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  1. Im not sure I understand what your saying...in tack ops if you move the view till your inside the ship you can see the inside?
  2. [rp] Taken from the ships log of the UCV-Mary J... 04/05/3010 1530 [condition green] We departed Otura-6 as planed, and have arived at the Alidis Station. Before seting course for Alidis, we took the Mary J on a short jump to the Otura-9 gate to fine tune the reactor. We have began to recieve transmisions from probe 1, and the data is being loged at this time. We decided not to leave the drones behind as intended, due to the high number of Gammulan Raiders in the sector. We are off loading cargo and taking on stores and expect to make a quick turnaround. Soon we will have enough credits to begin the first of many upgrades to our ship. Departing Otura-6 Ariving Alidis [ 12-03-2001: Message edited by: Barron Morris ]
  3. Well I have had the game for four days now..and was just thinking to my self how lucky I was to have no problems with the game..then BAMM two issues sprang up from no where. I Have surfed the board all day, and to my knowledge they are not covered. issue 1 (minor)- While on the surface of Otura-6, I viewed the Alpha Cygni system via probe1. I selected to observe the planet LV-105. I was able to view the planet..how ever all though the planet looked different the mission zones apeared to be the same as the ones on Otura-6(not sure if thats the way its suposed to be or not) also my command craft was displayed as being on this planet in the same area it is in on Otura-6. This is also the case with both moons in this sector. issue 2 (not so minor)-I decided to leav Otura-6 after a long day of mining. When I reach the altitude to leave the planet..and hit the o key it crashes hard. I have reproduced it three out of three tries. I have flown this same mission the day before with no problems..the only difference is this time I decided to leave my drones behind to continue mining. After I finish this post Im going to try collecting my drones to see if it makes a difference. Shots
  4. Nightstar rules [ 12-03-2001: Message edited by: Barron Morris ]
  5. Those names are great...I have to do more reasearch to see how the Droidan stand with the Valkerie...Maybe we could do some role playing sometime...
  6. I can not believe that I am still the only Valkerie on the forum...just look at the picture in the apendix..what more do you need...will I be known as The Lone Valkerie for ever? So..come on ppl.. buy the game... register the game.. and..come.. be..Valkerie Look at That Face [ 12-03-2001: Message edited by: Barron Morris ]
  7. ..When you get up to use the rest room in the middle of the night...and you have to stop off at the bridge to make sure your your reactor is still running...
  8. "Just wait until I put in the forests, vegetation and animals (land and see) in the XP1 add-on." man thats going to be fantastic
  9. [rp] Info..taken from the ships log of the UCV Mary J: 04/05/3010 1430 [condition green] We spent the night on Otura-6 agian last night. The mining drones are full and our night time fighter training is complete. We will be departing Otura-6 for the Alidis Station within the hour. We are curently off loading the cargo from the drones, we plan to leave them behind to continue mining in order to make mining operations more productive and more eficient. The probe we luanched yesterday has reached the Alpha Cygni system, and is in orbit around LV-105. We expect to begin recieving transmisions from the probe within the next few hours. We also heard briefly from Lord David this morning, his orders were to carry on as planed untill informed otherwise. The rest of the IR Valkerie Squadron should begin ariving soon. The crews morale is high and there AI's are geting higher as well. [rp] Screen Shot [ 12-03-2001: Message edited by: Barron Morris ] [ 12-03-2001: Message edited by: Barron Morris ]
  10. Pardon if this has been coverd... Is there any way to set the game time or game start time in BCM. For example 2 ppl wanted to sync up there time for role playing or multiplayer?
  11. Ahhh I also experienced this..especialy when launching shttles from command craft while on the surface of a planet. I have found higher AI cuts down on it...when it does happen..I found it best to just send shuttle to tow it in..and I normaly take the pilot off duty and assign a smarter one..most times this works...I just toss it up to some times things dont allways go as planed..and you just have to work around minor set backs the best you can.
