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  1. Can I use this as my avatar? The bigger version is cooler, but too big to use heh. Maybe I should change the bg color. Gray and black don't match the forum colors too good. [ 01-04-2002: Message edited by: Sadistic ]
  2. quote:Originally posted by dnoyeB!: Towing a ship depends on its weight is unrealistic in what respect? [ 12-09-2001: Message edited by: dnoyeB! ] By the way, we're talking mass, not weight here. Weight = mass times the force of gravity. [ 12-11-2001: Message edited by: Sadistic ]
  3. quote:Originally posted by Simparadox: Except that BCM doesn't use a real-world Newtonian physics model!. Realistically, there should be no top speed (up until just under lightspeed) for ANY ship in the game, but there is. So if towing is going to be moved into the more "realistic" direction then the mass (not weight, big difference) obviously has to be a factor. And since the shuttle already has a top speed, that should be lowered as well. Yeah, that's totally true, there should be no top speed. But, it is realistic that towing a ship would slow down the acceleration A LOT. I mean, the CC has to weigh like 1000 tons or something (probly alot more, I dunno how much a ton is exactly) and the boosters on the shuttles are tiny. You should need at least 2 shuttles to drag that big damn ship, adn even then you would accelerate at like 10 m/s/s. It seems like those little tiny shuttle boosters wouldn't be able to move the CC AT ALL, much less at top speed. [ 12-11-2001: Message edited by: Sadistic ]
  4. quote:Originally posted by StarShadow: Would be nice to have a SHORE LEAVE button when docked. This would release everyone from duty instead of going done one by one to do the same thing. Yeah, SC, there really should be a way to select a bunch of personell at a time to order them instead of having to go thru and select every single guy individually.
  5. quote:Originally posted by ooJAYoo: Now we have Age of Empires or CivIII for example all being the highest class of strategic game play yet provide graphics to go ohhhh and ahhhh at. This is true. There are plenty of very involving, fun games that have great graphics, and don't take a super-computer to run, like AOE2 and D2, and War3 coming out soon. Again, they are not nearly as complex as BCM, but just as graphics aren't everything, complexity isn't everything either. There's a lot of good games that aren't very complex, but are still really really fun. Like Super Smash Bros. Melee on the Gamecube. Very very uncomplex, but has really nice graphics, and is very very fun. BCM is the undisputed champion of complexity, but, in a way, it is almost too complex. It completely makes you feel like you are flying a huge ship through space, which for the most part, isn't all that exciting, unless you attack a star station and get a whole ton of ships coming to kill you. Most of the time during BCM you are just sitting waiting for mining drones to collect their minerals, and when not doing that, pretty much all there is to do is attack starstations. You can land on planets, but there's really not much to do on planets. It takes forever to get around a planet, so it's not really worth your while. If planets were as full of hussle and bussle as they really would be, then it would be worth your while. Maybe its just me, but, there's really not all that much to do. When multiplayer comes out, it'll be alot funner, because you can find places on planets to have like races, and sniping battles and stuff, but right now, there's not much to do, and I haven't been playing BCM at all because of this. Also, my comp is crappy and ctd's every 20-30 mins anyways, which is very discouraging, but I just don't feel like playing it. If some of you could give me some ideas of stuff to do to make it more fun, please tell me.
  6. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: 2. Shuttle towing. Later, the shuttle speed will depend on the mass of the object its towing. Have it tow a Stormcarrier, and you'll be there a week trying to leave the region. Good, that was extremely un-realistic, and defeated the purpose of even keeping your CC's engine on hehe.
  7. quote:Originally posted by Badgerius: Ooohh... It's one of those... Nasty. I know exactly how you feel. My advice: Go out, see a movie. These things always seem to come clear after a break, when you're looking at it fresh. It always works for me. Yeah, this holds true for many things, not just programming. Taking a break is the best thing you can do for trying to solve a problem. Sooo many times I have sat and racked my brain for hours on something, and then I get pissed off at it and go do something else for a little while, come back, and it's perfectly clear.
