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  1. Boohoo, EB in Ottawa, Canada, say they won't receive it until next week. Damn
  2. Check your MTU, it should bet set equal or lower than 1492 for best performance under DSL. Sometimes, dialup accelerator software set this MTU to 576 and that can cause a lot of headaches with DSL. Checkout www.speedguide.net on how to change this.
  3. quote:Originally posted by Remo: If you are really serious about needing help getting info from your 'friend', gimme his IP address when he is online(and is he cable, DSL or dialup?). Not everyone has file sharing activated on a unpatched win98 machine. At best you could probably DDOS him but I doubt it would do anything to improve the situation.
  4. I had problems yesterday loading the board, my explorer windows would freeze up. Clearing the cache did the trick. It might not be related to the board itself though.
  5. quote:Originally posted by Gamesniped: hey what kind of 'special' quality's do the P4 have:/ It's called SSE2, a series of additional extensions to the x86 instructions set, just like MMX.
  6. It must be a really private warez copy, no word on isonews.com yet...
  7. I haven't checked but most games using some form of protection can be bypassed using CloneCD or some other "raw/true copy" CD burning software.
  8. Wanna bet how much time it's gonna take for a cracker group to come out with a regkey generator or a crack? I'd say not too long... So far all the games I've played have been cracked one way or the other. I presume most game developers don't have time to develop super protection schemes for their games but I may be wrong.
  9. I personally find this statement a little humorous. This may seem a little heartless, but you are worrying about a couple million people who *MIGHT* need a visit to the doctor, and saying we take money away from a program that *MIGHT* keep millions of people people from dying outright and many more from dying later because of the radiation involved in a single nuclear strike. Seems to me that working on ABM's will probably save more lives in the long run. The plain facts are that there are people dying in the streets right now and that this money would save quite a few of them. Oh right, they're "lowlifes" like Jaguar says. Of course, when you ain't got money, that surely means you are too lazy to work for it. uhuh
  10. What's it to you? Sure, there are different threats, sure some may say that ABM is unneccessary, but still, if it happens to protect just ONE person, then I'd have to say that it is worth it. I agree that saving lives is important but the way I look at it, by spending the money on other social programs such as health care instead of these ABMs, it would save a lot more lives. We're talking about a LOT of money here, and the military wants us to beleive in their paranoia crap to justify a system which may in some computer theorized scenario save the land of freedom? from the evil chinese goverment (or some other dictatorship run by a deranged madman who keeps his finger on the launch button everytime). After all, aren't all chinese persons blood thirsty maniacs who 100% support their goverment in the pursuit of global destruction. Sure... If I was a "rogue country", I would just sit there and laugh at those americans spending a fortune on these ABMs while I send a few professional terrorists with small nuclear bombs to do surgical strikes on US cities. just my 0.02$ flamebait [ 05-30-2001: Message edited by: Tekrebel ]
  11. You wanna start another debate Jaguar?
  12. Cool! That snow covered planet looks like a good spot to use as a labor camp for those Insurgents scumbags. What's the deal with the rainbow colored exhaust trails SC?
  13. Woah, that armor was cool And the Klingons didn't seem to have it on their ships so maybe in the future the Federation has an advantage on the other races? But there's something weird with this episode, what about the Borg Queen dying? Isn't she supposed to be in the Star Trek : First Contact movie? And if so, why haven't the Federation put the armor technology on all their warships (since the future janeway brought it back from the future)? Anyways, I guess they have so many script writers that some may happen to conflict from time to time. That's one thing I liked with Babylon 5, the consistency of the story. Anyways, a good last episode though I wished the ending wasn't so rushed.
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