  12. Has anyoned maped the floor plan of a Nightstar yet?..I tried to but It looks like its going to be harder than I thouht. Is there a technique for doing this in the perscan, or maybe a common layout that all ships use..? [ 12-03-2001: Message edited by: Barron Morris ]
  13. IR Valkerie [ 12-02-2001: Message edited by: Barron Morris ]
  14. [rp] info.... The UCV Mary J departed the Alidis Station as planed here is a portion of the ships log: 04/05/3010 0615 [condition green] We departed the Alidis Station and set course for Otura-6 as planed. We also deployed probe one and sent it to its first jump to Kruger it should be ariving at its destination in the Alpha Cygni system within the hour. Mining and training operations are underway. We arived at night fall planet time so mining is slow but we expect a good haul. We plan to be on Otura-6 for aprox 10 hours before we head back to the Alidis Station to cash in. The training is going well and the pilots are geting good...even the marines are deploying the drones from shuttles with pin point acuracy. One thing though..after entering the Oturan atmosphere, we started experiecncing strange burst of light all around the command craft..at first I thought we were under attack...so far we are none the worse for them..though Im keeping watchful eye.. [rp] Screen Shot [ 12-03-2001: Message edited by: Barron Morris ]
  15. i cant believ that works..although I voted for him
  16. [rp] "ahh Cmdr Firo tis good to hear from you. ....I ment Alpha Canis...not Alpha Centauri...!! wow good thing I did not go..I would not have lived to know you had made the error. We are departing for Otura-6 at 0600 as planed, due to the nature of our operations all comlinks will be down untill we are safley on the surface of Otura-6 and have established a secutity parimiter. If you speak with Lord David could you advise him of my intensions as all attempts to contact him have failed." "that is all...Barron out"
  17. Nightstar...I took long time to decide...but I like it
  18. [rp] Role play info... We have been docked at the Alidis Station for the last 4 hours..Cmdr Firo has not responded to our last broadcast and still no word from Lord David. I have discused it with my crew, and we have decided to decline Cmdr Firo's proposal to go to Alpha Centauri. Instead we will leave the Alidis Station at 0600 and set course for Otura-6 to continue mining and training operations. Along the way we will deploy deep space probes into the Alpha Cygni system to spy on the Falkerie. during our stay on Otura-6, My Tac officer and my self will be compiling a stratigic plan that involves the hostile take over of Falkerie assets in the Alpha Cygni system. [rp] Man this game rules [ 12-02-2001: Message edited by: Barron Morris ]
  19. Man your lucky...if I were to wear a WIZARD ROBE to a movie around here...I would probbly get my a** kicked.
  20. [rp] transmited to the GCV Weatherlight and the GCV - Tsunami... "HAHAHA if you Terran fools are looking for a fair fight you wont get it from we Valkerie. You will feel our pressence soon enough, and when you do get a look at us...it will be from the heads up display of your ships escape shuttle." "and in the words of me dear old granpapi,Govan Valkerie, put that in your pipe and smoke it" [rp]
  21. [rp] We have just returned to the Alidis Station, after performing what my chief enginer called a quick save,(he swore I would be thankfull that I did) and are waiting on Cmdr Firo to reciev our last broadcast. We are still on stand down and rotating a stand down crew. we are also considering sending mining drones back to Otura-6, but have not decided at this time...seems this sector is full of Gammulan Raiders that are not to fond of Valkerie Military. I thought the Gammulan Military were suposed to put a stop to that. [rp]
  22. not role play: Ok here is my problem..Im kinda new to the game..and also im role playing real time with the game..actualy im at the station now still on stand down as I post this message Alpha Centauri seems like quite the jurney..and I dont know if my crews ai is up to it...maybe I could like get orders to do some recon on the Alpha Cygni system to size up the Falkerie in pereperation for a Gammulan take over. anyway just a thought...but I dont think Ill make it to Aplha Centauri In one piece...at least not yet... [ 12-02-2001: Message edited by: Barron Morris ]
  23. reporting live from the Alidis Space Station.. I have managed to get BCM to run in window and keep the fourum browser open while i play...any one else do this? My ship is on full stand down at station and there energy is slowly returning to them...any way..just thought it was cool to be able to play and be on the forum at the same time...would be great for role playing.
  24. [rp] "Cmdr Firo, We spent the night on Otura-6 doing mining and training operations..we left Otura-6 at aprox 0045 space time, and set course for the Alidis Station. Sorry for not responding sooner but we were unable to confirm your transmition untill after we reached the station, some kind of solar activity. We are curently docked at the Alidis station selling of some cargo and taking on stores for the trip to the Alpha Centauri system. My crew is on a full stand down, but should be ready to depart and make the first jump in 4 hours. Still no word from Lord David." "Barron Out" [rp] for more detailed info check my ships log [ 12-02-2001: Message edited by: Barron Morris ] [ 12-02-2001: Message edited by: Barron Morris ]
  25. I feed mine frozen dinners...they love em
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