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  1. Blaster

    CPU load

    I had the same 100 % CPU Utilization, while running the server, the following was my resolution. If you are using serverdoc to start the server, check the server priority setting in config. If it is set to High, the program will use 100 % of CPU cycles. It should be set to Normal.
  2. Blaster

    Server CTD

  3. Blaster

    Server CTD

    Server CTD's everytime I use shift + escape. Dedicated internet server. Max bandwidth = cable Max connection = none Num players = 8 Using default game tab settings.
  4. Blaster

    UC's first rating on Yahoo

  5. Blaster

    Your favorite beer.

    Mine would have to be Fosters. Check this out!
  6. Blaster

    multiplayer server problems

    I had the same problem with a password being required, the server worked fine on a dialup connection (I know, don't do this, it was only a test), and is working on a cable connection now, the password problem only occurred when the server was behind a firewall with port forwarding. I suspect this had to do with a conflict with a ftp server that was also port forwarded, unfortunately I was never able to confirm that.
  7. Blaster

    Gaming QA - How To Fix It?

    Not a tester so I dont have a clue, but What? No opinion section on the feedback forms (if there are any, like I said no clue)? Or just no interest in the opinions? A good game is a rare find, and I have begun to have a slight understanding of why. In a very different industry I am very familiar with, QC tries real hard, but production and delivery dates have to be met, no matter what. Hmm I guess that kind of answers my previous question. SC, do the testers opinions get passed to the developers?
  8. Blaster

    Behavior Modification 101

    Uhm ... What at testament to the American legal system, that parents would have to resort to this. quote: Deeper thought would be to consider how degraded society is that people will pay an administrator of a concentration camp to raise their kids and administer courtesy and values for them. 25-30 years ago nobody would have even dreamed of this for their or anybody elses kids. Has America (and maybe UK) degraded to such a point that we need to export our kids to small countries for re-wiring? Didnt recall anyone mentioning any other people at those places except American kids. Pretty sad. Agree completely.
  9. Blaster

    Who else has pre-ordered UC?

    Got my copy preordered. Might need a second one for the wife!
  10. Blaster

    New UC shots

    Wow, excellent!
  11. Blaster

    DMV eye exams

    ---------- without checking stats, I am pretty sure that what cause most accidents are drunkeness (sp?) and lack of attention (i.e. driving & talking on the cellphone). Then you have mecanical issues. ---------- Quite true, drinking and driving appears to account for a large percentage of accidents, and cell phone use is growing, so that will probably get worse. Mechanical issues can be minimized with proper maintenance. ---------- Of course, a not-so-good eye is a source, but we have more dangerous causes we should take care of first. ---------- Also true, and people have been working on solutions for years with some progress, but it would seem that raising the standards for corrective lens use while driving and requiring an eye exam by an Optometrist would be a fairly simple solution to a small percentage of accidents.
  12. Blaster

    DMV eye exams

    Having passed my Michigan DMV eye exam, I was declared legal to drive without corrective lenses. While driving home without my glasses on, it occurred to me that the DMV was very wrong (I knew this but just had to try it anyway ). Most slow and/or erratic drivers I have seen donÔÇÖt have glasses on. From my brief experience driving without glasses, I think they are probably trying to read the street signs or find an office building. IMO the DMV is misleading people by basically telling them they donÔÇÖt need glasses (or contacts). Should the DMV require a certified eye exam to renew a driverÔÇÖs license, and would this reduce the number of accidents?
  13. Blaster

    BLACKOUT 2003 and Visions of the future

    That article has a grim outlook towards our future, and I donÔÇÖt doubt much of it. The world seems to be putting itÔÇÖs problems in the hands of the next generation because the cost of doing anything will be very high. Personally I have investigated solar, and wind power, and again the cost has improved over the years but is still very high compared to conventional sources of energy. I can see the day when a backyard garden will be a must to survive, (probably not in my generation.. um I could be wrong about that). After deregulation and massive rate hikes the power grid here is in a constant state of improvement but my UPS still lets me know about frequent power glitches. Packing up to move to Hawaii.
  14. Blaster

    Anyone have trouble with windows update?

    quote:Originally posted by Greg Miller: Then Start Win98 in Safe Mode and then try to apply the patch. If that don't work, then I say reinstall the OS. That is your only other option. I agree, I have had to reinstall Win 98 many times to solve similar problems. Kind of back OT: Windows Update has drivers for Nvidia! After many hours on the phone, (Insert long story here) PNY video tech support told me not to download them, they were written by Microsoft and not very good. (Sounded pretty fishy to me.) Returned the defective card and bought some fine Asus video. Windows Update is working great, but do they really have the real deal in video drivers on their site?
  15. Blaster

    Bad saved games

    Thank you for the download, now my saved game loads just fine! Your consistent support is much appreciated.