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  1. Hi, Unfortunately we don't need any additional people atm; only those who were already in the list and own the game. This will change in the very near future; and if so, a post will be made on the game's official Steam forum news section. Thanks!
  2. You can run it in Windows 10, but only with DOSBox 1) Download the latest version of DOSBox and extract into a folder https://www.dosbox.com/wiki/Basic_Setup_and_Installation_of_DosBox 2) Download the ZIP archive version of BC3K209 and extract to a folder e.g. C:\ http://downloads.3000ad.com/builds/freeware/BC3K209FREE.ZIP 3) In Notepad or any text editor, edit BC3000AD.INI and change cdrom and home parameters to this, then save the file. cdrom=c:\ home=c:\ 4) Run DOSBox NOTE: ALL the following commands are all from within the DOSBox console session. Press ENTER after each console command. 5) Mount the folder from step #2 as a virtual drive e.g. mount c: c:\bc3000ad 6) Run the setup program by first changing to the drive above, then running the sound setup program. C: SETUP 7) Sound setup options: Audio: select AUTO-DETECT. If it shows anything different from SoundBlaster 16/AWE32 with PORT:220, DMA:1, IRQ:7, then you must set those manually. Music: select NO MIDI DEVICE Select OK to write the SETUP.CFG file and exit 8) Run the game as normal. You can add /n to bypass the intro, or press ESC to cancel intro playback BC3000AD /d1 =============================================================================== NOTES 1) Command line parameters /d1 = debug mode (if enabled in distribution. Also required to bypass CD check) /n = do not play intro /v? = display list of 2D video cards supported in native mode /v1 = play it safe and use VESA mode /vn = use specific 2D video card where n=card num displayed in /v? use /v1 for VESA mode if card not supported directly /g = run 3DFX Glide version (v1.07C or higher) 2) Any frontend UI option (e.g. New Game) will take a few seconds to load. This is normal due to emulation. You will experience the same delay when trying to access any Frontend UI systems (Logistix, Tactical etc), including the save/restore game options. 3) You can run the game in a window or full screen using DOSBox. 4) You can use a DOSBox frontend such as Dfend Reloaded which gives you better setup options and more control over the DOSBox config. You can download it from here http://dfendreloaded.sourceforge.net/
  3. This is a video I made of the new planetary scenes in the 3.00.20 build.
  4. This was the last live gameplay stream from Sept 2017. I will be doing another one soon.
  5. Due to a snafu with how Steam handles build branches, I had to re-release this patch yesterday. Please see the Steam announcement for more info.
  6. Hey guys, Just a quick update to let you guys know that I am still working through some breaking issues which I have recently fixed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UV8jd3FKbU
  7. Yesterday, after being inspired by this Steam discussion topic, I exported my Jira dev task notes to a public Tello board.
  8. This build now also includes the GBS system. changelog
  9. The last version of UC to support multiplayer was the 2007 release of Universal Combat CE. As the master server went offline years ago, the server browser won't work. So you have to connect to a hosting (local or remote) machine using the command line options. I will be looking into adding multiplayer to UCTLC at some point in the very distant future, as time permits. Until then, I will see if it is possible to add the full UCCE (2007) build to the Steam version of UCTLC as a separate UNSUPPORTED install.
  10. No don't. It's no longer supported and I am not going to mess with legacy games.
  11. I have been working on a new patch (changelog) which I expect will be out around the end of the month, once I get some last minute fixes implemented.
  12. Shockingly I have been working on a new patch (changelog) for the Steam version of the game. I finished it last week, but have been doing some additional testing and cleanup. Hopefully it will be out by the end of the month.
  13. What didn't you like about it? The trading and travel grind?
  14. To make up for the long lull that's in progress due to the significant amount of assets that are being created for this DLC, I have decided to release the scripting tools. The GBS (Game Builder System) tool includes the following: PREPARE: script parser (the interpreter is built into the game and runs in real time) BCSTUDIO: 3D model viewer PTESTUDIO: Planetary scene viewer PLAYMOD: Tool for modifying player game profile Script sources for all scenarios included in UCCE 3.x Sample scripts Usage docs This tool allows you to create brand new scenario scripts for both space and planetary regions or to modify the existing ones as needed. For more info, download links etc, visit the Modding Tools Steam discussion forum.
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