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    Roll Call

    {rp} GCV-Rosetta on standby {rp/}
  2. I know about the schools in the NW Race, cause i'm in one!!! Even after student protest and rallies about the schools being cut, even after the kids spread the word to people that this would save the kids from missing 9 more days compared to the 15 we already have. We have no spring sports and the school grounds and buildings are deplorable. But yet parents want this program and that program regardless of the cost. When Oregon legislature chickened out and made the taxe measure a vote instead of doing themselves (and i curse every coward in that lesislature)it failed so instead of getting out on june 10th like we are supposed to they have to cut 24 days from our school year. All because rich mommy and daddy can send their son to a private school, and don't give a damn about everyone else. Oh in case you don't know Oregon already has the shortest school year in the country before the cuts.
  3. yeah at least with Cliton our econmy wasn't a bunch of crap. And as for the so called state of the union address i have one thing to say.... Gag me with a Ginsue, better yet, gag Bush
  4. let's see, Economic left/libertarian -2.62/-3.44
  5. looks to me like the gammulans got tired of getting their a$$ kicked. Why else would our fleet be so quiet? if you guys have any other ideas, let's hear them
  6. Well, I'm future military
  7. Anyone here that is in the military or is thinking about joining knows that you have to take the ASVAB test. Each service has it's own minimum sxcore requirement. The highest of these that I know of is the Air Force with 40. Well, when I recieved my results I hit the ceiling. I scored an 85!!!
  8. Holy sh*t, I had my speakers turned all the way up
  9. Glad I decided to save some money and buy RAINBOW SIX with the expansion instead of C&C: Renegade!
  10. Hey, take it easy for a while buddy. Come back as soon as you can. Which reminds me... I need to be excused from fleet ops until after this summer. I LOST MY JOB. I'm trying to find another till I go to boot this summer, but it doesn't look like that's gonna happen.
  11. Were all with you and your daughter in spirit.
  12. J.Smith

    Tell me?

    Hey, Dreada, could you help me with my sig. Also is there anyway to reset my status on my old login name. "I just hate being busted from a Commander to an Ensign!"
  13. J.Smith

    Tell me?

    What's been going on! Sorry that I can't keep in touch that much, but between work, school, The NAVY, and my Girlfriend, I don't have that much time to check up on the BC site.
  14. J.Smith


    hi to the new members, by the way, my color guard squad won 2nd place at our county drill meet.
  15. Awaiting Verification..............
  16. J.Smith


    I say string him from the rafters
  17. As for your question on manditory enlistment ... I think it is great that people in the U.S. have a choice, that way we don't waste money on someone who we know is going to be there only two years. Even thought we don't have the draft any more, we still have a large military(Air force around 200,000 active duty). Anyway I think Russia still has the draft, and China too.
  18. J.Smith


    What's up what's up what's up
  19. Nothin much just trying to get out of high school and stay on top of everything
  20. testing my new sig. Also what thing to do to a guy bust him from a cmdr. to an ensign. LOL
  21. Ha, ha, ha Very funny Dreada. Anyway it's good to be back. Heh Tac drop me a line when you can.
  22. I here by re-submit my application to the Wraith fleet, on the basis that my former loggin was delete due to a non server e-mail(yahoo) But now I am with AOL. I am former Cmdr. J. Smith
  23. Hey guys, I'm baaack. My father just signed us up on aol. So J.Smith's back in the race. Nice pick Tac.
  24. I'm here(when I can get free).
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