mom just felt rushed because the next scene was him going after the B-list client's enemies. I know the client of the week is a running thing, but I do think they could change it up a bit more than they have. It's season 4 now...
  4. Agreed, I had to use to catch a few episodes due to RL issues with my DVR.
  5. Well, we're here the latest season ended in January I think. Mike's in prison (or is here?). Glad to see Madeline get to push people around and go ape nuts. I don't know, I'm a bit tired of the client of the week. it was fairly interesting at first and they kept it good by changing ti up. But it's just kind of..."we've done this"
  6. I agree, Heroes never fully came back after it's first season. But Dollhouse I loved and continue to do so. I'm a huge fan of Joss Whedon's and I really liked the notions and challenges in creating characters that would otherwise not be the same each episode.
  7. No, they ended Atlantis too late. The show stopped being fun after the first season. It wasn't a terrible show, but ti wasn't a good show either. Besides, the last episode was crammed with stuff just to adhoc the ending together. And the Las Vegas episode shouldn't have been made before the finale. Anyway.. Good to see you Kalshion, long time. SGU, I'm really enjoying. I liked the focused on the characters for the first half and am looking forward to the action. Action isn't what Stargate has been about for me. I've always been more interested in the characters doing stuff outside technobabble about saving themselves/world. I am very much interested in Colonel Evervett & the Sergeant with a temper....Ford? no he's still on the Hive ship.
  8. Just watched the last three episodes, the Two parter that brought the show back on March 18th & the last episode from this Thursday. Loved the storylines being ramped up. But I agree there are some dragging moments. Still, I give new shows a whole season before I make up my mind. Have to see if there is any pay off at all.
  9. I watched reruns on the former "Scifi" channel. Saw the whole first and second seasons. Good show, just wish there was more episodes
  10. I use ZoneAlarm Security Suite (obviously now they have something "better" Spyware Blaster Vista's Window's Defender
  11. Thoughts on the new season? I know more is coming this spring, but the first half of it just flew by I didn't know what was going on. I like the idea of Michael finally on his own and not in some company's back pocket.
  12. Season is shaping up very nicely. Looking forward to the second half. I just hate it when SciFi/NBC/USA chopp their shows in half.
  13. Whoever it is, they better have the accent right. There's no way I see Diesel with his accent.
  14. http://www.kgw.com/video/lookback-index.html?nvid=231176 I thought this was pretty funny, but cool.
  15. I love it, I just recently heard about it in January and have been watching the first season on cbs.com and then started watching the second season live. I LOVE IT! Especially last night, I knew Robert was going kick some a@# once Ravenwood came to his place. I was kinda hoping for a more DieHard feel once he got involved. I liked Bonnie, and felt it was pretty cool how her death resulted in this situation. I hope it keeps going I'm watching it and talking to EVERYone I can about it. I'm not sure if there is a ARG going on, cause there is a jenningsandrallings website with a login, but I haven't found anything about it. So, who thinks Microsoft will going the J&R route and wipe out the US and use their own employees as a new government?
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