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    Universal Combat Collectors Edition v2.00.03

    2009 Paid Version The standalone patch (available via separate download next week) does the following: applies the 2.00.03 patch adds the new content from 2.00.02 (Steam freeware version) NOTE: If you installed the full game in your Steam folder so you could run it from Steam, then the patch should work I think. I can't guarantee it though; so you're on your own. 2015 Steam Freeware Version The DLC for the freeware 2015 Steam version of the game, does the following: applies the 2.00.03 patch brings it up to the 2009 paid version by adding all the content that was excluded from the freeware
  2. There is a new build coming out soon. More info in the Steam forums.
  3. Supreme Cmdr

    [UCCE 2.0] v2.00.03

    I have updated the changelog with new entries. Also a new status update.
  4. Supreme Cmdr

    [UCCE 2.0] v2.00.03

    No. The original 2009 version has various DRM releases (Digital River, SecuROM, GameFly, Gamers Gate) and I would have to release patches for all of them. I don't plan on doing that since support for that 2009 version ended a long time ago. The 2015 free version is an anniversary edition released for a specific reason and it's just one version to patch. Which is why it only has the Commander careers. For those who want the new content, I will post instructions on how to copy them over from the Steam version; but the executable cannot be patched.
  5. Supreme Cmdr

    Planet ops

    Yeah, lots of hints and tips on the game's Steam Community Forum
  6. Supreme Cmdr

    Need help.

    They are different versions, and the previous v2.0 has more features than this free re-release. There are no plans to release any other version for free. If you like the game, please post a review on the game's Steam reviews page.
  7. Supreme Cmdr

    Universal Combat Advanced

    I have been thinking about completing their storyline actually; so we'll see how that goes if this game ever gets made.
  8. PRESS RELEASE HERE To mark the 25 year anniversary since I first conceived the world, characters and mythos of the Battlecruiser 3000AD game, and in an effort to introduce a new generation to these highly advanced capital space ship combat simulations, a remastered version of 2009's Universal Combat CE v2.0 will be released free on Steam today around 11am PST. You can read more about this here. And be sure to join the Universal Combat group on Steam! Also keep in touch via the Universal Combat pages on Facebook and Twitter for more exciting news about this and the upcoming Universal Combat Advanced refresh due out later this year. CHANGELOG SCENARIOS LIST Here is an intense 12 minute fleet battle from the IA0402 scenario. http://youtu.be/iglzv146CZI
  9. Supreme Cmdr

    Universal Combat CE v2.0 Released FREE on Steam

    The game is now also on Amazon Digital as a free download.
  10. There is no way to scan a planet to see if the atmosphere is hostile or not. Usually it's based on common sense + Tacops
  11. There is a setting in config for that. And sounds will continue to play based on the asset you have in the region. Also make sure to check your audio drivers.
  12. Supreme Cmdr

    Sci Phi Journal

    Congrats Ben!!
  13. Supreme Cmdr

    Supply Stations in Space??

    They are the same as the ones on the planet. Except that the ones in space are for the space marines.
  14. Supreme Cmdr

    Any Data For Engstrom?

    x16 fighters x04 shuttles x08 vehicles x12 Class 5 turrets x04 Class 5 main guns x05 Missile launch rails x02 Multi-Config mine launch bays x01 Emergency shuttle launch pod
  15. Supreme Cmdr

    Universal Combat CE v2.0 Released FREE on Steam

    Hiya RT, long time. Yeah, and now that GameFly has been sold again, it's probably going to get worse. btw Echo Squad SE is also on Steam And btw, don't forget to post a review on Steam when you get that chance. That goes for all of you.
  16. This was due to the game looking for .PNG instead of .JPG files; and only happens with SHIFT+H (game commands). Download the file at in this support KB to fix it.
  17. It's unrelated because the built-in doc viewer doesn't care about where you are in the game. And this is only for the 2009 version of v2.0 since that's the only version with built-in doc viewer. In some cases it just won't display and in other cases it will crash.
  18. Supreme Cmdr

    Universal Combat CE v2.0 Released FREE on Steam

    LOL!! That image just cracks me up
  19. Supreme Cmdr

    Universal Combat Advanced

    No need for that. It's a free game. Read more about that here.
  20. Supreme Cmdr

    Universal Combat Advanced

    If you haven't checked out the Facebook page in the past hour, now would be a good time to do so: http://www.facebook.com/bc3000ad
  21. Supreme Cmdr

    Universal Combat Advanced

    The campaign is a mission based one and will have the standard norm for completion between orders (missions). If you want to go mine and do all that other stuff, the free flight scenario will still be there. Well, you are emphatically denying, then a little more time and you can change your mind. I won't change my mind because I have a limited time and budget for this refresh. My primary focus is on LOD, especially now that it's been approved for and headed to Xbox One.
  22. Supreme Cmdr

    Universal Combat Advanced

    This is great news, I do realize that it isn't a dedicated FPS - but it always nice to have fully fleshed out features, they're far more satisfying. I think moving to normal bases is probably a better idea then the cities which a great concept lacked the complexity and the gameplay motivation that a city should bring with it. As a bonus, as the FPS parts get better the bases become more and more interesting. Twenty five years of source control? Thats is amazing - so many games and applications with lost source from the 90's and even the 2000's. Must have been nice moving from tapes to real source control. And, since you can go all the way back, you could always compile in a easter egg and have BC3K running on a console inside a base - you know so they have an excuse for when you destroy them - they were too busy playing it. I just posted about the source control on Facebook actually.
  23. Supreme Cmdr

    Universal Combat Advanced

    I have no idea wtf you're going on about. The last time I checked, there wasn't a single planet in the game that would cause a CTD because you entered it. Since this is your mantra, I'll make you a deal. If you can - with the latest UCCE v2 game which this is based on - prove (and verified by myself and others) that there is such a planet and that it is a fault of the game and not your system setup, I will give you a free copy of the new game. But if you fail in this endeavor or you don't do it (you have until Mon, Feb 9th), you will be banned (again) from this forum, permanently this time. Over the years, I've adopted a zero tolerance for any sort of negativity (warranted or not) that serves no purpose other than to cause me undue angst.
  24. Supreme Cmdr

    Universal Combat Advanced

    As I've said before, I have no plans to make any gameplay changes in this game. All gameplay elements will be exactly as-is in the UCCE v2.0. I'm not planning on making this refresh a bigger deal what I've already planned. And yes, engine and reactor upgrades do effect the hyperdrive recharge rate. Personnel AI has nothing to do with that.
  25. Supreme Cmdr

    Universal Combat Advanced

    I am going to do my best to integrate the fps elements (including UI) from AAW to the fps portion of UCADV. But remember, this game is a capital ship combat game, not a dedicated fps like AAW. All the planetary bases (at this point, I am not planning to have any cities) in UCADV are going to be recreated from scratch. The goal is to have them be a cross between the base scenes in AAW and those in LOD. That's why there probably won't be any cities, just individual bases on the pre-existing habitable planets. I can go all the way back to the first game released in 1996; and I have the source code going all the way back to the very first build back in 1990 I think.