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  1. I have only tried to script a general campaign - and only to some extent. You can mod the stats of ships and such, by editing system scrips: http://www.3000ad.com/forum/index.php?show...4000157&hl= Also, try searching or browse any topic made by SC in the GBS-forum. Generally you can get lots of information by studying the global/system scripts. SC has written a short explanation in the beginning of each file. I have tried to mod some of the stats, but I haven't been able to pull off what I want so I lost interest. Also, you should try getting your hands on GBS-I. There's a lot of neat stuff in it. Hope that helps a bit. Great if you manage to make something interesting. I would certainly be interested in trying whatever you come up with
  2. Hi. Just did a quick test, and it seemed to work if I didn't move my ship at all. But it didn't work if I moved my ship before the relocation. Also, the marine did target me, but didn't move. To make things a bit simpler, you could use the destroy command. I don't know what the mode-swich does. An example of the destroy-command is shown in the original GBS-documentation. Here's a quick script to use, but I suggest you experiment with different modes. *snip* !tick_m1 IF here BC 500 THEN HALT on this BROADCAST "RANGE 500" SIGNAL docking ENDIF # !DOCKING DESTROY THIS,1,0 BROADCAST "DOCKED" endevents # $ After you have destroyed your actor, you can create a guest. The end-result is that you have simulated the marine docking with your BC (if that is what you wish).
  3. I don't know if this will work but you could try something in the lines of: IF PLAYER 50 HERE THEN DOCKWITH BC vanish ENDIF Look at the version control file of UC to see what I'm thinking
  4. Sorry, can't help you. Cool idea though
  5. Not sure about this, but I don't think a SFM can dock with anything.
  6. quote:Originally posted by Joaquin: Hello all, I've been getting back to scripting but can't seem to get my script to show up in campaign mode. I installed the latest GBSIII from the downloads page (created August 06, 2005). I am running UC 2.00.30. I named the script using the CMDR_CXXXX naming convention and placed all the appropriate files in the SCRIPTS file of GBSIII. I also created a SCRIPTS file in the UC run directory. I have a feeling I am probably missing something basic but after searching this topic area and reading the manual I haven't found an answer. I'd appreciate some feedback to get me back on track. Thanks Joaquin Hi. I don't have UC but I have UCAWA, and if they both have the same folder-structure the following should be correct (if my memory still holds): I assume you have prepared the files. If you have, copy them (your .dat,.des and .mis files)into your UC/data-folder. Make sure you dont'call the files the same as original scenarios. Unzip scenarios.zip to check out which are taken/used. I suggest you make a backup of the original data-folder
  7. If you mean a station based on a planet, you can't. If you mean a station in space, do this: 1. Shoot at it until it emits a SOS-signal 2. Dock with the station 3. You will be asked if you want to capture it, answear yes (type "Y"). The end result will be that the station is of the same caste and race as you.
  8. I bought it too. For those who own Starshatter it's a dissapointment. Gathering Storm is mostly a facelift, and some of the bugs from Starshatter is still there. I recomend it for those new to Starshatter though. It's not what I would call free form game, but because of the dynamic campaign it has a lot of replay-value. You start the game as a fighter pilot, and as you become more experienced you can command a carrier commanding a whole fleet of frigates, destroyers, cruisers and of course fighter sorties/missions. The battleships aren't as detailed as in the BC-series but they are doing their job within the concept of the game. The fighter missions range from escort missions to bombing raids both in space and on planets.
  9. quote:Originally posted by Ben Zwycky: not to be (not that we deserved to go in the lead this half)- yet another draw with Sweden. Yeah. England hasn't won against Sweden in 38 years. Personally I was glad it was a draw. That means Sweden AND England will advance Too bad the Czech team has lost so many good players. I like their game a lot. Nedved, though, is still going strong. How old is he?
  10. I'm watching it. I think the cup has been great so far, with offensive and even teams - so far one of the best world cups I've watched. I'm particullary surprised by the spanish team. They've allways had good players, but allmost never had a good team in the cups. But as allways I hope Netherland will do good. I was surprised when I heard that USA was ranked as number 4, and personally I think they are overranked. Although I do hope they get to the semi-final. In the Italy-USA game, you heard more from the referee than the supporters, and he was far from good enough to judge a game of this calibre - he probably won't judge another game in this world cup. The ranking system of FIFA is a bit strange. Norway was ranked as number 2 in 1993..... (but we haven't been beaten by Brasil yet). Linky to wikipedia on the FIFA Wolrd Rankings.
