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  1. kuroth

    Colonizing Empty Planets?

    I agree with you Zuul but let's give BCM the benefit of the doubt that maybe they are for future use or for modding??? I would love to hear more form SC on this besides "It's not in the manual" [ 11-26-2001: Message edited by: kuroth ]
  2. kuroth

    Colonizing Empty Planets?

    I have been too busy learning how to play the game and reading the manual but I was wondering if there are a lot of castes in the game that are really not that playable... hummmm....
  3. Ok here is a dumb question... When I go into a training mission for FP, I cant move.... I use the W,S,A,D keys but it is like I am stuck in one place???? Thanks!
  4. kuroth

    Misc Tech Support Issues II

    Ok.. the 2 new files you just put out there corrected my problem... Thanks!
  5. Hi. I tried to post this in Tech support but it would not let me post??? Do I have to register for each Forum? Anyway I uninstalled BCM and then when I try and install it I get the error message "Internal Error 2355" I did a search on Internal Error 2355 and found nothing. Thanks for the help! [ 11-25-2001: Message edited by: Gallion ]
  6. kuroth

    Re-Install problem.. (resolved)

    Close this... I ran the .MSI file on the BCM CD and now it worked.... Not sure what the problem was... Thanks!
  7. kuroth

    BCM v1.0.01 Final Patch Released!

    Strange... I tried it again and it still did the same thing... The BCM.EXE had the date Nov 21. Maybe I D/L the wrong patch??? Could not be because the other patch is gone.. I then Opended it(Not D/L) from the web page and it worked... I promise I am not smoking dope!!! Looks good now!!! Thanks!
  8. kuroth

    BCM v1.0.01 Final Patch Released!

    Hi. Quick question... I installed the "Final Patch" but when I run the game I am still getting the expire screen for Nov 26 and when the game loads it still says Nov 21? Any idea what I might have done wrong? Thanks All...
  9. kuroth

    BCM v1.0.01 World Script Update

    Got it!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!
  10. kuroth

    BCM v1.0.01 World Script Update

    Ok I am new at a lot of this PC stuff.. I ran the patch and it installed it to where I had installed BCM the first time... Now I am trying to unpack the Script update but I dont see any "install folder" where BCM is located? Also I unpacked the Script file to a temp area and there are 2 more Ziped files inside the Script file??? I know I must be doing something wrong... And yes I did register my game.. Thanks for any help!!!!!!!!
  11. I just got it yesterday at my local EB.. Believe it or not I had never even heard of this game until yesterday when I saw it on the EB web page... The main reason I bought this game was that it reminded me of Elite 2: Frontier.. From what I have seen so far it does seem like Elite 2: Frontier but much much deeper.. There is so much to this game and manual that local colleges should start a BCM 101 course I also did not realize all the controversy that surrounds Derek Smart... Man people either love you or hate you... This to also made me more interested in your game... Anyway from what I have seen so far this game looks great and I hope it will get good reviews!!!