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    Let me put you out of your misery All info regarding mp, is classified. Two things are certain: the dynamic universe will be there, the Insurgents had better start looking for a new galaxy to romp around in.
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    A few suggestions for the future.

    The Strike Pak is in the early stages of development. Like everything else, it will kick something serious. Thats all that I can about this at this time.
  3. Supreme Cmdr

    Hymns of the Fleets

    quote: By the way, Tac, why did the EDGECRUSHER blow up all the MRT's? And why did they leave You alone? They must've heard the crew singing the Hymns Of the Fleets thru the commlink and decided to evac. Wouldn't you? I know I would.
  4. Supreme Cmdr

    Hymns of the Fleets

    Tac, I am convinced, now more than ever, that you are in need of some dire help...of the psychiatric kind. Please report to Starpath asap. This has got to be the funniest thing I've read all week. 'hymns of the fleets'?
  5. Supreme Cmdr

    Ideas for BC3670AD.... hmmm.....

    er...oops, took a wrong turn at the water cooler and ended up here. BC:3670AD huh? Yeah, my grand kid will be writing that one. btw, the reason the galaxy is segmented is because it runs in real time and you need a LOT of memory to load it all at once. Also, in multiplayer, it will be easier to use filters and process areas that players are not in. I don't plan on changing it. Ever. The BC3K series will evolved as time goes by, you can be sure of that. You guys have all seen how far we've come since 1996. Wait'll you see BC:3020AD in full 16-bit color. You'll be wiping the drool from your keyboard for hours.
  6. Supreme Cmdr

    A few suggestions for the future.

    His English looked fine to me...just as good as my French
  7. hehe, at least I didn't run to the nearest station (which I could have)
  8. LOL, the funniest thing happened today. I was playing (as usual ) and went into null space in order to hide from some jackass Insurgent who had been chasing me clean clear across SOL. He had managed to hammer me good and since he can't come into null space, I decided to hide there (you can go into nullspace by flying off the map...use tacops as a guide) while I performed repairs. Anyway, earlier, my marines had captured some intruders and thrown them in the detention hold. Due to combat damage, the DH took damage and the intruder (now an escaped prisoner type) escaped, waxed 3 marines, ran clear, clear across the ship to the launch bay.....and stole IC3. Herein lies the rub. He chose a fine time to steal a ship and escape. I was still in null space, he had nowhere to go, so I did what comes naturally....hehe, I blew up IC3 My thinking is that our friend (low AI moron) was probably an Insurgent because only an Insurgent would try to make such a daring attempt. Man, I wish I could've seen his face when he launched and discovered he was in null space. ROTFLMSAO. Only in BC3K will cool stuff like this happen. www.bc3000ad.com/images/screen_shots/photo147.jpg
  9. Supreme Cmdr

    A few suggestions for the future.

    All the animated objects (wormhole, jump gate, fluxfield etc) will all be different. No, they will all remain static because it causes problems if they change positions. I have no intentions of doing animations for jump sequences. It adds nothing to the game.
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    Roll Call

    quote: (No Derek, I had that name waaay before I "rediscovered" the BC website, so its not any attempt at copyright breach.) btw, have you guys seen the new thread about v1.09 in the SDF forum? I don't see any posts to it, so I wasn't sure if it was showing up or not. I would think that a post like that would've caused a stir or a stampede by now. I guess not. So, I figure its a wasted effort and have ceased development of the v1.09 patch. Now, I guess we now get to wait for v2.01.
  11. Supreme Cmdr

    A few suggestions for the future.

    quote: On another note, I recently recieved an E-Mail from the Interplay store, saying my order was put on back order because there aren't currently enough copies available. If that's any idea of how well v2.0 is selling, well...it speaks for itself. They said they're going to E-Mail me when my copy ships, knowing publishers, probably sometime in November. Darn. That sounds about right. quote: did I read that number right: twohundredfiftythousand bucks? Gee, the people who wrote Shogo will make more money with licenses than with the game... Yep, $250K (no royalties) for the LithTek engine. Think thats bad? The Unreal engine is $1m per game. Go figure.
  12. Supreme Cmdr

    A few suggestions for the future.

