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  1. Here's a tip: Sometimes my shuttles do stupid things like circle stationary cargo pods, or circle my stationary CC -- this gets very annoying when there's a stormcarrier on your tail, you have intruders on board, and you REALLY want to shut off launch control and get the hell out of there! I find if I wait for the shuttle to come close to it's target, then tell it to halt, then tell it to cargosweep (or RTB), it'll then fly directly to the stationary target and stop circling. :-)
  2. quote:Originally posted by Tyrn: While it's only fair and just that the NPC have access to the artifacts just like we do, might I just publicly say "Boy that sucks" especially when you're on the wrong end of that equation! If it was a fair world, -I- could send intruders onto enemy ships! :-D Steve
  3. quote:Originally posted by EAGLE: Yes use "S" (STT Single Target Tracking) key that will remove all targets from radar and keep only target you are locked on. and turrets will concentrate only on that target. Why do turrets even attack missiles. those things have 5k armor no chance of killing them. would be nice if they were removed from PTA targeting. turrets are weak as they are, and have them spread their attantion over useless targets seams like a waist of what little fire power they provide. [ 12-07-2001: Message edited by: EAGLE ] Thanks for the tip - I'd always wondered if STT had a purpose other than to de-clutter your tracking screen. Steve
  4. Here's a question for ya; If you target a fighter, and you keep it in front of you, will your PTA system "prefer" to attack that fighter or will they continue to independantly shoot the stuff around you? Cause I've found that for the most part, missiles and PTA are the only things I can use against fighters (at least as long as I'm stuck with keyboard control ;-P ), so being able to focus yer PTA fire would be a big plus! :-D Steve
  5. LOL yeah, I've never seen that happen before. But then again, I usually play Raider, and we don't take prisoners ;-P Heheheh ... launch control off is a must. I love sending prisoners into the shuttles when I have intruders on board, because when the intruders eventually flock to the shuttles, they'll kill the prisoners ;-) Steve
  6. quote:Originally posted by Captain Dread: Simplest reply to the topic: Don't be unarmed. I gotta agree with this dude ;-) You could always go to "commercial" caste and at least get a ship with PTA systems. :-) Though I've found my cruiser has enough cargo room to do a lot of trading. Steve
  7. That's a good tip ... "sniping" the stations. :-) Maybe that'll prevent them from launching the fighter swarm ... :-P Whenever I try to capture a station, the swarm of fighters that inevitably surrounds my poor cruiser inevitably does more damage to their station than I do, so I don't even get credit for the kill, let alone get anywhere close to capturing it :-( And fighting the fighters doesn't seem to matter, more come! Either from the station, OR from the reinforcement carries. Feh! ;-P Steve
  8. You know guys, how much damage your armour can take isn't much of an issue if you use things like ECM and, y'know, move now and then ;-) The "sitting duck" tatic really doesn't work in BCM ;-) Steve
  9. On a more ... "serious"? topic. Is there any reason why you would NOT want to use afterburners? :-D I mean ... setting your throttle full and then slamming on the afterburners so it only takes a couple seconds to hit yer full speed rather than wait for your speed to increase "naturally" seems more effective. Do afterburners ... well, have a negative side effect I'm not aware of? (take more energy/etc.?) Steve
  10. You've played too much BCM when a fly buzzes your ear and you wonder why the hell your PTA system didn't take it out! :-D
  11. Woo! BCTE was cool, thanks for sharing :-D (It's on fileplanet for anyone who was wondering)
  12. Heheheh yeah, I love killing space marines with missiles :-D Stupid CPU-eating poopies ;-P I still don't see what they do other than float there and make funny noises when they die ;-) I even sent my AE into a cloud of enemy space marines and they didn't care! :-D Guess they were busy making noises. Wish my PTA system would help me clear them out. :-D That's true ... haven't really messed too much with ground stuff, asside from deploying mining drones (...which is how I got this money in the first place. Woo! :-D ). Definitely will have to remedy my lack of ground operations ;-) Let's see if I can take over Earth with my 5 marines ... mwahaha, I'll be sure to save my game first! ;-) Steve
  13. Though of course, you'd have my caste/name/ship/etc. ;-) And so far I seem to be the only person who likes the Starcruiser ;-) Steve
  14. Hey folks; Out of curiosity, if two ships from opposing sides beam intruders on your ship, will the intruders fight eachother AND you, or will they all just fight you? I know if you send a prisoner into a room with intruders, the intruders and prisoner will fight. That's always fun to do, teach those prisoner bastards for invading my ship! :-D Steve
  15. I have quite a collection of spare parts from smashing other ships :-D Oh the joys of being a raider ... :-) Steve
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