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  1. *looks around and says quietly*

    These people have been fighting each other since biblical times. What in the wolrd makes people think that peace will come in a few years. I belive that fighting each other is a major part of their culture. And the only way to change that is to change their culture. Which if possible will take much longer that two or three years.

  2. Anyone here that is in the military or is thinking about joining knows that you have to take the ASVAB test.

    Each service has it's own minimum sxcore requirement. The highest of these that I know of is the Air Force with 40.

    Well, when I recieved my results I hit the ceiling. I scored an 85!!!

  3. Ok,

    about three months ago my grandfather bought an OLD 87 FORD F-150. It looked like it was in ghood shape, but needed a cylinder head reworked. So intead we bought a rebuilt engine(it cost less than the cylinder head). We had it installed and got it back monday. Tuesday night the truck was stolen

    nowq that's what I call badddd luck.

  4. No offense to any fomer or active marines out there, but an army recruiter was talking to my JROTC class the other day. He found out that my friend plans to go to the marines, so he said:

    "let me tell you something about Marines. marines are like bananas, the start green, turn yellow and die in bunches!! "

    Anyway the whole class started laughing, does anybody else find this funny, or have one to share of their own, no matter what service?


    I feel sorry for the poor sap in charge of the whole thing.


    Capt: Sgt, how in the world did you end up on a Spanish beach?

    Sgt: I don't know sir, ask the lieutenant. I was just following orders.

    Capt: Well lieutenant?

    Lt: This line here on the map clearly shows the Spanish border 20 miles away.

    Capt: Let me see that. Lieutenant, that's not a map line, that's a coffee stain.

    Lt: Uh-0h, I'm gonna loose my bars for this.


  6. Ok Here's the situation,

    As you know I plan to join the Navy after I graduate, and that I'm going to enlist next month.

    But, here my problem, if I sign a contract I can go to my basic training when I get out of school for the summer, but should I go now or wait till I graduate from school to complete my basic training and then go to ATI. Because if I go to basic this summer, I'll have to wait a year before ATI.

    Thanks in advance.