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  1. quote:Originally posted by Grayfox: for all you limp bizquick fans (or non fans)... read this article and see what a totally unoriginal, rich boy, loser this punk Fred Durst is. i think when he wrote that song "my way or the highway" he was talkin about himself lol. More of Dursts infamyActually, it turns out a lot of the bad publicity around the tour was just put out by some of the band's detractors. The letter spread around to most major music news sources and websites was edited from its original content. I've read about it at four or five places already, but I'll try to find some links. Regardless, Limp Bizkit still sucks royally. Wes Borland has some talent, but the band is horrible. Generic music, unoriginal lyrics.. egh ugh bad taste in mouth. I think I'm one of the few people who actually think LB was always bad. Disturbed's cool, but give me Tool (or King Crimson if you want to go back a few years) any day.
  2. Dear god, SC. That's incredible. Holy sh!t. If you actually come through with this (which I'm sure you will) I think you'll have passed from developer to minor diety status.
  3. I've had the program for a while, but I just have to say... ...the subject of this topic had me laughing like crazy.
  4. Unfortunetly, this is basically true. Especially with EB. Be especially wary of boxes with bad shrink-wrap jobs (the plastic is loose or just generally looks like crap). That used to be an easy way to tell the returns from the fresh copies, but now they've taken to just taping the boxes back up. Another reason to be especially careful: This does not apply only to "I'm bored with it" or "I didn't like it" returns. From my (fairly short) experience working at EB they will take games that supposedly will not install/have damaged CDs and test them only to see if the CD will autoplay. They'd rarely even check to see if the game would install before sealing it back up and putting it back on the shelf. This is also their policy with console games.
  5. LMAO! Oh god, man. That was hilarious. Awesome.
  6. quote:Originally posted by Tyrn: As Tolkien pretty well was the father of the modern fantasy genre, no it's not surprising at all. Trivia question: What is the difference between a goblin and an orc? I didn't say it was surprising, I was just saying that the Balrog looked a lot like Diablo. Incredibly so, as a matter of fact. Honestly, it bothered me a bit. Diablo always seemed kind of cartoonish to me . Anyway, there isn't one. At least, not if you're referring to goblins and orcs in Tolkien's work. quote:If you know the history of orcs, you realize that they look right - the orc race was bred by Melkor in mockery of the elves using elves he captured and twisted. My problem was that Rankin and his blasted animated goblins in The Hobbit and his orcs in The Return of the King always pop up when I think of goblins or orcs. I do know the history (trust me, I'm obsessed with Tolkien ), but that doesn't change the fact that my preferred image of Orcs is similiar to the D&D fantasy style.
  7. quote:Originally posted by buckthesystem: my advice, read the novel before you see the movie, you'll appreciate it much more. I agree, but I think that's one of the good things about the movie. People who have never read the novel want to have a nice movie to enjoy, but for those who have read the novel you can appreciate some of the details that were there more and know that certain events happened even if they're not shown in the movie.
  8. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Yeah!! I wanna know too Massive loads of work kept me away from computer games in general (including BCM) for the past week and a few days. And I'm thinking the holidays are going to do the same. Anyway, the few days I actually had to spend with the 24/7 BCM game was awesome. Seriously, I'd recommend trying it to anyone who can. I almost feel like it's the way the game is meant to be played. Anyway, once this whole real life phase passes and I have at least 4 or 5 hours a day at home again I'm going to start it up. I also plan on making a website to show off screenshots from the game and link they together in a sort of story form. So stay tuned. EDIT: By the way, I was only able to keep it running for about 2 days (happy to report no crashes in that time period, though ) because I was too stupid to move all of my important work files from that computer's harddrive to the network drive. Now that I've done that and downloaded the latest patch I'm going to start the whole 24/7 BCM project up again sometime over christmas break. My goal is to keep it running for one week at the very least. [ 12-21-2001: Message edited by: Simparadox ]
  9. quote:Originally posted by Urza: The Orcs, the troll, ... all looked like they meant business. Definetly. Although, to be honest, the Orcs were a bit off from how I imagined them. I'm a AD&D/D&D player, so I have a slightly different vision of goblinoids. Same thing about the troll, a little different from how I would have pictured it. I guess I just have a less "disgusting, realistic" picture in my mind. Regardless, they looked awesome. I especially loved the fight in Moria near the grave. One of the coolest, most chaotic battle scenes I've seen in a long time (if ever). The way the fight raged on with the troll appearing every few seconds to fling a random orc across the room or nearly kill one of the Fellowship was just great. quote: that fire creature (can't remember what it's called) Balrog. By the way, did anyone else notice a strange resemblence between Balrog and Diablo (the Diablo from Diablo the game, that is)?
