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  1. Hmm how about this. To save all us fans heartburn and sleepless nights you post the demo, make sure it is working on all sites and then tell us it is up.
  2. I've not seen anyone talking about a Merchants guild. Since I am more a lover then a fighter is it possible to make a worth wild living just being a trader? Perhaps keeping one or two wings knee deep in supplies? Hell I can press a trigger and flame someone with the best of them but I would prefer slinging cargo for a living? I know this is a pretty opened game, just checking to see if my idea is a valid one. I can see it now (tilts head back against his head rest). Supplying raw materials to a particlular star base where they make a unique item with these raws. Buying the manufactured producted and winging my way across the Universe selling my wares Taking an order ffrom Delta Wing for 10,000 wizbangers to be delivered to their base I look forward to hearing your views on the subject.
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