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  1. {rp} Incoming transmission "Commander Firo corect me if Im wrong..but you are hailing me from what apears to be a GALCOM GCV. Not to mention that course would put me right in the Terran Quadrant...and might I say not the safest place for a lone Valkerie squadron." "IS this some kind of trap?" "Barron out" {rp} [ 12-01-2001: Message edited by: Barron Morris ]
  2. [RP] (broadcast to all ships in the Gammulan Quadrant) ...This is Cmdr Barron of The IR Valkerie Squadron aboard the UCV MaryJ..we have just entered the Omega Centauri system and are seting course for Otura-6 in sector G2..As we still have heard no word from Lord David..we will set orbit around Otura-6 an begin mining and training operations untill instructed to do otherwise..that is all UCY MaryJ out. [RP]
  3. I know I saw it some where but for the life of me I cant find it again...how do you go about running bcm in a window?
  4. Well I set my Nightstar down on Otura6 for some mining..it was late so I decided to let the game run over night to build up some AI. but alas, when I got up this morn the crew was much smarter allright but it seems some dum commander gave the ship a halt order and killed the engines before going off duty well to make long story short...some time in the night we ran out of reactor fuel...life support sys down...half the crew dead and the other half were piled into shuttles and the rest in the shuttle bay...but they could not escape..seems that dum commander shut offf the power to launch sys as well... note to self...get more reactor fuel for over nighters [ 12-01-2001: Message edited by: Barron Morris ]
  5. Let me start with quick intro...my name is Barron Morris.Im 30 YO..from south Texas...near Courpus Christi..I have been a member of the forum for about 6 months or so, have not done much posting but done a hella lot of reading, more so in the last 2 weeks. The game is truly outstanding..it is what I always wanted.. thank you SC. I do not have a credit card..and there is no EB games around here that im aware of..so I had friend order it on his for any extra 20 bucks and had it overnighted on top of that. I know there are other ways of obtainng the game..and though tempted..after reading the SC's post on this forum every day for the last 2 weeks..the man does deserve his money for such fine work...to me the game is worth its weight in gold....thanks again SC for such outstanding work and dedication. Oh yea...Due to my profesion im online(broadband) 12 to 13 hours a day, so expect to see alot of me. Barron out
  6. OK ihave decided...I am Valkerie undiesignated militery...I would like a Nightstar class carier....also..is there any way to change your forum name..comander name...and ...regdatabase name...if possible I would like to change all of those names to Barron ...I joined ther forum 6 months or so ago..i think dont remember exact date...but now that I have the game my name realy does not sit well with my race.. [ 12-01-2001: Message edited by: Barron Morris ] [ 12-01-2001: Message edited by: Barron Morris ] [ 12-02-2001: Message edited by: Barron Morris ] [ 12-02-2001: Message edited by: Barron Morris ]
  7. Ok I have had the game installed for 4 hours and still have not started...hehe I cant decide on a ship..maybe some one could answer a cpl questions to help.. 1) Is it possible to replace a fighter on a carier with a dif type later on and if so could you replace a light fighter with say a heavy fighter... 2)Later on down the line will the Valkerie be able to choose the STORMCARRIER, since they are allied with the Gammulans?
  8. Ok I give up, I have the game and its registerd..can someone please tell me how to put a hyperlink in my signature so I can play the game....I can put the url in there but how do I link it to text ..ie sys profile info? also when i registered i thought it asked for my forum log in name which is dif from my forum displayed name...my sys stats page shows forum login name ...is this how its suposed to be...or should i have used my forum displayed name instead? [ 02-23-2002, 12:13: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  9. Barrongm


    could someone please help me make the sys info link thing...exactly what do i need to put in the sig box besides my id #?
  10. Hmm there is a color star map on the back of the card..I must of missunderstood I thought there was suposed to be poster size star map as well...
  11. Yes I recieved my game today , but suprise.. no star map...something I was realy looking forward too...then I remember reading a post about someone geting a store copy and I got to wondering..did the SC send star maps with those copys..maybe the place I orderd from is shiping store copys...not sure just curious...important thing is I got the game...but I remember the SC posted something about the store copys not being patchable or able to play online...so I hope the copy I got is normal retail with star map missing...that I can live with.
  12. Thank god its here at last...I got it I got it...at work now..but not for long...I have the game and 3 days off..its going to be ugly...going to register when I get home...cant wait...also it seems they left out my full size star map that I was realy looking forward too...is there a way to buy one or something...I realy wanted that map
  13. Hmmm Id like to see the same stuff...but for the valkarie...and like a what kinda ship do the Valkarie fly [ 11-29-2001: Message edited by: Barron Morris ]
  14. So what your saying is not anyone can form a squadron....im undesignated millitary...so that meens I can not form an independent squadron of my race?...no biggie...just curious..im sure the Gammulans would allow the me to join them..just thought it would be fun to get my local friends together convince them to buy BCM then make our on page and group and stuff...even if it was just squadron of another fleet...or an independent space based squadron with no allocated structures or assests in multiplayer of course [ 11-28-2001: Message edited by: Barron Morris ] [ 11-28-2001: Message edited by: Barron Morris ]
  15. Not quite sure where to post this...hope this is fine...Ive been reading the forum all day every day for a while now...here are a few questions maybe someone can clear up Are the Gammulans an official fleet? Are there ships that go with races that follow the role play and game story line...like what kind of ship would a Valkerie be flying? Also...it says in the fleet section that anyone may form a caste or race squadron that is non fleet related...so I could form up a squadron with a carier a few crusier and a transport or two with with no special permision? I just put in my order yesterday for the game...orderd 1 day air...hope it gets here soon..cant wait to see that map and read that manual...hope it gets here before this weekend
  16. Yes I too have this problem with shuttle deployment of marines..i thought it was just me :-)....is there a way to set the altitude of a way point...I think they are just juming to there death....
  17. Was the option to join as undeignated military always available..I dont remember seing it when I joined the fleet database as an explorer.
  18. Hello...just got forum aproval...I have a question..I signed up in the fleet data base..several months ago as an explorer.(before I realized the limitations on assests ( mainly ships and fire power)....any way game should be here any day now...and I was wondering...is there any way to change your caste once your already in the dats base...I want to go military...either Insurgent..or ISS.
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