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  1. D**n!!! I've been compared to [email protected]?!! On second look though, SC, you're right: I was sorta out in the weeds there. I wasn't going out and trying to find crazy stuff to do. I spend 99% of my time on the CC and figured that I was missing alot of the game. So I was playing an IA scenario as an MI and getting my tail kicked. I saw the MFB on the map and figured, hey, at least it's got more armor than I do. So I jumped in to it and tried to shoot the incoming enemy marines with the turrets. I found I could rotate the turrets but not fire them. So I switched to plan B. Plan B was hit them with the vehicle. One of the little buggers grabbed onto the underside and rode around with me until I stopped and got out to shoot him off. That's about when he shot me first Lesson learned: Andy should stay in his CC where it's safe. Anyway, I wasn't trying to nit pick. Just curious. Andy P.
  2. darn, My post is badly named. It should be "unable to damage personnel with vehicles" "wtf is a Mobile Command Center?" double darn, wrong game. Mobile Command Center = Andy talk for what the manual and everybody else calls a "Mobile Forward Base". I'm having trouble just damaging the enemy marines by hitting them with the Mobile Forward Base (MFB). I've tried it on 10 different enemy marines, at speeds from 5 to 25. On one occasion I saw the guy's TTD armor indicator go from 100 to 70. The rest of the time the enemy marine either passed through the graphic of the mobile forward base or grabbed onto the top, side or bottom! (Which was a big surprise when I got out and tried to find the annoying red dot that kept following me every where). So my question now is: should I be having this much trouble damaging enemy marines with a MFB?
  3. I don't seem able to run hostile marines over over with the mobile command center. The VCF says that collision detect is disabled for flocks and trees. Is it also disabled for marines? Andy P. wtf is a Mobile Command Center? [ 06-06-2004, 08:28 AM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  4. So I *CAN* get hit with an STO!!!! WOOO HOOO!!!! I'm gonna go try it out! Later all!
  5. SC, I read in the VCF some time ago that the STO's are going to get re-enabled. Do you still intend to do that on UC or is that a next-game sort of thing? Andy
  6. Feld

    Has anyone done this?

    Speaking of STO's...(my favorite topic I did the same staring from ~100 km that Darkreaver1980 did and still never got drilled by and STO. Are they disabled in this rev?
  7. Feld

    UC appendices in printable PDF format

    The VCF mentions an updated EP.HTML file. But I don't see it on the downloads page. Have I missed it's location somehow? In Confusion, Andy P. [ 03-11-2004, 04:08 PM: Message edited by: Andrew Presby ]
  8. Feld

    New Products Announcement

    SC, Sounds great! I must admit as one of your "niche hard core" fans that news I'm most excited about is the chance at another Battlecruiser title about the time I get my next payraise to support it. But I may need to buy an Xbox in the meantime to play KB Questions: 1. Do you plan to enable the gunship turret weapon positions in UCE2E? 2. Will taking out base power, sensor and comms buildings have an effect on taking the base? For instance, if a crack team of EFM manages to knock out the EWR, does that affect how far away the base will see incoming aircraft and launch fighters? Do you plan to have knocking out the nuclear and solar power systems affect the way the base works? Andy P.
  9. So I got back from three weeks of business travel shaking from UC withdrawl. 1st thing I did, grab the latest patches, jump in to my trusty Aestrom and try to get shot by an STO. Here's what I did: I HJ'd to the moon, sat over an insurgent base and eyeballed a (very red) enemy STO emplacement for 5 minutes without getting shot when I was between 50 and 100 km from the "moon" object in the space region. Question for Someone-In-The-Know: Is this part of the "ground units shooting at air/space craft was disabled to please those Dreamcatcher yahoos who thought UC was just an action game and I'll get around to increasing their fire in a later patch" thing? Thanks, Andy P.
  10. Feld

