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  1. Point 5,4 and 2 are just rant from someone who has a problem with mastering the controls. As for point 3; well what can I say, its GTA. The mission structure is indeed not very different from GTA, GTA II, GTA III, GTA: Vice City, GTA: Liberty City stories, etc. What about it ? And point 1 is a bit short sighted imho: Righhttt I must have forgotten the golden rule in software development: "More parties involved equals beter product".....

    Supreme Commander

    As long as they make patches for it, I'm happy. For instance C&C Generals only got like 4 patches. Everybody is cheating on generals online, from super weapon hacks and mismatches to enemy unit control hacks and stats hacking....

    U.S should pull out!!

    If the western world pulls out of Iraq, Muslim extremist will see it as a victory. Just as in Afghanistan when the soviets pulled out. If we leave Iraq without a stable democratic government, it will be a mess. A mess which will backfire at us, just like in Afghanistan.

    Why Gaming Sucks On Linux

    quote:Originally posted by stingray: The funny thing is that more and more former Linux users are switching to macs because they don't play on their workstations anyway. Errrr.... do you have figures to support that claim ? If I were to switch away from Linux I don't see why I should switch to a Mac. Like yamamushi says; It would be kinda silly to move to a Mac if gaming is your motivation. quote: At the end of the day all you want is getting the job done, be it work or play. Yeah and Linux does that for me

    Has Humanity become God?

    quote: we have been able to solve and nearly control so much and nearly all of what we once considered to be 'the mysteries of the universe' -or we soon will be. Did i miss the breaking news about the cure for cancer ? The explanation for the origin and meaning of life ? The opening of the new colony on Mars and our vast fleet of space ships exploring the galaxy and our newly commissioned time machine ? No offense, but we (humanity) don't know jack about the working of the universe. All we have is some (partially working and proven) theories about relativity, special relativity, quantum mechanics, etc. Thats just 0,000001% of the total picture. I totally agree with Jag on this one (and i respectfully note that the sky hasn't fallen...)

    Interplay developing Fallout MMO

    Couldn't edit my original post anymore, but I also found this: http://www.ballerium.com/community/showthr...light=interplay Seems they've done the 'find investor, create nothing and pay nobody' trick before. This is real sad. From what I've read so far this guy is just a 'level 99 chaotic evil thief'.

    Interplay developing Fallout MMO

    quote:Originally posted by LostInSpace: Wait a minute, doesn't Bethesda owns all the rights to any Fallout MMORPG title and Fallout series 3 to 5? Yeah thats exactly what I thought. See: http://www.bethsoft.com/news/pressrelease_071204.htm After some digging I believe they only bought rights for a sequel. Not the exclusive rights of the Fallout universe.

    Trouble for Star Trek MMORPG Developer

    quote:Originally posted by Wolferz: You gotta love all that read between the lines doublespeak. Translation: "We're screwed because we don't have the funds to make the payroll." " Looking for suckers, errr investors? LOL No takers ? Anyone ? Who wants to fall in our pit..of errr gold, yeah thats it, our pit of gold.
  9. quote: Perpetual Entertainment, the company developing TrekÔÇÖs MMORPG Star Trek Online, appears to be having some financial problems. Source: http://trekmovie.com/2006/12/14/company-be...rpg-in-trouble/ A shame IMHO, but not entirely unexpected. I seriously doubt if they are going to make it, although stranger things have happened....
  10. The discussion about shooting with depleted uranium is war on micro/implementation level. The depleted uranium discussion (whatever it is harmful or not. Personally i don't think its harmful, just like nuclear energy) is the least of our worries. Like I stated earlier: http://www.3000ad.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php?u...0876;p=1#000018 There is not going to be an economic revival after this war. Also things like crude oil production and security show no improvement in Iraq, see: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/shared/spl/hi/in_d...iraq/html/4.stm
  11. Whats so different about WII and Iraq in an economic perspective is this: WII was a all or nothing war, a total war. Just like the American civil war, and in Europe World War I. It was total mobilization, and total employment. Iraq is not a Total war. And therefor there is no War economy in the US. The first Gulf war (To which the current war is economically more comparable to) also wasnt a total war. Remember what that did to the economy ? Hello recession of 91 !
  12. quote: If Europe doesn't like it, or whines and cries, so Fricking what? Havent you read my post ? Look here : https://cia.gov/cia//publications/factbook/...r/2187rank.html We pay you for your war!!! quote: We close3 down the borders between Iraq and Iran, and Iraq and Syria, nothing from either of those countries comes in or out of Iraq. Why do I have to spell such things out for you guys? And the Insurgency and terrorists are coming from Iran and Syria, NOT from within Iraq itself. I'm starting to get the impression that you haven't read my post at all. Like I said: We can't pressure Iran, but they can put pressure on us since they are the worlds fourth largest oil supplier. Besides, if they really want to get in. They get in. Look at Israel, even with their drastic measures they cant stop them from getting in. And thats a small piece of land with 1000's of checkpoints and roadblocks. quote: The world couldn't afford World War 2 either, but after the war was won, we had one of the largest economic growths in history. You cant possibly believe you can compare those wars on the level of economic impact.
  13. quote: B: We shut down the border to Syria and Iran, nothing goes out, and nothing goes in from those countries. That could pose a problem since Iran is the world fourths largest oil supplier. https://cia.gov/cia//publications/factbook/...r/2173rank.html Also Russia is rather friendly with Iran, and Russia is the worlds second largest oil supplier. As for Saudi Arabia, I think we have them under control. Thats not meant sarcastic, thats a genuine comment. quote: D: We tell Iran and Syria to stay out of it, or they will feel our wrath, because we have lots of wrath to use, and I mean LOTS!! Same as for 'B'. And second to that, if the US attacks Iran all hell will break loose here in Europe. Do you know how big the problems are we currently face with maintaining the peace between all ethnic groups here? quote: E: We come down on the terrorists and insurgents like a ton of bricks, you are caught planting an IED, out to the back 40, tied to a pole and your brains splattered across the fields. You are caught sniping at a US Soldier, you will be shot on sight, no trial, no nonsense, you will be dead. Yeah that will work. Look at Israel, they are doing that for what ? 20 years now ? They have just completed there rather *cough* successful campaign against Lebanon. Don't you get it ? The harder you strike, the harder they strike back. Were talking about people who blow themselves up! They've got nothing to lose. You can't win something from someone who has nothing to lose. And last and most important: THE WORLD CAN'T AFFORD IT! Look: https://cia.gov/cia//publications/factbook/...r/2187rank.html The 65 countries with a positve balance are funding the countries with a negative figure. And who is that at the bottom of the list, thats right the US with a whooping $ -829,100,000,000. Which countries like China pay for. Heck, even the Netherlands is listed number 8 as the worlds funder. So even I probably pay for the war on terror...... There is just not enough money in the world for a third war! So I'm not against war because I'm a tree hugging peace lover. If I thought kicking their asses would solve our problem I would be the first one to opt to do so.

    The Tax Debate

    Come on guys, you are always complaning about taxes while the US is a tax paradise. I pay 45% Income tax and on top of that come some mandatory social security things, which makes about 50% of my income goes to the state. For fuel, well I guess you guys allready know: 1 litre Euro 95 is currently about 1,30 EUR. Of which 1,10 EUR is tax. On everything else (besides fuel, tabaco, etc)applies a 19% tax. Which is basicly a tax on top of my income tax. So stop complaining and start embracing

    Neverwinter Nights 2

    Same here, Preorderd the Lawfull Good Collectors Edition. I really liked nwn 1, but I hope nwn 2 has more interaction with party members like in Baldurs Gate and Knights of the old republic.