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  1. YES! I have secured my copy. And yes, I had the clerk go into the back because they had not unpacked the box yet. Location: Green Acres Mall, Valley Stream NY.
  2. Good News... The game is in the store. Bad News... Can't pick it up until after 5pm because "no one is in the back to open the box." Come on! I'll be there at 3pm to open the damn box myself.
  3. I'm running a Pentium IV, Geforce 3 with TV out (S Video) on a 36" Sony TV and the big difference is with all my games including the BCM demo 2, 640x480 looks great. 800x600, makes most of the text unreadable in most games, and somewhat unreadable in the BCM demo. Plus the screen size is reduced horizontally by about 10%. When using a TV 640x480 is the way to go. Games like Quake III & Star Trek Elite look incredible, and I don't really miss my monitor. TV is the only way to go in the bedroom anyway. There are a few games with unreadible text on 640x480 like Real War, had to intall that in the office. I thank the Supreme Commander for making the text so good at 640x480!
  4. I actually dreamed that last week. You are lucky.
  5. Well it's 3pm here in NY, I just called and the response was, "no sir, not today." I'm now praying it gets there by Wednesday. At least I can take the manual to my ladies house, Thanksgiving requires my presence a day early. I already asked her about installing it on her machine, then I decided that might not be in the best interest of our future relationship.
  6. The folks at my local EB are not out of touch at all. 80% of the staff are avid game players, and the other 20% are at least helpful. Perhaps I'm just one of the lucky ones. I'm glad I work at home so at least I can get the game as soon as it comes in. If I had a 9-5 gig and I couldn't get to the store until afterwork, I'd go crazy. I'm sure some stores will not have a full stock on all pre-orders, so do your best to get there ASAP. One more thing, my store had the huge promotional box cover at the entrance of the store for a good 2 months. Even though they have taken it down since the game was delayed, but I don't understand how any employee could of missed that floor display. I've never seen a box cover that big.
  7. Okay, the Research Engineer is JLo, and the pilot Nightwing is Beyonce (lead singer from the mega group Destiny's Child). Okay. I'll put the pipe down.
  8. Only the Supreme Commander can answer this question for sure, but as I'm playing through the second demo of BCM, I decided to take a look at my crew. And surprise, I see the faces of these three ladies. I could be wrong about Kim, but I'm 100% on JLo and Beyonce. Supreme Commander, your response would be appreciated. For legal reasons, I understand if you deny, deny, deny!
  9. As a webmaster I have links to all types of sites, mainstream and adult. I would say we represent the softer side of the adult industry. However if the Supreme Commander says, "don't link to my site." Yes I will drop the link ASAP. No problem. Adults come to my sites looking for adult entertainment. Some are into games, and if I can enlighten a few, it's all good. When the Supreme Commander speaks I will obey.
  10. Well Supreme Commander, I'm in the adult part of the entertainment industry. I produce an online magazine featuring women of color, some solo model sites, and a site that features videos of exotic dancers from NY. I have no need to promote that here though. I can drop you the addresses by email if you're interested in the info. I definitely will not assume you are interested. I do admire what you have done. I wish there were more people in the gaming industry who had your vision, focus and insight. Being a huge Sci-fi fan when I was a kid I actually had a whole universe in my head. I had a fleet of ships that I would remote control with my imaginary computer (first person view of course). Had an imaginary transporter pad next to my bed, and I could literally sit in my room and dream up missions. Your simulation allows me to virtually continue on with my own childhood fantasy. I love that! And for that I must spread the word. [ 11-16-2001: Message edited by: Jordan_UVP ]
  11. I'm a newbie to this forum. Let me first say I love what the Supreme Commander has done with the simulation and with this forum. I've needed this simulation since I was about 6 years old when I took my first astronomy book out the library. I'm calling EB everyday at 1pm. UPS arrives there at 11am. So I'm giving them 2 hours 2 unpack the boxes and scan my copy of BCM into inventory. Today it did not come in. I'm really hope Saturday it will arrive. Whoever get's their copy first from EB, post up here so we can all know about it. Perhaps we can see what regions of the country it's available first. P.S. Supreme Commander I hope you are cool with links to your website. I added one from one of mines to yours. I want the world to know about you and your efforts
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