    starfleet command 3

    Anyone know where I can buy a copy?
  11. Has anyone been hit by an STO and can they relate to me the circumstances of aforesaid hit? What got me thinking about this was pulling my favorite "tactic" (actually just overkill) of bringing the CC into atmo and destroying base objects from a great distance using the main guns. This worked very well for me in BCMG with my cruiser. When I did it in UC earlier this week it occurred to me that at that moment I was sitting within radar and visual tracking range of two STO batteries. And well within their missile targetting parameters. Yet I did not get hit with an STO. I am now seperated from my game machine for two weeks of work related travel and was thinking about the situation. Hence my question above. Anybody? [ 02-24-2004, 08:31 PM: Message edited by: Andrew Presby ]
  12. Feld

    Universal Combat - First Impressions

    SC I KNOW THAT MY COPY OF UC ISN'T REGISTERED YET, PLEASE DON'T DEACTIVATE ME!!! (I lost my copy of BCMG in a move, didn't replace it 'cause I knew UC was coming out and haven't been able to log into DB. I just informed [email protected] and hopefully will be "legal" shortly) OK, that said: first impressions Overall: A great improvement on games that I loved to begin with! Why? The game's pacing is just about perfect for me. When I say this understand that I have come to every BC title looking to "experience" of combined arms space combat from the combatant commander's viewpoint. Previous BC titles were good in this respect: I felt like I had a crew and a ship rather than a very large fighter with extremely powerful weapons. And Spare Parts! If amateurs study tactics and professionals study logistics then the BC's were definitely "professional" quality games because I spent a bunch of time in Logistix. But something about the pacing always bugged me. Maybe the HJ times were shorter for the big ships. Maybe the realspace speeds were higher. Maybe the fighter turnrates were too. I don't know exactly what combination of factors it was because I can't load up BCMG and play it for comparison for reasons which should be obvious. UC has removed that pacing gripe. I've been a naval officer since 1997 and UC's balance between inactivity and action has frequently reminded me of real world ops that I've been in or had related to me by fellow officers. Yeah, really. And I keep playing it. Which might be cause for a psych eval. That's my overall first impression. Andy P. [ 02-20-2004, 07:33 PM: Message edited by: Andrew Presby ]
  13. Feld

    How Do Ground Bases Work?

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: I had put in STO units into the design, back when I was going to put in a requirement to be in orbit in order to do any planetary ops. Since using OTS weapons are very powerful, the STO units were to be their counter. Since I never did get to implement orbital flight dynamics, I saw no need to implement the AI and tech for the STO units. They'd make base assaults a very interesting affair... Durn it!! If only I'd read the BCG features document I wouldn't have needed to ask that question...Sigh I cannot wait for BCG SC, did you know that, come about September (or, "when it's done") that two full system rebuilds will be to play your games? [ 04-24-2003, 06:42 PM: Message edited by: Andrew Presby ]
  14. Feld

    Learning and learning

    I remember reading something about the EMD becoming less effective if left on too long...
  15. Feld

    How Do Ground Bases Work?

    Roger that about the EWR, that makes more sense. PLEASE DISREGARD THIS POST, STO's DON'T WORK. THANKS TYRN My next bit of ground base confusion is how STOs work. The name indicates that they kill things in orbit. But the listed tracking and engagement ranges are very small on the space map's scale. And the max engagement altitude listed is 150000' =17.6 km which is nowhere near "orbit" (on Earth anyway...) I found this quote in the VCF which seems to indicate that the STO's can't attack air units on a planet anymore: quote:The Surface To Orbit, STO, units now have their own class. Previously used to use the Enemy Air Defense (EAD) class which caused them to attack air units within the planet. By way of a test I flew down to an insurgent base on earth and played with the centaur launcher. It never fired while I was within the stated missile launch envelope and it never tracked me inside the tracking envelope. There wasn't even a TWI for the Centaur on my HUD. Confusedly yours, Feld [ 04-24-2003, 06:28 PM: Message edited by: Andrew Presby ]