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  1. Well he did before and he will again. Happens every year. Sometimes twise Still would be nice to see some one else get slaped around
  2. Personly I can wait for MP in BCMG. I plan to buy BCMG and BCG as soon as i see them But its still up to you Derek
  3. It may have nothing to do with courage, its like sticking fork in a socket, he may not know what happens when some one posts a wishlist. But some of us do know How come he doesnt get yelled at, last time i was involved in wish list there were plans to close boards forever.(last december i think) This kind of bravery may encourge some bad behavior. And before long u'll see post like "I want a gun with my name on it" or "We want this, this, and that one too.." [ 01-02-2003, 10:51 AM: Message edited by: EAGLE ]
  4. When it comes to releasing games late to finish them, i always point at blizzard. As much as i know all their games are late, but when game comes out its awsome and with very few bugs. Since Diablo 2 came out i think i had only 2 crashes and i played that game 24/7 when it came out. Thats why i dont mind when companies release late, as long as its finished. Even boring game with no bugs is still better then "should be good game" that crashes every 3 minutes. Thats my take on late release. (and dont bring up Dikatana there are always exeptions)
  5. I think its a good move over all. DC seems like a good company. And it will take a load of your sholders. Just dont let them push your buttons, and especialy the one that says "Release product date" Congrats. And for those who miss BCTC, think about it this way, may be BCO will come out sooner (fingers crossed )
  6. Merry Christmas everyone. Even tho some of us have to work while veryone is with family yada yada blah blah... And a Happy New year as well
  7. Was just reading PC Gamer and in one article about gameing and media found something intresting. (Jan 03 page 27) "I heard that if you play one of the Battlecruiser game, you get a phone call, And then a week later, you die" -Forum poster Kyle Wilson discussing Battlecruiser Millennium on www.quartertothree.com And by the way he was joking. How do rumors like that start i wonder.. I wonder if SC knows our phone numbers
  8. Thats so sweet Spread the love. Like my budy at work is saying "sharing is caring"
  9. Its about time. what took them so long
  10. If they never owned a game how can they possibly hate it so much for so long. Then again some ppl are just haters. Evil comes in many forms, i guess this is one of them. [ 11-18-2002, 09:45 AM: Message edited by: EAGLE ]
  11. I think ppl who hate SC and the game so much are like dark jedi. They used to love it, it was game they wanned to play, but something happend along theway. May be when Take2 (i think it was take2) released it unfinished, may be they dont know how to run game properly. Point is something made them hate the game and now they cant let go 'couse dip down inside they still love it. I hate a lot of games and i have time to stalk their boards but i dont, why would i waist my breath and time, and yet they do. I feel pitty for those fools.
  12. Damn stroke at your age,whatever it is, you are still too young to have it. Any future stroke deliveries should be forwarded to your enemies. Just get out of bed and walk it off. And seriously, best wishes and get better.
  13. Hey when u get to 200,000 you get to be Suprem Commander for a day J/K [ 10-30-2002, 10:41 AM: Message edited by: EAGLE ]
  14. EAGLE

    My Turn

    Welcome to the neighborhood Grayfox. I am in Chicago not that far from you You picked a nice place to live in, best wishes.
  15. Didnt last long did it If they stoped ppl from gambling on video games, it would have created wonderfull buisness of pirating games. If there is a way to make money some one will find it.
  16. Wow everyone is so deep here. I am still 25 and doing meaningless job, and even tho i get that "Where is my life going.." thought now and then, i enjoy my life for now. Most married guys at work tell me to enjoy single life couse one day i may remember this days with joy, and so i have fun while i can, hopefully it will change one day and untill then who knows...
  17. Ok, manual Treatment is healing ppl at 5 per minute, but ppl in medibay are already being healed at rate of 5 per minute. In my experiment above both marines were healed 5/min and using Treat option on Marine#2 had no benifit at all as if i never used manual Treatment. My question is, where is the benifit of manual treating. [ 08-28-2002, 03:36 PM: Message edited by: EAGLE ]
  18. Guess they are. All they need is resistance to damage, stupidity and Resing.
  19. Ok hear about game needing to update and i understand. Here is what i did as a test. I had 2 injured marines in medibay Marine#1 65 Life Marine#2 58 Life I sent all medics off duty expet Med officer (without her u cant use "Treat" option) 1. I went to medibay selected marine#2 and clicked "Treat" button 1 time. Marine#1 didnt recive any. 2. loged off and went to perscan and waited for update of their health. When game updated they were: Marine#1 70 Life (+5 Life) Marine#2 63 Life (+5 Life) 3. I went to medibay and gave Marine#2, 5 "Treatments". Loged off and went to perscan to wait for update. When game updated. Marine#1 75 Life (+5 Life) Marine#2 68 Life (+5 Life 4. This time i went to medibay and gave Marine#2 10 "Treatmets". Loged off, perscan. Game updated. Marine#1 80 Life (+5 Life) Marine#2 73 Life (+5 Life) As you can see every time life of both marines was updated only 5 points at a time, due to Med Officer who was healing them, and Manual Treat button had no effect at all it seems, even tho Marine#2 had recived 16 medpacks on my orders. If Treat option works i dont see how at this point, can someone explain what am i missing this time. I was flying Ter/Mer Questar, didnt have time to test other ships/casts. (i know i am annoying eveyone with this minor issue, and i am sorry, I'd like to understand how it works 'couse i depended on this option in BC3K a lot, sorry again). [ 08-27-2002, 09:30 AM: Message edited by: EAGLE ]
  20. Can anyone check if you can Treat personel manualy. 1. Send injured person to medibay. 2. Go Tacops > Medibay. 3. Select injured person and click Treat button. It uses medipack but doesnt raise LifeFactor of the injured. It doesnt seem to have any effect on LifeFactor unless i am missing something.
  21. Its just in the first game every time u click Treat button it adds 25 life points(i think 25). So if your marine is almost dead, You "Click,Click,Click" and he is ready for battle. Extending usefullness of your soldiers. For those of us in cruisers with 5 marines this can REALLY be usefull. quote:However you can push the Treat button until you are out of Medpacks and they will still repair at the same rate ( unless you have the Celestial Orb). In the manual is said: "TREAT injects a person with one Medpack. Depending on the extent of the person's injuries(LF factor), more then one may be needed." Now if it said that more then one is needed that means that more medpacks have better effect then one, so there should be a better effect if i use more. May be it works as it should, it's just i remember how it used to work in the first game and i was wandering if rules have changed. [ 08-22-2002, 12:23 AM: Message edited by: EAGLE ]
  22. I think simpler vehicle control is a good idea. You can concentrate on gameplay and avoiding enemy fire instead of thinking of keycombo to make a turn. I can survive whole game in a single tank without getting killed, by just avoiding getting hit. Its not always easy to drive full speed and shot but it keeps me alive. (as engineer that is, i get out and repair once and again)
  23. This is more of a question. I have few marines in medibay, and i wanned to heal them. In the manual its said that you can select injured person and use Treat button to raise their Life, but when i click Treat button it doesnt raise thier health, but it uses medpacks. I remember in BC3K i used to heal my ppl like that. Does Treat option depend on Med Officer AI or why it doesnt heal ppl and uses Medpacks anyway?
  24. I keep getting games with bunch of kids everyone is standing around airport and waiting for planes and no one wants to defend the base. On the other hand makes it easyer for Jap. side just swing that Destroyer around behind airport and keep shelling it where planes spawn and if u have 2 engeneers on board u can repair it as it gets damaged. Sweet game, keeps crashing tho sometimes
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