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  1. quote:Originally posted by Grizzle: Let's just be honest about original intent and what is feasible in modern society. If the government chose to come down on the public, no amount of arms would be a defense. Your handgun or rifle is no match for military hardware. So while the intent of the right to bear arms is true and should be upheld, it would not make much of a difference if the government chooses to defend itself against a public uprising with the full brunt of our own armed forces. To keep on topic, a delayed response to an earlier post that does not seem to have been explicitly stated. In combination with the previously stated point that people in the military would have to make personal choices of what to do, here's some more food for thought: Yes, if the government turned on the people, they would have tanks and planes and lots of equipment that the "right to bear arms" does not give the common citizen. Don't forget, however, that a country populated by no one to work, which is what would probably happen if the government indiscriminately attacked people, would be a poor country to govern (there would be no production and no food) Therefore, the government could not just kill random civilians till they knew they were a threat (think terrorism). Additionally, people still need to get into and out of those tanks, and planes, and to control the UAVs. Guns can be concealed. Bullets can kill those people effectively. Thus, owning guns would still help out a whole lot in the very unlikely and remote chance that our government ever tried to turn against us.
  2. quote:Originally posted by Dambreville: quote: Never, there is no such thing as too much money. If you think you have too much money load up on OTS's and use them then you will be poor again and need more money its a vicious cycle. Exactly! OTS weapons are great fun but expensive. If there are hostile mbases left, then you have not used enough OTS weapons All you need is one RANDOM for every planet in the universe.
  3. I haven't played MP yet due to some technicaly difficulties, but wouldn't it have been interesting (if it's even possible...i think it says it's not though in the manual :-(...anyone try?) if he ended up stealing your Megaron. That would be funny, left on the planet with a shuttle while he takes your CC.
  4. Well, you can always try what i'm trying right now. Which is, you capture a station or two in Gammulan territory, use fleet C&C to launch a total of about 4-6 super carriers, 2-4 heavy carriers, about 16 cruisers, and 40-80 fighters all escorting you then just plow through all opposition.
  5. I was on debate during high school a few years ago. On the Aff you'll probably want to argue that more money should be given to peacekeeping operations (one case will PROBABLY be give control of Iraq to UN) and that it'll stop terrorism, extremism, increase global cooperation, etc. On the Neg you'll want to argue (and it's true, probably be a lot more literature on it...neg biased topic) that the UN is inefficient, unhelpful, weak, lack of will, impossible to get consensus to do action, lost in buerocrocy, and as Jag says, a good counterplan position would be to give it all over to a new US lead organization. You may want to do an Inherency position, but I doubt your coach would approve of it...more of a niche thing for me. Your Varsity debaters will come back from debate camp next year with a lot of cases, evidence, and positions for you. Any information given on these boards may be helpful to your personal knowledge and to develop arguements/positions/negs/blocks, but most of it won't come in handy inside an actual round. FYI for people who don't know about policy high school debate: It's an activity that requires much evidence and research, with many winning positions being counterintuitive and/or liberal. There are Kritiks of thinking and language (aka, the entire topic above is turned into an argument about whether or not the way we speak inside the round causes atrocities in the world), and much speed reading.
  6. quote:Originally posted by almostpilot: About KB : Are There battles between ships ? and internal damages like panel explosions or other ? I┬┤d like to see a transpoter room shot (if this exists of course) Sorry for the distant time reply... But yeah, I would like to see that, but I can think of an obvious problem. You're running through your ship, in a firefight with an intruder. He runs out of ammo, you finally have him....and then the bulkhead next to you gets blown apart by a ship from outside and you get sucked into space, or your ship shakes and you lose your bead and the intruder bolts. Hmm....
  7. Hey, don't get mad at the game developers for aiming at Teen ratings. All of us on here know that if developers left in the realism and gore, then parents wouldn't let their children under the age of 17 have them. After all, if teens see lots of violence and gunfights in computer games, they are going to go out and shoot people with guns. After all, it's not the parent's fault if the kid is psychotic.
  8. I'm really sorry, but I just got back to the forums after being gone for awhile and just now buying UC. I'm looking for the patch, I logged into the registration pages, updated my profile with the information for Universal Combat, and clicked on all the selections I could within the registration page and I can't find the patch download area. What i've been clicking, from the forum screen: Register Here---->Login---(I Login)--->Then I see 7 clickable options from top to bottom: 3000AD Registration, LOG OUT, View public profile, Forum, Update your information, UC multiplayer servers info, log out. None of those options take me to anything to download the file. When I go to file downloads and click on the file from the main bc3000ad.com website, it takes me to the login page for registering. What am I doing wrong?
  9. I'm playing it on my laptop cause my video card on my computer is dying and i'm waiting for the new nVidia card to come out. So I thought it would be horrible playing on a touchpad... I was wrong. UC's graphics are awesome, the FP is fun, the music gets slightly annoying after awhile, but i'll end up liking it. This is great SC, keep it up.
  10. He already has Mayhems on the Megaron. He's getting rid of two of the Mayhems, replacing em with two CABs. He's replacing the Zenstars with Vandals and the Starfighters with Auroras, which I THINK is a power upgrade...but i'm not sure, somenone confirm for me. And he's getting rid of the mk2 shuttles and making em mk1s. If i'm reading it right? And Megarons ARE the best.
  11. Im here. Im back. Again. Nice website.
  12. I got the first version in the US...I still remember trying for weeks to be able to actually use, control, or send ATVs or marines. Stupid Take2.... But all is good now! I got that silver box too.
  13. quote:Originally posted by Private Cyberoket: I'm in a Super cruiser and I use missiles up close for fighters and Lasers for anything else, easy. After capturing a Valkerie Star Station I loged out and was greeted with (no joke) at least 20+ enemy fighters, and with my Hyperdrive at bout 70% I couldn't highlail it out of there, so I had to stay and Fight. After probly half hour I droped "Every last MotherF.... one of them" Pardon my Pulp Fiction French. Last time that happened to me (20 fighters), I jumped as soon as my shields got breached and spent 2 hours or so landed on some rock near Obsidia getting repaired.
  14. I'm here, running normal BCM, going to get BCG sometime soon. Sorry I haven't been posting on the boards lately, life got busy.
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