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    Unfortunately, active duty military life keeps me exteremly busy. Not to mention my own personal affairs. It is with a saddend heart that I must bid the 3000AD community farwell, until things are worked out in RL for me. I will still be out on the fringes, but cannot be a very active player. however I do have time to devote to some administrative functions for the fleet If you guys ever need a hand just gimme a ring ok?
  2. You want to embarass me some more heh Ben?
  3. training has kinda been relegated to each commander until we get a more active fleet. but i can begin the basics with you beginning in the second week of june
  4. Right now, were mostly trying to get the fleet in gear. Most of our commanders have alot of real life issuse that prevent them from being very active. But go to and register at www.galcom.net for the official online league
  5. You've been approved welcome to the DARK SIDE
  6. Either talk to me or Ben, my private email is not working at the moment though
  7. Hey sorry life's hectic. but welcome Commander
  8. Yeah we need some more active commanders to get this fleet rolling
  9. YOu seemed to have gotten things straightened out. I'm going to have to wait for the CO thought. But you have my approval, provided your ready to jump into the fray.
  10. Yes, It will be good experiance for next year
  11. I've registered with Spectre fleet under my own SN, I'm on loan for this season
  12. I'm on loan to Spectre fleet for this season
  13. I need the password to register with the fleet
  14. I'm game how bout you peaty?
  15. Welcome back. I think our fleet is mostly going to create AAE's to ply with spectre fleet because we didn't register in time for the season
  16. Sorry my work shift just changed to nights, so cooridination will be difficult. How ever I think I have some ideas and will begin working on them. Including a new fleet charter. With your permission
  17. Training is stillon for tomorrow at 10 pm EST
  18. Unfortunately we will not be alble to participate in the season next year, but we should continue training
  19. At this point Ben I can honestly say to only put myself, peatydog and you on the team cause no one else seams to be active at the moment
  20. I'll get back to you on that, but I think we only have about three active commanders right now. Myself, peatydog, and the skipper
  21. All fleet commanders capabl;e of participating please register at www.galcom.net Wraith fleet team has already been created
  22. 3 is better than none, but understood. However I think with us becoming more active it will attract more commanders
  23. Each fleet will consist of only one carrier and the rest cruisers, it is up to the fleet members to decide who has the carrier,IE control of the fleet.this is to build a base for tactics so you do not rely on the manuals tactics alone. Although helpful, they can be defeated by good opponents and or an over eager commander who forgets that his job is the mission not to kill as many enemy ships as he can.
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