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  1. I don't think there's enough information here to make any sort of reasonable judgement. Give us the full skinny.
  2. Honestly I have no problems waiting for a finished product. However, after reading the VCF, I see no issues that I would find worrisome. In fact, I expected a much larger number of isses. I voted go! TopSpeed
  3. Honestly I have no problems waiting for a finished product. However, after reading the VCF, I see no issues that I would find worrisome. In fact, I expected a much larger number of isses. I voted go! TopSpeed
  4. I have found that Mt. Dew does a great job of keeping one up for extended periods. Thanks, TopSpeed
  5. Will there be an official press release or board announcement indicating the master has gone to duplication?
  6. I bought my first CD-R drive in 1990. I know this because it was a few months after I got out of the service, and that was July, 1989. Why is this important? Becuase I have burned around 1500 discs since then, and I still have every single one. I have all types of software, patches, docs, etc., etc. I use the cheapest CD-R media I can find. (not necessarily crappy discs, just whatever is on sale. Day was when they ran $2.00 a pop and more.) I have used many of those early discs several times, especially for old DOS games that game on discs and I burned them to CD for longevity reasons. For example, all my university work (circa early 1990's). I have never had a disc 'go bad' yet. I have had some that wouldn't burn (bad media), and I have gone through several drives, and several programs to burn with. There are some caveats, however. I don't get fingerprints on them (skin oils break down almost anything over enough time). I don't expose them to temperature extremes (no dash board resting for my CD's!). And I don't stack them all on top of each other (weight pressure and time makes diamonds; what can it do for a CD?). So, I wouldn't worry about it overmuch. Just take some easy precautions and you should be good for years and years to come. Has I understand it, although DVD's use a different 'layering' technology so they can store more data, they basically suffer from similar issues as CD's. Also, you know that little plastic thing that's shaped like a CD and included in almost every brand of CD-R and CD-RW's? Well, that IS a CD-R/CD-RW. All it's missing is the thin layer of metallic coating. Break a CD in half and see what happens when all those flakes come off. Anyway, don't lose confidence in CD-R/CD-RW's just yet.
  7. Has my email arrived? The e-address I sent it to was the developer address referred to in a previous post (the same one that explains the instructions for sending in saved games).
  8. Sorry. I followed the instructions on the refered link, and should have it straightened out. I will also practice my search function skills once again.
  9. I sent the files twice, and both times they were kicked back, with a 'too large' message. However, zipped they were about 420k, so I'm figuring COX is having a moment.
  10. I sent the saved games to the support email address. Because of the file sizes, I only included the first and last save games. Thanks
  11. I've got the parts. I bought a Weapons Pod, and when that itself didn't do it, went back and got the individual components listed. They show up in inventory, and the 'have' list on the Logistix repair screen, but none are listed as 'needed'.
  12. I have been using the Logistix screen. Logistix-Crafts-CC-Deck 3. Weapons Pod #2 is red, with 0% integrity. When I click on it, the menu for repair, replace, and upgrade is present, but none of the options can be selected (they aren't greyed out, are light but not highlighted).
  13. All the missile slots are green/ready. I'm figuring you are thinking that if half are down, the other half are in pod #2? Doesn't appear to be the case. I thought of powering down and removing all the weapons too, but that didn't help, far as I can tell. I also used Logistix and powered off all the weapons systems. I double checked, to make sure I had a weapons pod available, which I do.
  14. Weapons Pod #2 got destroyed, and I can't seem to figure out how to replace it. I bought the weapons pod itself, and even bought the items it lists as components. I'm in open space, and my crewmembers are well rested. I can't select repair, upgrade, or replace. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  15. Turns out, as posted above, I had set things up differently than I intended. So the AP jumped to what it had assigned, not where I thought it should go. I had dropped a mine on an earlier saved game, which was the cause of the 'mine defense grid' notification. Thanks for the help.