  10. Yes! I finally got to see LotR tonight. Almost missed it again, because even after we picked up tickets (an hour early - all showtimes for theaters around here seem to be packed) my friend insisted we go get something to eat while we wait. Of course, we had to go to the theater near his house and being the moron he is he doesn't know where anything is or how to get there. So we get lost and end up walking in about a minute before the previews ended. Talk about cutting it close Anyway... Oh. My. God. All I have to say is that I'm going back to see it tommorow with my girlfriend. Then I'm going back Saturday to see it again. If I can escape my relatives for long enough on Christmas Eve, I'll go see it again then . And then I'll spend the rest of my month long break seeing it on a daily basis. Yes, this is what I must do... Er, so I liked it. A whole lot. I have to be honest, though, Liv Tyler (did I get that right?) was horrible. She only had ten minutes of screentime, but they had to be the worst ten minutes I've ever been subjected to. Ever. Everything she said seemed out of place. The "accent" she used completely jarred me from the movie. And she overacted worse than anyone in any fantasy movie in history. Luckily, she's not around for too long. Elijah Woods (again, is that right?) was a lot better than I thought he'd be. It's hard to pull off the kind of lines you find in Lord of the Rings without sounding too cheesy, but everything comes off well. Everyone (except Liv Tyler ) did an amazing job. Oh, and the battles were great. Some of the best I've seen in any movie. Maybe it's just my movie theater's awesome sound system, but the entire movie seemed incredibly loud. Anyone else noticed this? To be honest, it really helped draw me in. Someone said they fell asleep during it (!!!!)? Try doing that where I saw it and two seconds later you'll be shocked awake by some deafeningly loud sound. Argh, sorry. I guess I'm ranting. I just can't stop talking about this movie. One of the best (if not THE best) movies I have ever seen, and I watch a lot of movies. Good acting, great story (well, d'uh), incredible effects, amazing battles, and a very epic feeling. It's the perfect movie - go see it.
  11. quote:Originally posted by Akira: hehe, a lot of the book was missing...(entire scenes... and the way that the hobbits got the swords was wrong...) but, they did a fair job of sticking to the general storyline. I just wish the pacing were a little better. Lot of eye candy. I'm hoping, like Empire Strikes Back, that LOTR:2 is better Really? A few friends of mine who are almost as obsessed with Tolkien as I am told me that it was pretty damn faithful. About the only thing they really noted was the absence of Tom Bombadil (er.. sp?) and the way all of the action sequences were stretched out. But that's to be expected, other than a few exceptions most "action" oriented areas in Lord of the Rings were generally short - most of Tolkien's writing was focused on the "epic" itself and the setting. But there's no way to get through a big fight scene quickly in a movie and still make it interesting and fun to watch.
  12. Argh, I have to wait until around 5:00 before I can see it. I was planning on catching a midnight show this morning (er... last night, whatever.), but I got into a (minor) accident on the way to the theater. And then I was supposed to go see it again this afternoon, but I had to take my grandparents somewhere - effectively killing any chance of making it on time. If anything stops me from seeing it tommorow I swear I'm going to kill somebody.
