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  1. Strange... I tried it again and it still did the same thing... The BCM.EXE had the date Nov 21. Maybe I D/L the wrong patch??? Could not be because the other patch is gone.. I then Opended it(Not D/L) from the web page and it worked... I promise I am not smoking dope!!! Looks good now!!! Thanks!
  2. Hi. Quick question... I installed the "Final Patch" but when I run the game I am still getting the expire screen for Nov 26 and when the game loads it still says Nov 21? Any idea what I might have done wrong? Thanks All...
  3. Ok I am new at a lot of this PC stuff.. I ran the patch and it installed it to where I had installed BCM the first time... Now I am trying to unpack the Script update but I dont see any "install folder" where BCM is located? Also I unpacked the Script file to a temp area and there are 2 more Ziped files inside the Script file??? I know I must be doing something wrong... And yes I did register my game.. Thanks for any help!!!!!!!!
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