  8. Did you try getting into a fighter plane and shooting it with lasers? I've never tried to capture a star station myself, but that just makes sense.
  9. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: OK, I'll add it to the very bottom of the pile - right down there with Tac's request for 3D dice for his BridgeViewer. That was back in '97. Haha, hell yes, 3D dice should be #1 on your 'to do' list.
  10. quote:Originally posted by Zuul: I've been using the 22.80 drivers ever since SC told me to switch to them last week. They have been a hundred times more stable with BCM then the 2183 drivers could ever hope to be (havent crashed once yet with them as opposed to crashing every 10 mins with the 2183 drivers). And they work great with every other game too. Not only that, SC clearly states that he himself even uses the 2280 drivers! If your having problems with the 2183 drivers, use the 2280 drivers. Even if you dont have problems I would use the 2280 drivers anyways.... Well, I just installed the 2280 drivers. I constantly crash and get kicked to the desktop in games. Let's see if this puts a stop to it.
  11. quote:Originally posted by Cmdr Nova: You uninstalled and re-installed the game before you tried to do the patches again, right? And you did run it from the game's directory? And remember. If you uninstall the game to try to do a re-install, backup the save folder (if you have game saves you want to keep), and wipe the whole folder (that means delete the entire Battlecruiser Millennium folder) before you re-install. The patch works for me, so I have no idea what could be your holdup. Yeah, I did that each time. I guess it just decided to be cooperative this time.
  12. Okay, well I did the exact same thing again, and it seems to be working now. It even crashed as usual once, but it let me re-load my game. I musta been doing something wrong before hmm... Well, thanks.
  13. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: I have no problems with 1.0.01 final saved games. Nor do the dozens of testers back here. Or anyone else for that matter. So, I dunno what to tell you. I'm stumped. You might want to re-download the patch. If you haven't read my announcement for today, then you won't know that you no longer need the navdata patch. Just kill whatever patch you have and re-download it. Uninstall, re-install. Patch and go from there. Okay.. I re-d/led the patch 3 out of the 5 times I reinstalled but it's worth another shot.
  14. I uninstalled and killed the folder each time, and just backed up the save game in case I could use it later. I started a brand new game and it worked for a little while and then crashed, and when I tried to load a save of the game it crashed after the loading. [ 11-27-2001: Message edited by: Sadistic ]
  15. quote:Originally posted by $iLk: Yes Ive tried the patch and I have to say thanks on the FP mode Now this game moves sooo smooth just cant wait for you too tackle the straff then ill just burst into joydom hehe Oh btw is it poss to remap the zoom to the mouse whheel And I love the way youve mapped the FP controls so far its the best ive seen in any game to date period. Ehm, that's the third one from the end, I/m guessing you meant this one, 4th from the end: quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr.: OK. Listen up! If you downloaded the BCM 1.0.01 patch between yesterday and today, you need to download the Navdata update file from the downloads page. These files were missing in the final patch. Simply unzip it into the folder where BCM is installed, making sure that you unzip with folders and overwrite existing files when prompted. If you downloaded the Navdata update file before 4pm EST today, you need to download it again because I think my first upload was corrupt. If you had previously applied the 1.0.01 Beta patch, when you install the final patch, all the Beta saved games should have been deleted by the patch. If not, before or after applying the final version, delete all the files in the SAVE folder where BCM is installed. The patches are NOT incremental. They just replace files. This means that (a) you do not need the Beta patch in order to apply the final ( you can apply the patch on top of itself without ANY consequences. No need to re-install the game. I repackaged and uploaded the 1.0.01 final patch to include the files from the Navdata update. So, if you want to have everything in one package, for keeps sake, just go ahead and download the final patch again. The upcoming 1.0.02 patch due out tomorrow, fixes some more issues and will include all fixes from 1.0.01. Have fun! If so, yes, I completely wiped out the game, reinstalled it, and patched it 5 or so times. It works if I do a new game, but not if I backup my saved game and play it, and it stops working after a while of playing (no certain amount of time and at no certain point in the game) [ 11-27-2001: Message edited by: Sadistic ]
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