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    The Great Post your Picuture of your Woman/Man Thread

    Hey anyone want's a picture of me, just ask and I'll e-mail it to ya.
  2. J.Smith

    B5 Sunday sunday sunday!

    I'm with you XenoZohar
  3. *looks around and says quietly* These people have been fighting each other since biblical times. What in the wolrd makes people think that peace will come in a few years. I belive that fighting each other is a major part of their culture. And the only way to change that is to change their culture. Which if possible will take much longer that two or three years.
  4. J.Smith

    I keep hearing...

    I keep hearing that Blizzard Entertainment is going to develope a Starcraft II. Has anyone else heard this rumor. I went to their web site, and I don't see anything about it, so I think it is just a rumor.
  5. Anyone here that is in the military or is thinking about joining knows that you have to take the ASVAB test. Each service has it's own minimum sxcore requirement. The highest of these that I know of is the Air Force with 40. Well, when I recieved my results I hit the ceiling. I scored an 85!!!
  6. J.Smith

    Can you believe this!!!!

    Ok, about three months ago my grandfather bought an OLD 87 FORD F-150. It looked like it was in ghood shape, but needed a cylinder head reworked. So intead we bought a rebuilt engine(it cost less than the cylinder head). We had it installed and got it back monday. Tuesday night the truck was stolen nowq that's what I call badddd luck.
  7. J.Smith

    Can you believe this!!!!

    They probably just wanted it's engine. The one that was stolen had a 5.8L fuel-injected V8. The old ford's are pretty tough trucks. One that we sold to a friend still runs like new and it was an 84.
  8. I just got my PC gamer(US edition.) This is the lowest score I've ever seen them give a game. The game is called DEMONWORLD:Dark Armies. it recieved a score of 17% By the way, they gave C&C renegade a 79%
  9. J.Smith

    Predictions for the year 2035

  10. J.Smith

    Wanna see something really scaring?

    Holy sh*t, I had my speakers turned all the way up
  11. J.Smith

    Anyone remember...?

    *Sir, the hull temperature around the conference room is at 200 degrees Celsius and rising !! *
  12. J.Smith

    C&C Renegade

    Glad I decided to save some money and buy RAINBOW SIX with the expansion instead of C&C: Renegade!
  13. J.Smith

    Anyone remember...?

    I'm gonna stay outta this one. *feels the whole room starring as he leaves*
  14. J.Smith

    I found this funny...

    No offense to any fomer or active marines out there, but an army recruiter was talking to my JROTC class the other day. He found out that my friend plans to go to the marines, so he said: "let me tell you something about Marines. marines are like bananas, the start green, turn yellow and die in bunches!! " Anyway the whole class started laughing, does anybody else find this funny, or have one to share of their own, no matter what service?
  15. You guys are crazy . But as for me, I have no preferance, if I like the sound of it, I'm gonna listen to it. Plus I make my own sometimes with my b flat TRUMPET
  16. J.Smith

    A bad time....

    I'm going throught a very tough time right now. My step mother has larengitist. My grandmother is sick from her dialisis treatments, and right now, my girlfriend has the flu. So if you could keep you in your prayers I would greatly appreciate it.
  17. J.Smith

    CANADA 5-2!!! YEAH!!!!!

    I'm a patriot, but I'll stay out of this topic.
  18. J.Smith

    Requesting extended leave

    Hey, take it easy for a while buddy. Come back as soon as you can. Which reminds me... I need to be excused from fleet ops until after this summer. I LOST MY JOB. I'm trying to find another till I go to boot this summer, but it doesn't look like that's gonna happen.
  19. ROTFLMAO! I feel sorry for the poor sap in charge of the whole thing. [rp] Capt: Sgt, how in the world did you end up on a Spanish beach? Sgt: I don't know sir, ask the lieutenant. I was just following orders. Capt: Well lieutenant? Lt: This line here on the map clearly shows the Spanish border 20 miles away. Capt: Let me see that. Lieutenant, that's not a map line, that's a coffee stain. Lt: Uh-0h, I'm gonna loose my bars for this. [/rp]
  20. J.Smith

    Oban.. family emergency out of wargame.

    that's great.
  21. J.Smith

    Oban.. family emergency out of wargame.

    Were all with you and your daughter in spirit.
  22. J.Smith

    Help science, go here

    [rp] "Hey, what's wrong with rap, I like rap " [rp/]
  23. J.Smith

    Tell me?

    What's been going on! Sorry that I can't keep in touch that much, but between work, school, The NAVY, and my Girlfriend, I don't have that much time to check up on the BC site.
  24. J.Smith

    Tell me?

    Hey, Dreada, could you help me with my sig. Also is there anyway to reset my status on my old login name. "I just hate being busted from a Commander to an Ensign!"
  25. J.Smith

    Advice needed and wanted

    Ok Here's the situation, As you know I plan to join the Navy after I graduate, and that I'm going to enlist next month. But, here my problem, if I sign a contract I can go to my basic training when I get out of school for the summer, but should I go now or wait till I graduate from school to complete my basic training and then go to ATI. Because if I go to basic this summer, I'll have to wait a year before ATI. Thanks in advance.