  11. New version is ready for download: Changing alliances - v0.95 Feel free to give some feedback.
  12. Interesting review and I have to say I agree with a lot of what it says. Especially how the skill-system works. Although I have to say that my biggest dissapointment was the number of factions you could join. But it's allready a huge amount of mods out, so I guess some of the dissapointments will be "fixed".
  13. Congratz Jaguar. Great to hear everything is fine with both mother and baby.
  14. Downloadlink for the script: Shifting alliances - v0.3 Downloadlink for the source files: Shifting alliances - source The script will make alliances shift based upon auto-generation of actors. Remember to read the README-file. Hope you enjoy it.
  15. quote:Originally posted by Grayfox: what do you expect? theyre nekulturny... nekulturny? What does that mean?
  16. Yep. The whole thing started with a Danish newspaper printing the cartoon. A while later a Norwegian christian newspaper printed the same cartoon. The French, German and Italian newspaper did the same just after. I think the reason the danish newspaper did it was something along the line that they believe that there is a hidden cencorship of what you can write about the muslim world. For instance: It's OK to critisise Bush and Blair, but can you critisise muslim countries? It's ok to write satire about christianity, but is it ok to the same about islam? And so on. If you ask me, the whole thing has just proven the danish newspapers point. The newspaper prints a cartoon, and in response, muslim fundamentalists threaten to kill all danish in the Gaza strip. That's pretty extreme and provocative if you ask me. The best thing would be if all the newspapers in the western world printed the cartoon, just to prove that we live in countries with liberty of the press.
  17. Hi. I've created a scenario called "Roam and explore: shifting alliances", and it's made for UCAWA. PM me if you want to try it out.
  18. Ok. Thanks a lot SC. Back do the drawing board
  19. Ok will do next time. If I: 1. turn autogeneration on AND 2. Activate GalcomHQ. AND 3.Script that galcomhq launches a wing of fighters. Does that mean that the region is active in the sense that actors are autogenerated in earthz without the player actually being there?
  20. Hi. Below is a script which attempts to mod alliances based on actors created by autogen. code:[macro] :alliance(race,modr1,modr2,news1,news2) events !detect %race% diplomat,0,1 SAY CMO,"Incoming transmission from Universal News" BROADCAST "THE %news1% HIGH COMMAND HAS ANNOUNCED THAT THEY CONSIDER" BROADCAST "THE %news2% NATION AS THEIR CLOSEST ALLY" MOD_ALLIANCE %modr1%,%modr2%,200 !detect %race% colonist,0,1 SAY CMO,"Incoming transmission from Universal News" BROADCAST "THE %news2% HIGH COMMAND HAS ANNOUNCED THAT THEY CANNOT" BROADCAST "AGREE ON THE BORDERS WITH THE %news1% NATION. THE %news2%" BROADCAST "EMBASSY HAS LEFT %news1% REGIONS WITH EMIDIATE EFFECT." MOD_ALLIANCE %modr2%,%modr1%,100 !detect %race% hacker,0,1 SAY CMO,"Incoming transmission from Universal News" BROADCAST "%news2% OFFICIALS CLAIM THAT THE %news1% SECRET SERVICE," BROADCAST "ON SEVERAL OCCASIONS, HAS TRIED TO SABOTAGE PLANETARY DEFENSES" BROADCAST "AND KEY TRADE ROUTES. THE %news2% NATION HAS PULLED OUT THEIR" BROADCAST "EMBASSY FROM %news1% REGIONS" MOD_ALLIANCE %modr2%,%modr1%,100 !detect %race% assassin,0,1 SAY CMO,"Incoming transmission from Universal News" BROADCAST "HEADLINE: AFTER SEVERAL BORDER DISPUTES BETWEEN THE %news1% AND %news2%" BROADCAST "THE %news2% HIGH COMMAND HAS DECLARED WAR ON THE %news1% NATION." MOD_ALLIANCE %modr2%,%modr1%,0 endevents :MACRO_END [endmacro] # [dynamic] #include glob_dyn.scr # [ai] #include glob_ai.scr #include glob_ag.scr # [ai] #include terran.scr #include empirian.scr #include vesperon.scr #include credian.scr #include kandorian.scr #include mandorian.scr #include zelon.scr #include valkerie.scr #include falkerie.scr #include