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    Galactic Command Echo Squad SE Steam Release

    The game is now live on Steam and on sale for 30% off. And if you already own LOD Tactics, the game appears as a free gift in your Steam library. Also if you buy LOD Tactics between
  2. Supreme Cmdr

    All Aspect Warfare / Angle Of Attack V1.00.39

    The Steam versions of both games, as well as the demos, have now been updated to the latest v1.00.39. If you go to your Steam client, they should have already been updated. All Aspect Warfare on Steam Angle Of Attack on Steam
  3. These patches have been released and can be obtained via the "Check For Updates" shortcut. The Steam versions should be available once Valve pushes them to their servers. The official multiplayer servers will be updated later today. All Aspect Warfare Changelog Angle Of Attack Changelog
  4. Supreme Cmdr

    Line Of Defense Announced!

  5. Supreme Cmdr

    Line Of Defense Tactics Released!

    The game is now live on the following digital stores Steam GamersGate GameFly
  6. Supreme Cmdr

    Line Of Defense Tactics Released!

    The companion game to our upcoming Line Of Defense MMO has now been released and will be available on all mobile and digital stores from day onward. Check the game's website for the links. Pricing and other info Quick links: Apple AppStore, GooglePlay, Mac OSX Will post other links as they become available during the week/day.
  7. Supreme Cmdr

    Trading with shuttle

    v1 and v2 of the game are totally different in terms of game engines and some gameplay aspects. So unless you have a rig capable of running it, you will have those issues. As for trading in a shuttle, it should in fact be possible. It depends on whether it is your shuttle (assigned to your craft) and if you are docked at a station/base that allows trading with your race/caste. That's a fundamental game feature that has not changed since the original BC3K game.
  8. Supreme Cmdr

    Can't issue commands to marines via TOM

    It's actually in the manual.
  9. Supreme Cmdr

    Happy New Year and Merry Christmass!!!

    Happy New Year everyone!
  10. Supreme Cmdr

    In Pursuit Of Awesomeness

    A new dev blog and some new shots are up.
  11. Supreme Cmdr

    New Alpha Shots

    We released a batch of 34 new screen shots yesterday. Enjoy!
  12. The official gameplay video for Line Of Defense Tactics is now up. Enjoy!
  13. Supreme Cmdr

    Station & Carrier Deck Schematics

    I am going to be doing a series of walkthrough movies of the complete carrier and station interiors which you will be exploring and doing battle in. Watch for those coming soon. In the meantime, you can view the 2D deck schematics in the asset database along with some 3D images in the gallery pages. GCV-Starguard (Engstrom class Carrier) Deck Schematics Arkangel Station Deck Schematics Overwatch Station Deck Schematics Templar Station Deck Schematics Vanguard Station Deck Schematics
  14. Supreme Cmdr

    Game Asset Database

    The game's complete asset database, including world map and other items, is now complete and online.
  15. Supreme Cmdr

    Cheat Codes For UCCE

    These cheat codes are for UCCE and may or may not work for UCCE v2.0. As always, this is unsupported and used at your own risk.
  16. The differences between UCCE (2007) and UCCE v2.0 (2009)
  17. Supreme Cmdr

    Cheat Menu for Universal Combat

    That's because that's not the correct command. It should be /opt_cheats_on if supported by your game. And I'm assuming that you know how to add command line parameters to a shortcut. Which game do you have anyway? You have been posting in various forums about this stuff. Also, tampering with any of the game files with the wrong tool will cause those problems. So don't do it. All these games use a different kernel. So the tools (e.g. Playmod) have to support them. And if not, they won't work. Universal Combat Universal Combat Gold Universal Combat Collector's Edition Universal Combat Collector's Edition v2
  18. Supreme Cmdr


    That's because the game is far too old now.
  19. Supreme Cmdr

    Playmod for UC Gold problem

    No. And it is not available as a separate download since it only supports specific games.
  20. Supreme Cmdr


    Probably because you typed it wrong. Compare yours to what he posted. There is no Playmod support for UCCE v2. And this thread does not belong in tech support. Moving...
  21. Supreme Cmdr

    Forum Registration

    Some people who register are not responding to the validation email that is sent. If you don't respond to that email, your profile will remain in validating status and you won't be able to post. And after seven days, the registration is removed. This will force you to re-register. If you don't see the validation email, please check your spam folder. And if it is not there, send an email to [email protected] Do NOT use the "Report" link unless you are reporting objectionable content posted by another forum member. If you use this for any other purpose (as someone did recently), your account will be banned.
  22. Supreme Cmdr

    Asset Database

    Unless you're camping the LOD website, you probably don't know that we have now updated 99% of the asset database entries. Now you have full data on all the game's assets. A few more classes (probes, stations etc) still need to be done and that will make the dB 100% complete. So go check it out at http://lodmmo.com
  23. Supreme Cmdr

    Movie Night - The Europa Report

    Yeah, I caught it on AmazonPrime as well. Need to make time to see it on the big screen when it opens this week I think.
  24. Supreme Cmdr

    Asset Database

    Yeah, we have a lot of balancing and tweaks to do because even though most of the assets are from the IP mythos, this is a different sort of game (smaller world etc) and so we need more testing and balancing.
  25. Supreme Cmdr

    Eterium Space Combat Sim

    Are you guys aware of this space combat sim? I backed it on Kickstarter, though it is highly unlikely that it will get the funding needed to complete the game. You can download the demo on their website.