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  1. Sorry mates, I'm going to have to sit this one out. I'm going to get Generations when that comes out though, and once i've got it.... mwuah hah hah... Time to make some lemmingnade
  2. Here sir, sorry for bein' late...
  3. Well, did a little looking and this is as many names for spectre fleet I could find to have posted within the last year, and haven't stated that they've left the fleet. Insurgent One Rattler - Present and extremely busy Insurgent Two Akira - Present Rear Admiral Gallion - Present Commodore Kyle Antilles - Present Commodore Wold - He's around and extremely busy with his gaggle Commander Nick Menchise - Present Commander PowerCow - Commander Adam Thomas - Commander Evan Lysander - Present Commander Khelben Drachenfels - Present [ 11-14-2002, 08:17 PM: Message edited by: Gallion ]
  4. As per Rear Admiral. Shohashi's sujestion, i'm starting this rollcall. Okay guys, lets see how many off us are still reading the boards. Commander Evan Lysander, ECV Erinyes reporting! We can also find out how many people are actually still in Spectre fleet, which would really be helpful seeing as we don't have any list that I know of. [ 11-04-2002, 04:52 AM: Message edited by: Evan Lysander ]
  5. From the looks of things, Spectre fleet practically doesn't exsist anymore... maybe we should have a roll call or something?
  6. Just got the game... heh heh heh. It's sveet! I'm having a blast mowing down galcomers in my Warmonger! Mwuah hah hah... Geeze, things a going reaaaal sloooww....
  7. For some stupid reason when I use my joystick in Episode 2 it keeps turning left. Left, left left! It's a good joystick, a CYBORG 3D USB. The only bad thing about it is you have to calibrate it 2-4 times whenever you start up the computer! Well, It works fine in Ep 1 but not Ep 2. Does anyone know whats going on?
  8. Welcome to the Fray, fellow insurgent!
  9. How about you 2 cool off with some 'lemmingnade'. Its refreashing, and best of all... its made tasty things which are completely useless... like Galcom commanders. [ 11-17-2001: Message edited by: Evan Lysander ]
  10. Heh heh heh, if you lemmings come anywhere near insurgent territory we're going to turn you into 'lemmingnade'. Man, thats a tasty drink!
  11. quote:Originally posted by aramike: Now get me some coffee, recruit. Aye aye, Vice Admiral. And how do you like your cofee?
  12. Oops, my sig was wrong... Lets just fix it... here we go!
  13. I've been 'Lurking' around for a while now, and i've decided that the Insurgents are the only way to go! Galcom are too up-tight about regulations and all, Gammulans are too plain wierd. But I like the Insurgents because there in between, and their fight is just.
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