gammulan.scr #include syrion.scr #include droidan.scr # [dynamic] galaxian diplomat,,satcom,probe.3d,satcom # [ai] .satcom,100,100,100,100,100,100,1 start orbit blk05z^flx-11,10000,10,90,0 stop events !startup cloak on this invincible on this weapons off this signal mod_alliances,1440 mod_alliance empirian,vesperon,0 mod_alliance vesperon,empirian,0 !activate_ag autogen on !mod_alliances mod_alliance terran,vesperon,50 mod_alliance vesperon,terran,50 endevents # # Launch escort for harmless player caste launched from this station # .galcomhq events !detect player IF player_caste explorer THEN launch explorer,canlon,1,escort player launch explorer,generis,1,escort player ELSE IF player_caste scientist THEN launch scientist,canlon,1,escort player launch scientist,generis,1,escort player ELSE IF player_caste diplomat THEN launch diplomat,canlon,1,escort player launch diplomat,generis,1,escort player ELSE IF player_caste paramedic THEN launch paramedic,canlon,1,escort player launch paramedic,generis,1,escort player ELSE IF player_caste trader THEN launch trader,canlon,1,escort player launch trader,generis,1,escort player ELSE IF player_caste commercial THEN launch commercial,canlon,1,escort player launch commercial,generis,1,escort player ENDIF ENDIF ENDIF ENDIF ENDIF ENDIF endevents # events !autogen_reg autogen on zelanaz autogen on canaanz autogen on otura6z autogen on earthz autogen on sarienz autogen on pravisz autogen on tyrus2z autogen on gamma1z autogen on lv103z autogen on tramisz autogen on mondialz autogen on ronusivz endevents # [event] !activate_ag !mod_alliances !autogen_reg $The script works if the player is in zelana, earth, canaan, etc. But I want the regions to autogenerate actors when the player isn't in the region. So I have activated the stations in the regions, and they even launch a wing of fighters to patrole the region. I have also turned autogeneration on in the regions (see !autogen_reg). But I don't think the regions are activated by this - at least they don't seem to be when I'm watching a region with a probe. Either I have misunderstood something about activation of regions or something is wrong with my script. Either way, I'd really appreaciate some help. [ 01-29-2006, 08:18 AM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  21. Thanks a lot SC. I'll try it as soon as I get the time.
  22. Hi. I'm trying to create a script where different actors are created at different times. I've used signal event, but all the actors starts the moment the script is loaded. I hope someone can help me out with my problem. Beneath are parts of the script. [dynamic] #include glob_dyn.scr mandorian mercenary,,manmer1,mantis.3d # [ai] events !begin_manmer1 .manmer1,100,100,100,100,100,100,0 START in pravisz STOP # events !startup JUMP cyronviz^wrm-14 SAY cmo "HQ reports Mercenary1 launched" !destroyed this SAY cmo "HQ reports Mercenary1 destroyed" signal begin_manmer1,1440 !Arrived cyronviz IF EXIST cyclone THEN BROADCAST "Mercenary1 executing docking approach to station Cyclone" DOCK cyclone ELSE RTB signal begin_manmer1,1440 ENDIF !docked cyclone SAY CMO "HQ reports Mercenary1 has docked at station Cyron." signal begin_manmer2,60 endevents # [dynamic] mandorian mercenary,,manmer2,mantis.3d # [ai] events !begin_manmer2 .manmer2,100,100,100,100,100,100,0 START in pravisz STOP # events !startup JUMP cyronviz^wrm-14 SAY cmo "HQ reports Mercenary2 launched" !destroyed this SAY CMO "HQ reports Mercenary2 destroyed" signal begin_manmer1,60 !Arrived cyronviz IF EXIST cyclone THEN BROADCAST "Mercenary2 executing docking approach to station Cyclone" DOCK cyclone ELSE RTB signal begin_manmer2,60 ENDIF !docked cyclone SAY CMO "HQ reports Mercenary2 has docked at station Cyron." endevents # [event] !begin_manmer2 !begin_manmer1 # $
  23. I have just one thing to say about that article: Another propaganda article from the far far right with extreme loads and loads of BS.
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