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  1. Go to Facebook.com They got a list of all the colleges on that are in their system and that's a BIG list. Search those names and look up any information you need.
  2. I have and am tempted to buy. The good news is now I can redo the trial version for another 33 days since my comp got formatted
  3. ROTFLLAI (Rolling On The Floor Laughing Like An Idiot)
  4. I agree with raziel Adware and Spybot seem to complement each other very well. Also as a bit of an announcement, I'm letting ya'll know Thursday night when I used the Registry Mechanic recommended above on my Win Me. It messed up after it restarted or maybe before, but anyway what resulted was after I login (or used Safe Mode) my comp would show nothing but the ordinary HP background I usually have and then just the mouse. The mouse moves and I can Ctl-Alt-Del, but no programs appear. I took it to a place on campus when I can get it fixed. I was able to save all the files I needed. Like Classroom stuff, BC RP files, all of My Documents, and a few other stuff. It came to a total of 1.40 something gig of memory I saved. The rest got formatted. I won't get my comp back until Tuesday, I"m gonna crack I know I don't blame anyone it was my choice, but since I was on Me I wanted to let others know. Also to those that harrassed me (friendly, of course ) about having Win Me, stop cause they are upgrading me to Win XP Pro & I got a free USB stick with 512MB. I'm HAPPY! But I'll always miss the good ol' days....maybe when I'm drunk
  5. I've been reading it since #1 I love it. Great articles and just plain views on the industry.
  6. HEY! It was VERY believeble! Just for that, I'm gonna let the Insurgents get you Actually, I liked all of the characters, but since they didn't even have a full season to evolved their relationships are really implied and the movied definitely couldn't spend time going into their histories and such. If that verse is going to come back I'd want a tv series or series of tv-miniseries because the characters really need to evolve and their relationships really need to be pushed to the edges so they are more defined.
  7. I would LOVE to find that dumpster! True, it gets crazy.
  8. Does anyone know what happened Prime's website? I hope Remo is enjoying his LOA, lol So I assume we will start using this forum until our site is back up. Cadets should contact their instructor and Wing members should contact their Wing Leaders.
  9. I just saw it last night and man! I LOVED IT! It was perfect, I didn't learn anything, but enjoyed watching how things were for some people in a war. Man, those snipers are crazy people.
  10. YES! YES! YES! That's all I said while reading that. I love Morgan Freeman.
  11. Group Fights Wal-Mart on 'Happy Holidays' My take on this is: People don't like change and in a world that is constanting changing, they need to live with it or not.
  12. Isn't that illegal? I mean to sell on eBay?
  13. My absolutely favorite Richard Pryor moment was when he was on SNL using word association with Chevy Chase. LOL
  14. eh! I never saw the second one, my belief don't ruin the first.
  15. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Star Wars Fans Flee Net Galaxy I think the link should be THIS, SC.
  16. I'm surprised no one mentioned that everytime he mentions UC:AWA he adds Screenshot to the end like it's apart of the name. That just annoys me. Overall though, I like this review. It gives credit where it's due and points out issues (some obivious like this is meant for a niche person and isn't a simple game)
  17. Jaguar #4 ??? NNNOOOO!!!!! *runs and jumps out through the window* LOL, congratz Jaguar and may I suggest working at a radioactive plant it's a much cheaper way of becoming sterile.
  18. The game industry doesn't have to go after him, he's making their case himself and his fate will be his own fault too.
  19. Yeah I never saw the animated show. Did you SC? So I dunno I might find it good.
  20. quote:Originally posted by $iLk: I was also drunk during the movie and took out my agression on the jerks behind me who had to narrate everything while dressed as wizards. So that was you? That explains it, next time you're join us. From what I saw, was on a date (with a girl WOW, I know ) so excuse me for not watching the whole thing. However, I do prefer the books though since I'm on Book 6 and they just did Book 4. The effects were great and I did enjoy Ron's reaction to Hemmy. However, I must say I never saw such a relationship in any of the books. I guess I was too focused on what Harry was doing.
  21. Hmmm...so is the revision a good thing? What does everyone think. I didn't read anything I might consider bad.
  22. ok...I'm did a search and found the article you're talking about. EA Sued
  23. So SC what do you think of the results, I thought some of the wording of the questions were unprofessional considering the response they wanted and didn't get.
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