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  1. Please go by the purpose of this thread and take your personal stuff to the emails or PMs as long as it's not here, ok? Reading these posts I am getting anxious for it, *sigh* I still dunno, I got school and a coding a website so I guess I'll wait til I don't have too much in my plate.
  2. I won't, but if anyone else will get it or played the demo, wet my appetite and show some pics. Also why did you buy (or not buy) the game? I didn't cause I would rather have support behind it.
  3. I'm not gonna buy a game without full backing by 3000ad (Derek). As far as I know I've never brought a game from DC, I would know if I did, so now I'v lost any interestb in their company.
  4. I'm not gonna buy a game without full backing by 3000ad (Derek). As far as I know I've never brought a game from DC, I would know if I did, so now I'v lost any interestb in their company.
  5. Mine is the logo of my Prime Fleet Wing, the Gamma Wing.
  6. Nice, I'm just starting my class to the Intro of Computer Programming. They're teaching us C++. And I guess it's the newbie in me that can't inmagine knowing that many languages, though they said they were similar.
  7. I go to NC A&T SU (http://www.ncat.edu) and a former student (who graduated) built a part for the first rover, kinda said to see that work lost for nothing. NASA has a long relationship with A&T since Ronald McNair (another A&T grad), who sadly died in the Challenger. NASA devotes money to A&T to help them with coming up with new ways to help them. I'm probably not going be doing that, but I am a programmer and it could be possible. However I doubt I'll work for NASA. I'm aiming for the Air Force. It's an amazing experience to even think something man-made has touched another planet.
  8. So how is the site running? We keeping pcpowersolution.com or going back to primefleet.com. Just asking...
  9. Whenever I left the game I pause it. The only stupid things I've done is not save.
  10. So how was everyone's Christmas? What? OH! Okay *Walks over to all the commanders and removes the tape around their mouths* Now you can speak!
  11. The thing is I am thinking about waiting (which I don't think I have the control for) for the mmog. Considering I do have to focus on college, so I can become a programmer and become an official SC whipping boy! Although everytime I come to this site I read those additions/Enhancements on the product page and drool starts salivating.
  12. IC: Badgerius, sir, I was curious as top whether or not the positions noted on the Fleet's site for this wing were accurate and planned on being filled in. OOC: I am just curious. I can't take on anything until I get my comp back, which won't be until after the 4th of Jan.
  13. Hmm...I don't recall worshipping Derek, I mean yeah I've held sacifaces and such in his name while yelling words I can't compehend in hopes of getting an email from him, but HEY we all have done it at least once, right? hehe j/k I dunno the story, but I have never had any problems on this forum. I don't post with a seeming interest to fight nor spam hate to someone who didn't even delete my post. If they did I'd just do witchcraft to them so I would have one more slave to work on my ship in space. [sorry if I seem crazy, Christmas is just coming so soon!]
  14. Any updates? Are there any rules besides no new technology, No killing off the SC, and no making a new alien species to attack me in my sleep?
  15. I had a question, Will there be a section on the site for the members of Prime Fleet to submit their character's history and background? If not that may be a cool thing to do.
  16. quote:Originally posted by Commander Elio Jason: hey i was about to post one! of course im still here as usual. replaying KotOR on my x-box and readying for the holidays. I'm here trying to hunt Elio down. I think he is on Dantooine I knew I saw the Ebon Hawk here *searches* Elio, are you dark, light , or somewhere in between? BTW do you know how to get a Third ending? If not PM me and I'll let you know.
  17. Well I can't seem to mug anyone with my shuttle
  18. So what is everyone doing for the holidays? Well anyone gonna start? *waits* FINE! I'll start, I will be heading north to see my family on Philly (thats Philadelphia for those who don't know). Haven't seen most of them since last X-mas. I did see some of my aunts, one uncle, and my grandma when I graduated HS in May (took me 10 years, but I made it. J/K!!!). Well anyone else?
  19. quote:Originally posted by Marine: Will there be any way for players to attack a surface of a planet from space in multiplayer? I highly doubt it now with no OTS. But what about STO? Will a group of ships like 10 or so be able to "takeover" a planet?
  20. quote:Originally posted by Delta1: Still No baby. Induction mission was not a go. You know, I think my wife lied to me. She just got lazy and fat. Or maybe it is true about swollowing pumpkin seeds. So did you get the baby yet? If so CONGRATZ!!! Anyway is UC out? I have kinda been stuck underground for awhile.
  21. Been away at college, if I am able to get UC you'll see more of me. JUst trying to get through the first year with good solid passing grades. Wish me luck *runs out into the battlefield*
  22. Ya gonna get us gifts, right? GL and take care, hopefully when you come back you can help me with the insurgents!
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