    [World Space] The reason I partioned the game galaxy and linked them is because there isn't a machine on the planet that will update that large a world in a single space. It can be done but the game would be unplayable. I have no intentions of changing the way the universe is created. That technology took years of R&D and a ton of money and time spent. It works. The suggestion to make it all one world space is like saying, lets remove all the sides roads from Florida to New York because the I-95 conduit is good enough. [Personnel] The plan for BC:3020AD is to have better personnel models with various animation states. There won't be any first person control but if the animated models are cool (crouching, running, jumping, running+firing, standing etc), then it should be ok. Besides, all objects are 3D entities anyway, therefore you can order them around just like ships (you can do that in the current version anyway). The difference in BC:3020AD will be that you will have special waypoint orders for ground troops. So if you drop a team of marines at a zone, you can pretty much give them waypoint orders to do certain things, just like ships. Imagine watching from the external over-the-shoulder camera view of lead marine as he runs around wasting the opposition or planting mines around a site. Since you have control, you should pretty much be able to drop the whole crew at a safe distance and then, using waypoints, tell them where to go, what to do and how. eg. waypoint1 - approach with caution (crawl) waypoint2 - attack waypoint3 - move to waypoint4 - deploy waypoint5 - move to You can then bring that person back using the transporter or the shuttle, from waypoint5. If you drop marines using a shuttle, you should see them running (running animation) toward the first 'team' waypoint you set in tacOPS. If they are fired upon, then depending on their AI level, the animation will change to running+firing, prone+firing or crouch+firing. If you've played Rainbow6 or SpecOPS, then you know what I'm talking about. The models are being created in 3DStudio Character Studio because I can't afford motion capture technology. [First person Battlecruiser] This has been in my specs for the Strike Pak boarding module for quite a while. Doing that sort of thing requires an FP engine which I don't have. I have no intentions of developing one. I have been evaluating Eclipse3D (free) and will be looking into the Shogo engine ($250K) for this purpose. If I get the engine, then the Strike Pak should allow you to walk around a fully modeled ship as well as any other ship/station you board. I would have loved to put in FP for the bc only, in bc:3020ad but I don't have the technology nor do I have the time. I am considering it though. Imagine walking into engineering and seeing models of your engineers (fully animated models as described above) milling about or walk into the marine quarters and see them sleeping (when they should be working). Better yet, how about running down a corrider and come across marines running after intruders. Meanwhile, the 3D world is still going on outside so if you walk to the bridge, walk up to your console, press a key and hey presto, you are in the normal bridge view of your battlecruiser ready to fire. Won't it be cool to walk into an interceptor bay and see the ship model actually there? So perhaps from the bridge you schedule a launch for IC1, you warp to the launch bay and just in time to see the ship drop out into space? Way cool man! The technology is there, the machines are becoming more and more powerful. It just takes a time, money and a kick ass design.
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    That was a great round

    Great going guys. I enjoyed it too, though I didn't participate (you guys seemed to be doing to well, why rock the boat? ). When I have time, I'll update the history and give some more feedback. Until then, the sequel is my top priority.
  14. Supreme Cmdr

    Time for some FUN

    Hey Rattler, thats a kickass logo. Cool stuff
  15. Supreme Cmdr

    Fleets and Squadrons

    DeSylva has made some excellent suggestions. As per my authority, it is now law. btw, please go back and edit the Earthcom graphic, it has a spelling error in it. Also, guys, when you edit your post multiple times, be sure to remove the existing default 'editing' prompt at the bottom before re-submitting. Charles, take a look at your post and you'll see. Remove all three entries and there will be only one when you resubmit the post.
  16. Supreme Cmdr

    Fleet Registration

    Ron said: quote: I propose that either all base postings go through DeSylva(or appointee)before being posted; or all posts be made tentative to a higer power's approval(ultimately Derek, but could just as easily be DeSylva or someone else with the abillity to make impartial judgements). You are right. Therefore, all base/station locations should go through DeSylva. The idea is to ensure that nobody goes and plonks bases in regions which would cause a blockade. However, under normal circumstances, I wouldn't worry about that though, because AI entities will simply barge right through. But yes, I agree that Rattler needs to sanction all bases/stations. If there are any changes, Tac & co, simply go back and edit your messages in the thread where you listed your bases. You guys need to print out the system map and take a look at the entire galaxy carefully too.
  17. Supreme Cmdr

    Fleet Registration

    Rattler I see your point and understand your concern. I don't have a problem with keeping this info private, that may explain why Tac sent his to me via email (I ripped a hole in his hull for it ). My concern is that it makes things more complex than they need to be. Intel in 3000AD is advanced, so I doubt that any force would be able to keep that info secret for a long period. That said, this is why all bases/stations are 'known' in the game. So, I think that for now, we should make the info public. Once multiplayer rolls around next year, if the technology allows it, you can pretty much put your base anywhere you want. Since the server (yours or someone else's) will be running your version of a script written for the game (assuming you learn how to do it using the GBS from v2.0), you can pretty much put them where the heck you want with not restrictions. My default server script shipping with the game will have a default script will all known bases. So, if I have a persistent server at www.3000ad.com (yes, I own that URL too) and we use it for RPG, SDF etc, I will be the one to edit the script with classified intel from you guys. See what I mean? Though I'm head of GALCOM, you can trust me not to pass on classified info to the GALCOM side (Tac & co) because it would ruin things. But like I said before, once for instance Junkari and his cronies discover where the Insurgent base is, you can pretty much expect to find a post here about it Imagine everyone scrambling to the server to either (a) take it out or ( defend it. Of course if you and Jester decide to commit Hari Kari and try to take on GHQ, we'll be there waiting on that fateful morning. The cool thing is that if someone takes out your station, you pretty much have to wait until the server rebuilds it...hehe, 4 hours later. Of course, you can always go capture another one and see how long you can hold on to it for. Its going to be a blast, just stick with it guys. If anyone else has any other ideas, lets talk about them.
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    Mike you forgot that the [email protected] is yours?