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    SCIFI, reading , gaming(sport/sims/rpg) playing with my wife and daughter

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  1. Guess it is old home week after all...haven't been here since who knows when But I knda misse you guys and wondered if anyone remebered od Race!
  2. Welcome back! And like you I have been away for awhile and it is good to be back!
  3. I guess I will still see it.I like both of those guys.
  4. This is a bad show. I am forced to agree with SC on this one. I'll just wait for Torchwood on BBC America instead.
  5. Is this rated pg-13? How can a Die Hard movie be rated pg-13. They went to far this time
  6. Bad casting, overblown action sequences, Ripoff of John Woo gunplay and raping the concept of the character...Smells like a hit! I'll pass. PS Timothy Olyphant looks like a dork bald.
  7. The Unit and jericho both return so that is good enough for me!
  8. How did you get through this with all the blood and gore?
  9. BTW last weeks ep was the best ever. Action, drama, pathos, sacrifice it had it all. i almost lost when he said " bye Clair-bear" very touching 9/10 PS My wife said the dad character is played by the guy who played the gay son on Dynasty. can anyone confirm this? talk about a long break btw acting gigs!
  10. Yeah Scriv, you are still my cat! (ebonic translation " we are still cool!) Consider your honor defended
  11. Has anyone upgraded thier Directv service to HD? I just order new equipment and will be changing my entertainment package as well. I heard some folks who have done this were unhappy at how the non HD channel were displayed. I'll take any helpI can get.
  12. Lastly Scriv, I am not cool with all the race talk you've been dropping in your screeds lately.Not cool and best you keep that shit to yourself. It is beneath you and inappropriate for this forum.
  13. If you dispise the choices the Academy makes so much, why attach so much importance to what they acknowledge? They seem to stand for everything you hate, but you are resentful and dissapointed by what they choose to exclude. Methinks you doth protest too much. I put more stake and interest into the indie award shows as well as the SAG. Most of the Academy voters havent even seen the films they vote for. Get over it!
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