  13. That sucks, SC, but I guess I can understand where you're coming from. I haven't really been here long enough to make any kind of long or important speech... but I've enjoyed the time spent here (even if it was spent with you yelling at me ) and hoped to stick around for a while. Thanks for the incredible game and I guess I'll see you if you ever decide to reopen the forums. Later,
  14. I haven't been around here too long, but I've had fun in the discussions that I've been in and I really enjoyed my time here (and hoped to stick around for a long time). In case anyone needs to contact me... Primary email address: [email protected] Secondary: [email protected] AIM User ID: Lexuslord1 Also, if there's any interest in setting up a new community site please let me know. I do web development professionally and I can help with set-up of custom message boards, site design, user registries, or almost anything else you might need. Hope to see ya all soon,
  15. Great idea, if you ask me. It's about time we made the terrorists suffer instead of just killing them.
  16. Oh, man. Gotta love The Onion. I especially like this: quote:The Onion: "The noose is tightening," said Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar, gnawing on a dead horse's hoof. "With every Taliban soldier you capture or kill, your selection of enemies grows more limited. Our remaining soldiers, on the other hand, enjoy a virtually limitless array of Allied soldiers to shoot. Before long, it will be virtually impossible for you to find someone to engage on the field of battle. Then, victory will be ours."
  17. quote:Originally posted by Brian1: I noticed the download for RC9 is only available on Gamespy... which looks like a site that pays for the service by ads. With no disclaimer about using your email for sale to spam ads I am reluctant to use their service. Is there someplace 'safe' to download from? Can anyone confirm that Gamespy doesn't sell or spam email addresses themselves? BTW, to the Supreme Commander about a 'pasy' service... we did pay for the game already. We are just looking the files to make it work. And yes it is my business if purchasing your product 'might' lead (directly or indirectly) to misuse of my email. In case you guys haven't noticed a huge number of games have patches only available through fileplanet. Most people hate fileplanet. Personally, I think it sucks. But if it's the easiest way for game developers to host their patches then so be it. Deal with it. And TRescott, the last way you're going to get your way from anyone in life is not by going off on a semi-coherant rant. You're certainly not making a hero of yourself with that post, especially since you're no even following the most basic of rules put out on the forum. And besides, what would you do if some other game you loved did something you didn't like and you didn't have any forum to post on it. Learn to have some respect.
  18. quote:Originally posted by Soback: What are you going to do when you go to sleep? Probably land on a relatively safe planet. I was thinking about docking, but I want the game to actually continue in real-time for as long as I can. I've had it running since I made that post. Set up a new terran military roam game and I played it for a few hours. Overnight I landed on the moon while my drones did some work. I just left a few minutes ago and deployed probes to nearby systems, now I'm running a patrol around the Earth jump locations, Earth itself, Galcom HQ, etc. I have to say, it's been a pretty damn cool experience so far. I can play without actively seeking out a lot of trouble, since I only have to go over to the computer when something comes up. So far I've already foiled two Gam attacks just because I happened to be patrolling the area when they came in.
  19. quote:Originally posted by Gamaliel: Keep 'em coming guys. BTW Simparadox, why were you attacking a scientist starstation?!? What did my colleagues ever do to hurt you, hmm?? I guess my next question would be: What caste were you playing in those pictures? Just curious...Please don't kill me!! Gamaliel out. Raider. If it's red and within hyperjump distance, it's dead.
  20. Sorry for taking so long, Commander. I'd like to take command of a Questar class heavy cruiser, if possible. Thank you,
  21. ...okay, maybe not. I'm probably not the first person to try this, but I figured it might be fun. Before I get into explaining my plan I should say that I have about five computers in my room (and parts for a few more - so sue me, I'm a geek - I like being able to choose what OS I want to use on a daily basis ). The computer I use for work (web development) is a 1.4ghz Athlon with a Radeon 8500, but I've got a terrible HSF on the cpu and it tends to overheat when I run games on it for any prolonged period of time. Anyway, my new HSF came in the mail yesterday and I can keep it running intensive programs for almost 24 hours straight with no heat issues... ...once I realized this, I knew what I had to do. For the next week I'm going to keep a BCM game running on it 24/7 (Yes! Screw work! BCM forever!) and try to survive the entire time. I'll run actual system-wide patrols while I'm doing work or playing something on another computer, taking over the helm when a serious situation comes up. During repairs I can come back onto this computer and feed my BCM Forum addictions. Yes... for the next week I will live the game! Muahahahaha! I'll keep you all posted on how it goes... Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any serious trauma or depression brought on by the above glimpse into my pathetic life.
