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  1. Is there a quick way to find out who is allied with who, who is neautral to who, etc...is it determined by race, caste, or both?
  2. I cant speak for every Valkerie out there, (if there is any more out there), But I can say the IR Valkerie are backing you Gammulans 100%.
  3. Ok SC, sorry, not trying to be pain.
  4. can you land and luanch shuttles from tac ops with no problems?
  5. well im having problem sc cant reproduce, not sure what os or os's he tried it on , but Im going to get to the bottom of it. Im not the only one who has reproduced it, so im going to research the profiles and look for common info. Any one interested in helping out could also try to reproduce it. See Try This in BCM general dis. It does not seem to be problem with game, as not everyone has the issue.
  6. SC, Could you please look into this, I have posted about it in numerous places on the forum, and I have read the VCF and do not see it mentioned. If you tell me its not a bug I swear I will speak of it no more. Take any crusier or carier down to planet, land, turn of engine. Go to tack ops and launch shuttle. The result here is it goes to bridge view, with graphic glitch after shuttle is luanched, and I can not return to tac ops untill it is recovered. Sometimes it takes launching a second shuttle but it always happens. I can reproduce it every time, with rc9. Also, I have talked with others who have reproduced it as well.
  7. What OS does BCM run best on?? I had it on win2k know its on winxp, I think I was having less trouble with the game in win2k(and yes I changed all drivers when I switched). Any way just wondering, Im considering going back to win2k to see if it fixes a few glitches and was wondering if anyone else has tried the game accross multiple platforms and what they found.
  8. When I sleep, I normaly park on planet, (somewhere secluded) Shut the engines down, lower the shields, and put out the drones. I also take most crew off duty. Just make sure you got around 1000 radine before you attempt this, or you will not be a happy camper come the next day
  9. Manual page 31 twards the bottom [ 12-10-2001: Message edited by: Barron Morris ]
  10. for now, ill just make sure I launch no shuttles while on the ground...however I have yet to try launching shuttles then landing and then going to tac ops...I have no idea what the results will be.
  11. To me it is about the game play. I go through games like no bodys bussiness. Most games dont last a day play time untill they go to that great cd grave yard in the closet. The graphics in BCM are the best I have come accross in any game of it size and caliber. I am obsessed with this game, and all of its present and future features. I have had it in the drive since I got it, and have no intention of removing it any time soon . It has already becomen the most played game of 2001. At least at my house .
  12. thanks. I think they look very well, for gifs I dont see why ppl say bad things about the graphics either. I had, and sill have, that independence war2 game around here somewhere. I can honestly say I dont remember a single thing about the game. I played it for a total of 45 min I think. Played one time, and have not put it back in since. Might I also so say..I have every new title out in the last 3 months, yet I have done nothing but play BCM or read this forum for the last 2 weeks Truly an outstanding game.
  13. Hehe, I was reading a thread about a guy complaining about the fact that there were only terran pics for the crew in the game. Some one told him to get out of his craft and have a look and he would look very Gammulan. When I read it..I realized that I had never took a look at my self since I decided to be Valkerie. Might I say, I do look quite brutal.
  14. Gotacha Cmdr Nova...and yes you are corect, I never did find rc8. I said it because I went from rc7(with out the tac ops prob) to rc9(with the tac ops prob). Im guessing what ever is causing it came from rc8 or rc9, due to the fact 1)as you said r9 contained all previous patches including rc8. 2)I was using rc7 with no problem, and after rc9, I had the problem. Thank you very much, both of you, for trying this, and posting the results. I have posted about it in tech support thread...and have got no reply. As you said..it can be worked around.. (ie)dont launch shuttles while sitting on the ground...fire up engines and climb to hover at 1000, then launch. So I guess thats what I will do. Maybe its not a bug. Maybe Your not suposed to launch shuttles from the command craft while on the surface of a planet. It would not be so bad if it just kicked you back to bridge view, but here it will not let me back in to tac ops once it starts happening, with out restarting the game.
  15. I did not have the problem till around rc8 but now I cant find the older patches , even the origanal 1.001 is gone. I hope others notice it it soon, its driving me crazy, I have posted about it in the proper threads.
  16. here is mine, lets see yours...... screen shots [ 12-10-2001: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  17. Hee, after trying this with just about every ship(with the same results) Im may have to try them all extensivley before making a final choice. The pictures in the apenndix are good, but they dont do some ships justice. There are many very nice looking craft.
  18. Could someone with a fresh install and the rc9 patch please try this and post results. So I know if it is an issue with my computer or not. Roam, any race any ship, land on any planet. Landing is imortant, must be on ground. Then go to tac ops and launch shuttle from there. When if it works lanch another, try all 4. When I do this after first or second one my tac ops computer starts freaking out. Droping back to bridge view, and doing all kinds of crazy stuff. Seems to only happen when launching shuttles from tac ops while on the ground. I have to restart game to get it working again.
  19. Im having a problem, Ive seen similar problems mentioned in other post so I thought I should post it. Here is what I do to recreate it. Start roam, Valkerie military,Nightstar, launch from Alidis/Otura-6. Land on planet. Go to tacops launch shuttle. When I click the lauch button it kicks me back to the bridge view as if I hit f1, however now I can also see the front half of my ship through the bridge viwer. click tac ops button once,front part of the ship disapears but no tac ops, hit it again and it lets me in. It will kick me out every time I lanch craft. With rc8 sometimes I had to leave the planet to get tac ops to let me in again. With rc9 it will let me in after I click the button two or three times, but will drop back to bridge view after launching craft, or sometimes for no reason at all. I did not have any of theese problems using rc2. I did reinstall and fresh patch to rc9, but still have the same problem. Also..when the first time I go into tac ops, My ship has a target locator box around it, but every time after that the locator box is gone. Althoug after reading the VCF I do believ that is what is suposed to happen. The problems with my tac ops seem to have started about the same time the target locator box around the command craft started disapearing. Im about to go back to the first official patch, untill I can find out what is going on. [ 12-09-2001: Message edited by: Barron Morris ]
  20. Does anyone think one day it will be possible to use gmax for creating modles for bcm? Ive used it with other games, its a lot like 3ds max.
  21. [rp] (broadcast to Cmdr Firo) "Cmdr Firo, we are on our way back from the Cyron system. We responded to a distress beacon from a Gammulan Storm carier. The carier was destroyed...Lord David bid us not to intervien. We are having some trouble with our hyper drive, and do not know when we will reach LV-184. Do not let us hold you up..we will contact you when our hyper drive is operational." "that is all, Barron out" [rp] ooc note: due to the recent game patches, lost game saves , and web site make over...Ill be lurking in the shadows for most of the day and maybe tomarow.
  22. it was my second choice...I forget why I picked Nightstar over it, but I had a reason...speed jump time storage fuel copacity...something like that...tough choice though..
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