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  1. word to the wise... ....latest patch=more gooder for you....always
  2. Have you seen Galaxy Quest? Therein lies the reason for Kendrick taking one for the team first.... He doesnt have a last name Maybe the SC should give him a red uniform for good measure
  3. heh....I did beam Karl Reines into the middle of a hostile base in the one of the ACM missions. I told him not to mess up my guest quarters. But no...he just wouldnt listen..... (ps sadly the enemy refused to believe the the leader of GALCOM was running around their base occassionally firing off a pistol round. If only I had an OTS missile in the tube at the time....)
  4. Roaming Space Brothel - SC, can we have this in XP1. Can we? CAN WE?? j/k I think it was a pretty decent review. It pretty much said to me that BCM isnt for Joe Casual, and well....it aint!
  5. ok....saves are now gone for good. Too bad - I was quite pleased with my crew. Even Resnig had stopped chewing on his Galcom neck pin...... [ 01-10-2002: Message edited by: Guardian452 ]
  6. Nova, twas me that was confused. I meant to address Gallion in that post. Oops
  7. quote:Originally posted by Cmdr Nova: No. (Or at least I doubt it over 90%.) The digital signature check for save files was added after RC1. My RC1 save games do work, but who knows what naughtiness they might invoke down the track. edit: I just noticed that SC wrote "save game are unaffected", but I'm not sure if that was directed at my Q or info on the patch script update. [ 01-07-2002: Message edited by: Guardian452 ]
  8. Addendum: I do have the background chatter after all. Thing is, to actually be even vaguely aware of it, I have to have the volume up so loud that other sound FX damn near bust my eardrums. btw, I play with music off(just in case you thought it may have been the music drowning out the chatter)
  9. Still, I gotta respect his desire to nuke a broad selection targets "Cmdr, troops are prepped for planetfall ops. Shall I give the deploy order" "Huh what? Nah.....just nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure......"
  10. SC, I know the patch deletes saved games, but does it mean that RC1 saves are incompatible with Final? (I backed up my saves in case I could use them) Thanks
  11. You're gonna bonk your head against a table when you hear this..... ......the 01.05.02 is the patch release date.
  12. Nova, In the Appendix I noticed that the pitch for the STS Firestar is 10. Is this missing a 0?
  13. Hmmm....I've just noticed that I'm not getting the background chatter either. Looking into it....
  14. "There are a couple files sitting around my BCM directory: 0000049.016 and 00000409.256, which are 151kb and 302kb respectibly." They seem to be a result of patching BCM. Same on my system. "Was Running these TSRs: ICQ, GetRight, Windows Messenger, and Norton Antivirus (enabled). I had tried terminating these before in order to try and salvage an already once restored save game that wasn't working, but no luck." Betcha I already know the answer to this. DO NOT RUN THEM
  15. HOOOHAAA! I knew that O was in there somewhere....it just wouldnt seem right to me no matter where I put it!!
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