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  1. J.Smith

    Guess who's back

    well as I said i'll check in when i doesn't hurt my wallet too much. .10 a minute for a net connection till i get the line in my room. But first i gotta get a computer of my own.
  2. J.Smith

    Requesting 4 month leave

    This is my last post until i return from Basic training. I'll see you guys out there in MP so when you see the Rosetta give a little salute
  3. J.Smith

    Requesting 4 month leave

    Hey, well it's that time people. I'm leaving for basic in three weeks. So i decided to get this out of the way right now: [rp] From: Ens. Jesse Smith GCV Rosetta TO: SCmdr. Tac Wraith Fleet Commander This communication is to inform you of my request for training leave. Will return in 4 months time from the date of scheduled departure of June 12th 2003. RSVP. [rp/]
  4. J.Smith

    Wraith Roster

    hey, i'll join in when i get back. I bought BCMG a couple of days ago. running BCMG 56k
  5. J.Smith

    Got Mine!

    I finally found a store that had a copy
  6. J.Smith

    Digital Cameras

    I have a slightly older one. A concord duoLCD only a 2x zoom and depending on what quality i choose i can get over a 100 pictures on a 128mb card, also does video, very small camera, only 1.3 mega pixel though. Also easy to download with USB.
  7. J.Smith

    Coming Home

    Welcome Back commander. Hey i guess if they put you back in rank and file you can take my spot. I'll be gone for awhile soon.(basic training for the US navy and secondary) So as i said Welcome back
  8. J.Smith

    Roll Call

    {rp} GCV-Rosetta on standby {rp/}
  9. J.Smith


    Anybody here familiar with custody cases, or domestic affairs. My mother is trying to keep me and my 14 yearold sister apart because i live with my dad and i need legal advice on how me and my dad should proceed
  10. J.Smith

    Military Letter (?)

    Done and i also say thanks although i am not overseas
  11. J.Smith

    State of the Union

    I know about the schools in the NW Race, cause i'm in one!!! Even after student protest and rallies about the schools being cut, even after the kids spread the word to people that this would save the kids from missing 9 more days compared to the 15 we already have. We have no spring sports and the school grounds and buildings are deplorable. But yet parents want this program and that program regardless of the cost. When Oregon legislature chickened out and made the taxe measure a vote instead of doing themselves (and i curse every coward in that lesislature)it failed so instead of getting out on june 10th like we are supposed to they have to cut 24 days from our school year. All because rich mommy and daddy can send their son to a private school, and don't give a damn about everyone else. Oh in case you don't know Oregon already has the shortest school year in the country before the cuts.
  12. J.Smith

    Super Bowl Madness

    O who do you think will win. Personally i say Tampa Bay. GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. J.Smith

    State of the Union

    yeah at least with Cliton our econmy wasn't a bunch of crap. And as for the so called state of the union address i have one thing to say.... Gag me with a Ginsue, better yet, gag Bush
  14. J.Smith

    Simply bizarre

    That's just plain wrong
  15. J.Smith

    AC130 gunship strike in Afghanistan

    As the great general Paton said, "No basterd ever won a war by dying for his country. He won by shoting the other SOB and made him die for his country."
  16. J.Smith

    name, rank and service

    all right here we go again. I have another progect to do over population that has served, are serving, or want to serve in the military. so as the topic says sound off!!!! Jesse M Smith Seaman(active) United States Navy
  17. looks to me like the gammulans got tired of getting their a$$ kicked. Why else would our fleet be so quiet? if you guys have any other ideas, let's hear them
  18. J.Smith

    name, rank and service

    all countries are welcome
  19. J.Smith

    *bawls* Annex us already!

    Yes reservist recieve the same training, but active pilots have flights and training every day, while reservist only trains 2 days a month. That's a big differance over a 2 year period. I'm in the US navy by the way. And simulations can not account for actual battle experiance. And everyone is talking about procedures, as i said reservist don't have the flight time of active pilots, and take into account the fact that you are going at least 200mph you don't have a lot of time to decide what to do
  20. J.Smith

    What's your political orientation?

    let's see, Economic left/libertarian -2.62/-3.44
  21. neither party is what our founding fathers wanted! Our founding fathers did not want political parties in the first place. So if you really think about it our entire political system is against what our founding fathers wanted.
  22. I really hate politics so i'm just gonna leave this. From all the studies that i have seen and from my own personal experiance, that America usually comes out the worst for wear when republicans are in control, don't get me wrong most of our military is republican, (i am one of the exceptions to that)almost evertime we have a republican in office we have some sort of conflict. You can praise the GOP all you want, but don't try and pull me along
  23. *slouches and thinks* geez i'm surrounded by a bunch of trigger happy lunatics. Anyone can plainly see that the rebulicans stand the most to lose. If the economy and governmet is still messed up after their few years that they control all, they can't blame the democrats anymore. If anything goes wrong, it is their fault, and thiers alone. How many seats do you think they will win then?
  24. J.Smith

    Former military?

    Well, I'm future military