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  1. I would like to begin our monthly training begining the firt sunday of april. I am on the east coast of the US and would like the time to be around 10 to 11 pm est If anyone cannot make it let me know. We will be testing some of the new tactics from the upcoming manual. As well as getting some formation practice in. Blue team will act as the enemy this time on the third it will be red, I will get back to you with the fleet makeups
  2. Ok Commanders, I'm about to give this fleet a swift kick in the pants as far as training. We will soon begin routine training on the 1st and 3rd sunday of each month. The time will be disscused later. For training purposes the fleet will be split into 2 (Red and Blue)fleets to operate as opposing sides in the training session, with the CO and myself filling in gaps for players who cannot make it. Dreada is also an alternate when he can make it. Any other commanders who need to be considered for this status need to let me know. As it is right now the two fleet break downs are as follows: Red fleet Cmdr Cartman Cmdr Valient Cmdr Gizmo Cmdr Caleb Aglar Cmdr REO Cmdr Bandus Blue fleet Cmdr Peatydog Cmdr Cam Cmdr Kasin Pool Cmdr Captain Reed Cmdr BerlinII Cmdr James Smyth After our first meeting I will sttempt to schedule an MP match against another fleet. Any moans, groans or complaints let's here them now.
  3. J.Smith here. In procon still compiling and testing tactics
  4. Alright commanders. I need some input on tactics that you have developed for MP use. We are creating a General instruction manual on tactics for newbie commanders. send your responses by private message to me and i will disscuss them further with you. Once complied, we will begin testing these tactics and evaluating what is best for our fleet,
  5. the only reason i don't have the links setup is I suck at HTML tags
  6. yeah i'm in the navy, and no i didn't register, i got the game right before i left for sea so bye bye 19.00
  7. Guess what I'm back in the states now with a broadband connetion and a powerful laptop, but no Serial number. My BC case was destroyed
  8. I'll have to wait till I get home round december. My case wit th serial numbers are at home. I have the game only the game cd's. Thanks for your assistance
  9. I thought my copy was registered the only reason I have net access right now is cause I'm in port but only for a couple of days. Out at sea, it's a fifty fifty shot to wheter or not I'll have web access, and definatly not for actually playing the game. But i have bot BCM and UC
  10. Problem. I'm an actualy US Sailor, And I'm on deployment I was lucky to see this message before they cut off the net again. I can't check in too often
  11. Checking in though I'm out of port (literally )Be back sometime round christmas.
  12. J.Smith


    Guess I'll be in the mix when I get back from deployment, round December
  13. J.Smith


    Don't know what time for me, my real squadron is getting ready for deployment so, i'm real busy and I do have my copy of UC
  14. Sorry busy, i'm movingh again, orders to VA
  15. Hellllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooo echoes throught Wraith HQ where is everybody?
  16. Hey now what's this about less Military spending, you guys are gonna make me loose my pay raise
  17. Well i have the computer, now i just gotta get that line and i'll be set. Oh Rattler found out they have me slotted for O strand
  18. well as I said i'll check in when i doesn't hurt my wallet too much. .10 a minute for a net connection till i get the line in my room. But first i gotta get a computer of my own.
  19. I'm outta bassic now and in AV school in pensicola FLA. So i'll be checking in when i don't have my nose buried in a technical manual.
  20. This is my last post until i return from Basic training. I'll see you guys out there in MP so when you see the Rosetta give a little salute
  21. hey, i'll join in when i get back. I bought BCMG a couple of days ago. running BCMG 56k
  22. I have a slightly older one. A concord duoLCD only a 2x zoom and depending on what quality i choose i can get over a 100 pictures on a 128mb card, also does video, very small camera, only 1.3 mega pixel though. Also easy to download with USB.
  23. Hey, well it's that time people. I'm leaving for basic in three weeks. So i decided to get this out of the way right now: [rp] From: Ens. Jesse Smith GCV Rosetta TO: SCmdr. Tac Wraith Fleet Commander This communication is to inform you of my request for training leave. Will return in 4 months time from the date of scheduled departure of June 12th 2003. RSVP. [rp/]
  24. J.Smith

    Coming Home

    Welcome Back commander. Hey i guess if they put you back in rank and file you can take my spot. I'll be gone for awhile soon.(basic training for the US navy and secondary) So as i said Welcome back
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