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  1. Does anyone have any idea how the scripts work... I know that is a little vague, but what I mean is, how do you access the scripts in the game. Are they tacked on to the end of ACM, or can you get at them from roam mode, or do they competly repace the ACM scripts?

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  2. Sorry to revive this dead thread. I was just thinking about the old bridge bitmap, and how much I liked it. I almost went and started a new thread, which would have been worse than reviving this one. I kinda wish I could just stick the old bridgeviewer bitmap into BCM.

    Anyway, the real reason I revived this post was to ask the SC a question about the modeling of the ship interiors. There is a glitch in the E2 demo when you establish planetfall some of the ships graphics get messed up. The turrets apear raised above the ship, and part of the lower hull is shifted down a bit so there is a gap. Anyway, the result is that you can walk into that space in FP mode and look around what, guessing from the BC3000ad locations, would have been the troop deployment bad. It looks to me that they had actually begun to model some rooms, such as the one you can walk into because of the glitch in the demo. It had different skins than the rest of the ship, and part of it looked as if there was a door in the wall. I was wondering if I had guessed right, and this is the left over of a canned beginning to ship interior rendering, or if I was just insane.

  3. What does everyone thing about the Megaron. It's on the fast side. Has some of the best handling of all the carriers, lots of turrets, heave fighter compliment. It has the best rate of fire of all the carriers. 4 main guns. It has the best sheilds... It even looks cool... and yet no one has mentioned it.

    The BC mkXs are cool, but they are sort of lacking in the turret department.

  4. Yeah, I can't decide if I think the purchase of the oberon boats was a good idea or not...

    They are far from obsolete, but canada's need for them is small.

    I think the canadian forces are pretty impressive... I think it is fairly "token" in size, but its well trained, and holds its own in UN peacekeeping operations. This, in my opinion, is the only real moral use of a military other than strictly defensive measures.

    Anyway, this is off topic. What role do you think the frigat class would have in BC? If there were such a class in BC?

  5. you can get a money order at a post office... there is a small fee involved, virtually negligible, and they they give you what is essentially a cheque that you can send through the mail... except that since the ammount is already paid to the post office, there is no chance of it bouncing... so companies will actually accept it. You can also get a certified cheque at the bank which is effectively the same thing.

    I forget exactly what the fee is... It has been a while since I needed a money order... the last time was a for an application free when I applied to uni...

    I think it was somewhere around 4% which for a 50 dollar game is like 2 bucks of something...

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