  16. I was recently dealing death in the Zelana system, and had decided to refit a bit before reinforcements arrived. When I had jumped into the system, I was told the 'mine defense grid' was now active'. Thinking nothing of it, I set my course for the allied base in the system (I can't remember the name). AP took over, and HyperJumping, off I went. I waited, with the base targetted, and eventually flew right past it. I ended up at the other jump point in the system. Again I got the 'mine defense grid active' as I exitted the jump. I figured I put something in wrong, and when my engines recharged, set the course for the base again (It showed up under 'other', I believe). This jump took me back to my original jump-in point. I checked my nav points (none set), pointed towards the station (with it targetted), then tried to jump there again. Once again, back to the other nav point. What I'm wondering is why? Is there something about this system or that base I'm missing? does it sound like I'm setting it up wrong? Or did the 'mine defense grid' somehow cause me to go astray? Thanks
  17. Not sure what I had been missing, but sure enough all 8 FC's came up operational when I resumed my game. Thanks to those responded.
  18. I see where I left some confusion. The ships status in TACOPS is 'ready', when I look at the craft. The ship itself was then unpiloted. The pilots were on their way, however. The color coded indicater was dark green, so the FC's were considered 'ready, no pilot'. The problem is the FC's have yet to become ready, and I have now logged several more hours. I did notice something odd though. I sent them to quarters (off duty) for a bit because they were getting hungry and I wanted to see if they just needed to be 'reset'. When I had them return to the FC's, they never got in. They stayed in the launch bay. I now wonder if it's not something I'm doing wrong with the pilots, but something with the ship. I checked all the decks for damage, and found nothing. A check of the FC's themselves found everything at 100%. All Officers were on duty, and power was allocated to all systems except cloak and clone. So I'm still at a loss.
  19. I'm currently using a 'Firestorm' class carrier. The fighters never make it to 'ready' status, from what I can tell. The indicator light stays dark green, which I believe to mean 'craft ready, no pilot'. I reassigned the copilots from FC 1-4 to FC 5-8, then watched the progress (through Perscan) to the FC's they were assigned to. They made it there fine, and show up as being in the pilots chair, but the green light doesn't lighten. I initially figured it would just take a few minutes to update to 'go' status, but they haven't still and I'm a couple of more game hours into the game (roam mode). The FC's show no damage, and all systems are at 100% operation. The same pilots do fine in FC's 1-4, and the shuttles. I just can't figure out what I'm missing.
  20. The pilots I'm sending are the copilots of FC 1-4. I am assigning them as the pilot of FC's 5-8. Thanks
  21. I can't figure out how to launch my second four fighters. I've detailed the pilots, engineers have been assigned to them, and, just in case the first four need to be out the door, I've even sent them off. I just can't get them to get to 'ready' status. I'm using the co-pilots from FC's 1-4, and the ship status has always been 'ready'. Thanks
  22. Never mind. I found the answer in a different post. In the future I'll use multiple searches using different terms before posting.
  23. I was in the Sol system, practicing mining and retrieval on the moon, when several enemy craft entered the system near GalCom HQ. My shuttles were on their way back to dock, but I opted to leave them for a bit to go to the aid of GalCom HQ. turns out they didn't really need my assistance, and by the time I jumped there the enemy ships had been destroyed or fled. However, they left behind 4 EF marines. I'm not sure how they were left, but they were headed for me once I came out of my jump. Resnig kept identifying hostiles, but even with the power reallocated to a lower setting (to increase firing rate), my PSA system wasn't firing. I also couldn't get the main guns to line up (it looked like I was on target, but no amount of course adjustment allowed me to pop 'em off like the bugs they are). So I launched my 4 fighters hoping they could get the marines. They reported enemy contacts, but even if I ordered them to attack the marines, they still wouldn't or coulnd't. I was going to try and ram them, but wasn't sure if they would board instead, and I was low on my ships complement of marines (I was sending my own marines down to practice surface insertions). So what do I need to do to get these spaceborne nusances? I looked through the manual and appendix and couldn't find this, and a forum search didn't find this either. Thanks, TopSpeed
  24. 1) Are missiles 'guided' by the FATAL system any more or less accurate than those launched manually (MTAR)? 2) Is the single player roam game affected in difficulty based on the type of ship you choose? For example, if I choose a BC Mk1, will the roam mode or campaign mode be any less difficult than if I choose a more capable ship like the BC Mk3? Thanks, TopSpeed
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