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  1. Personly I can wait for MP in BCMG. I plan to buy BCMG and BCG as soon as i see them But its still up to you Derek
  2. When it comes to releasing games late to finish them, i always point at blizzard. As much as i know all their games are late, but when game comes out its awsome and with very few bugs. Since Diablo 2 came out i think i had only 2 crashes and i played that game 24/7 when it came out. Thats why i dont mind when companies release late, as long as its finished. Even boring game with no bugs is still better then "should be good game" that crashes every 3 minutes. Thats my take on late release. (and dont bring up Dikatana there are always exeptions)
  3. I think its a good move over all. DC seems like a good company. And it will take a load of your sholders. Just dont let them push your buttons, and especialy the one that says "Release product date" Congrats. And for those who miss BCTC, think about it this way, may be BCO will come out sooner (fingers crossed )
  4. Was just reading PC Gamer and in one article about gameing and media found something intresting. (Jan 03 page 27) "I heard that if you play one of the Battlecruiser game, you get a phone call, And then a week later, you die" -Forum poster Kyle Wilson discussing Battlecruiser Millennium on www.quartertothree.com And by the way he was joking. How do rumors like that start i wonder.. I wonder if SC knows our phone numbers
  5. Thats so sweet Spread the love. Like my budy at work is saying "sharing is caring"
  6. Its about time. what took them so long
  7. If they never owned a game how can they possibly hate it so much for so long. Then again some ppl are just haters. Evil comes in many forms, i guess this is one of them. [ 11-18-2002, 09:45 AM: Message edited by: EAGLE ]
  8. I think ppl who hate SC and the game so much are like dark jedi. They used to love it, it was game they wanned to play, but something happend along theway. May be when Take2 (i think it was take2) released it unfinished, may be they dont know how to run game properly. Point is something made them hate the game and now they cant let go 'couse dip down inside they still love it. I hate a lot of games and i have time to stalk their boards but i dont, why would i waist my breath and time, and yet they do. I feel pitty for those fools.
  9. Didnt last long did it If they stoped ppl from gambling on video games, it would have created wonderfull buisness of pirating games. If there is a way to make money some one will find it.
  10. Wow everyone is so deep here. I am still 25 and doing meaningless job, and even tho i get that "Where is my life going.." thought now and then, i enjoy my life for now. Most married guys at work tell me to enjoy single life couse one day i may remember this days with joy, and so i have fun while i can, hopefully it will change one day and untill then who knows...
  11. I dont care about no head shots, I'll be dude with a cannon in the back of UAV raining death on any fool whos gun is facing my way. *Single UAV speeding through an enemy base* *Long succession of very loud shots comeing from the back of the UAV* -Driver "Eagle watchout one of them is a sniper by the bunker" *Loud shots continue as unrecognized body parts of several soldiers fly through the air around the bunker* *Yelling through loud noise* -Eagle "Ahh? What.. sniper..? where?" -Driver "Never mind lets finish our business" -Driver to himself "We'll never save damn agent if he keeps killing everything that moves in sight" *UAV keeps going through the base as deafning shots keep coming from the back of the vehicle* [ 08-10-2002, 08:46 PM: Message edited by: EAGLE ]
  12. Way way cool Did I say its way cool hehe
  13. Man this thing is way cool. Wish we could change vehicles on the ship. Any ship that has most of UAVs will become my favorite ship It looks way cool just wanna get in and start shoting anything that can be guned down. By the way will guns have have 180 degree rotation or limeted arc in front of the vehicle
  14. I would agree with SC there isnt enough action nor story to make it worth admission prise. i'd give it 3/10 (for some visuals only)
  15. Pss.. who wants to start count down
  16. Same idea as Antaren only.. Youl shouldnt be able to upgrade all systems with all upgrades and become uber. -Longer range upgrade, but lose rate of fire. (due to additional targeting time lets say) -Faster rate of fire, lose fire power. -More fire power, lose range.. something like that and so you'd be able to use 1-3 upgrades at a time. (out of 5,6,8 as many as there may be, so you wont become uber, but upgrade ship to your fighting style.) So if u meet 2 same ships they may not be same at all. Upgrades like this would be nice for turrets too
  17. Ofcorse u got 2000 posts already. You reply to almost every topic around here. I cant say u are spaming, I'll say that you are very active member of the community. hehe
  18. Well if u dont want the map why dont u get "Get out of jail free" card from SC. U gonna pi$$ him off one day we all made that mistake and may do again (not that we want to) As long as price can eaqual the value of "Get out of jail free" card
  19. Anyone knows where Shirley lives, should be good present from the community [ 01-30-2002, 10:37: Message edited by: EAGLE ]
  20. Sounds good. we'll work out details and prob post in a few says on how we should do it, reguarding time and date.
  21. True BCM nut like all of us here hehe
  22. About the meeting. Ok week day is bad 'couse most ppl work Sun may be bad 'couse some of us have to work mon Plus we have to line up on SC and if its good for him. Its his meeting. Here is proposition SAT 16:00 Eastern (22:00 GMT i think) We have ppl all over the world so some will not be able to make wether we like it or not. And if we do it Sat it will give ppl some time to clear their schedules if they want to come. SC if Sat 4pm is good for u then we should set it untill it turns to debate. if it not good, then u make a call and give us time. We'll try to make it.
  23. About the meeting Epsilon5 is camping IRC and loging time when ppl are free so log on and type in CAPs to let him know when u are free, dont forget time zone too. we trying to aim for this sat. SC we also need to know when are u free since u are making call for the meeting and without you this wont happen. anyone who's organizing this event contact E5 i'll be caming there as well. [ 12-17-2001: Message edited by: EAGLE ]
  24. Everything that happens, happens for the best. We'll see... Primary Email. [email protected] ICQ 57821356
  25. Me neither, but i'll bring it. who'll bring the chicks.
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