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  1. LOL, I have been known to spend all day just trying to decide wich ship, race, caste , and launch region I want to start with.
  2. Night Before Christmass Here it is enjoy....
  3. Hello friends old and new. It has been along while since my last post.... though I have been checking in from time to time to keep informed on the goings on. I have played many space sims over the last year or so....freelancer, eve online, X2....yet I found myself installing BCM a cpl of days ago...as none of theese even comes close. BCM was the game I always wanted...the one I would have made myself if I had the means. After playing for like 24 hours straight...I decided to head over hear and read the forums...then I found that UC is on the verge of being released. I have spent the last 2 days reading , looking at screen shots, and watching the videos. I must say...I look forward to it. In fact I cant wait to get it. The plant and wild life on the planets is a dream come true. and the stars at night...fantastic. Thank god I have BCM to keep me busey till UC gets here. off topic....I posted a night before christmas poem on this forum somewhere..I looked but could not find it...thought it would be fun to read it again...since it is the season and all..if I find it ill slip in a link in my next post. untill then..good day all, from an old battlecruiser fan
  4. I want to join the Gammulan fleet. Where do I sign
  5. Test post....been along time. Over a year I think. Computer died...but now I have a new one...just in time it seems . I must update my system profile....if I can remember how.
  6. You think thats good, just wait till next year. Im going to do a BCM Christmas carol cd With great hits like: All I want for Christmas is a MK3....and I saw mommy kissing Z'dan Nad
  7. Glad you like it, Im hoping maybe someone will try to out do me
  8. ooops thought I posted this in bcm fun stuff, sorry. Thank god it was not the tech support forum [ 12-23-2001: Message edited by: Barron Morris ]
  9. 'Twas the night before Christmas, and out on the rock, Not a creature was stirring, not even a cock. (Cock of the rock?) The crab mines were placed by the CC with care, In hopes that the enemy would fly around there. The Insurgents were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of OTS missiles danced in their heads. And with the crew in their 'kerchiefs, and I in my cap, We settled in for a short space nap. When down on the sub deck there arose such a clatter, I ran to the bridge to see what was the matter. Away to the view screen I flew like a flash, Punched a few buttons and broke out my stash. The camera on in my command craft, Gave me a nice view of both for and aft. When, what do I see? Is this a dream? But a miniature shuttle, and eight SF marines, With a little old Cmdr, so lively and quick, I knew in a moment it must be St. Prick. Faster than a Zenstar his orders they came, And he cursed and shouted and called them by name. "Marine 1, marine 2, marine 3 and 4, Get your arses up against the bulkhead and cover the door. Marine 5, marine 6, marine 7 and 8, Prepare for combat boys, we don't want to be late!" As space varmits that behind my thrusters do fry, When they meet with the heat, they burn up and die, So over to the air lock quietly they flew, With an arsenal of weapons, and a cutting torch too. And then, in a twinkling, I heard outside the craft, The sounds of a cutting torch, cutting the latch. As I sounded the alarm, and was turning around, The hatch did give way with a hideous sound. He was dressed in a space suit from his head to his feet, And his suit was all blackened from the torches high heat. A bundle of ZS10 rifles, he passed out to his crew, Then he held up a HD4SG and said "This ones for you." They ran through the ship, stealing our loot, Killing my crew, and taking their boots! They went to my galley, and took all the food, They even took Kara Moran, but I would have taken her too :-). As fast as they could, and even faster than before, They made their way to the shuttle deck, to shuttle craft 4. Old St. Prick laughed as he shouted with glee, "When shuttle 4's full, load 1, 2, and 3." When the shuttles were full, and ready to roll, They disabled our fighters, and hot-wired the launch control. He shot us the finger, and the finger once more, Then he jumped in shuttle 1 after opening the bay door. He sprang to his seat and to his crew gave a whistle, And away they all flew like a STS missile. But I heard him exclaim, before they jumped out of sight, "MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL, AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT!" [ 12-23-2001: Message edited by: Barron Morris ]
  10. Hi all, Just a quick note. I am hard at work on a new project. I call it the datatron computer. It is going to be a complete map of the universe, with clickable planets, moons, stations, and bases. It will also contain a wealth of other usefull info. I have just completed gathering screen shots of every planet and moon in the universe. Yep thats right, me or a probe have been to every planet and moon. At least I think I got them all. From the probe on Obsidia to the mysterious Stargazer, through the hole in New America to the moons of Midae I have traveled the stars far and wide. Watch this topic for more info. [ 12-23-2001: Message edited by: Barron Morris ]
  11. I joined the navy to support my new wife. We were together for 4 years before we got maried, when we got maried I felt that by joining the navy, I would be doing the best thing for us. Well I made it through boot camp and on to dc school in San Fran. About 2 weeks into school, I found my wife wanting a divorce, she just needed time she said, then a month later it was we need a divorce now. She said there was no one else but finaly admited to being pregnant and meeting someone else she had fallen in love with. I new before joining the strain the military can put on a relationship, but I was certain it would never happen to me. Well guess what, it did. So I guess what Im trying to convey is, I joined the military for the good of my family and it back fired on me. SO there I was in the navy no wife, and 3 1/2 years to go. I made it through it was hard...I would not go back and change a thing even if I could. I still cant help but think that if I had never had joined I might still be maried to the girl that I joined the military for in the first place. I could add some more info such as I never went looking to join the military to begin with. I was looking for good job, ran across add read something like this: WANTED fire fighters, free training, free relocation, benifits, travel, etc. No where in the add did it say anything about military. I called number and recruiter got me in for interview still not sying any thing about the military. When I got to the adress, I thought I was in the wrong place. Well once he had me there, he showed me some navy seal video and got me all fired up...2 days later I was swearing in the delayed entry program. I had 8 months to wait before I left. I spent them with my new wife. Well in 4 months I had changed my mind...I did not want to go...I talked with the recruiter and he basicly told me that there was no way I could get out (which later I found out was just plain old bs). So I went, My wife left me.I tried to get out of the navy to try to make things work out, but they did not let me out, and even if they did, There is probably nothing I could have done. At least thats what I tell myself, for I will never know for sure. Any who just something to ponder
  12. There is a billboard in the only Terran zone on Otura-6 in the Omega Centauri system. I tried doing an all out hostile take over of that zone last night, but thats a story for another thread.
  13. Looks good , could not find place to sign up though, what do I need to do?
  14. Due to recent events, I have decided I would like to join one of the established fleets. I was registered in the fleet data base as Valkerie military. As I have reviewed all fleets,and like them all, I am open to any new command. Im very active online spending 8 to 12 hrs a day or more. I like to role play, and Im no newbie to space sims in general and Ive loged over 36 hours in BCM developing general strats for every ship. I have not posted much on this forum, as that can lead to bad things. I love this game, and would like to be given a place where I can post freely, be among others who enjoy the game, and maybe develop some kind of role playing system until MP comes out. I would have decided on a fleet and requested to join via the normal routine, but the events today on the forum have sent me into a panic to find a home before its to late. I have posted my contact info in the contact info thread, I will be online all day. I will be glad to find a command, get some orders, and go back to what I like doing best..play the game...and leave the this forums fate to the SC and those he chooses are worthy of a say in the matter.
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