  22. Oh! Oh! My turn! First of all, sorry about not having these on a website yet. I'm just too lazy at the moment. I intend to put these into a narrated story eventually on a site that actually has a nice layout, but for now I'll just let you take a look. Note: These ARE NOT thumbnails so they're rather large (about 150kb each). I run in 1024x768, but I shrunk these down to 800x600 for smaller file size and then converted to jpeg. Kill Resnig - Hmm, think I'm a good enough shot to take just Resnig out? Victory! - Took me a while to get this shot, but I like it. This is sort of my victory claim after taking out a station... Noo! Run away! Run awwaaay! - This is during my assault on the station. Took a wrong turn and turrets started pounding me. Yeah, and that's for shooting at me! - Muahahahahaha! Die, station! Die! Muahahahahahaha! And finally... I was only going to post one of these, but I couldn't decide which one looked better. Both of these are seperate fighters, both ended up quite dead. That's what happens when you mess with me. That's right. Uh huh, yep. Gonna die - Lucky little b*stard only had to feel the pain from one of my turrets. Gonna die a whole lot - Muahahahahahahaha! Stupid fighter! Buahaha! EDIT: I have a few more cool ones, but I'm not going to bother posting them here. Tommorow I'm going to set up a "Stories of Battlecruiser Millennium" mini-site on my server and set up a graphical narrated story of Sirus and the GCV-Vagrant (ship pictured in all the shots above). I haven't actively set up any of the situations in this game, I've just taken screenshots when something interesting happens. To be honest, so many amazing things happen in BCM every game is practically begging to have a story told about it. [ 12-10-2001: Message edited by: Simparadox ]
  23. quote:Originally posted by dnoyeB!: Towing a ship depends on its weight is unrealistic in what respect? Sure, the acceleration should be affected and pulling one off the planet should be affected, but dragging one through space should not be affected by its weight. Only the acceleration should be affected, but not the top speed. Of course its less stable if you try to sidestep an asteroid with a massive ship in tow during warp I assume with a valid plotted course thats not an issie. The engine should only use fuel during acceleration or deceleration anyway. Once it reacehs speed, you should be able to switch it off and cruise. I assume that logic is handled by the computer. I hope It doesent burn fuel during normal travel though. [ 12-09-2001: Message edited by: dnoyeB! ] Except that BCM doesn't use a real-world Newtonian physics model!. Realistically, there should be no top speed (up until just under lightspeed) for ANY ship in the game, but there is. So if towing is going to be moved into the more "realistic" direction then the mass (not weight, big difference) obviously has to be a factor. And since the shuttle already has a top speed, that should be lowered as well.
  24. quote:Originally posted by Gamaliel: Those are pretty pictures, Barron. Well...except for the last one, LOL. I think I will keep a safe distance from Valkerie space from now on. And to think that the game reviewers say that this game doesn't have good graphics. I guess they need to play the game longer and see more of the universe. Gamaliel out. Yeah, I've gotta agree. When I first saw the graphics I wasn't incredibly impressed with them, but I think it has a lot to do with the expansiveness of the universe. There's a lot of emptiness out there and I think (when you first start playing) it dulls how good what is there looks. The ships look great and the scale is just so incredibly cool. I love looking at a (very nicely detailed) fighter, zooming out until it becomes a tiny speck to see (an also very nicely textured) my battlecruiser, and then zooming out even more to get a look at a space station. Honestly, I'd say planets and planet-side graphics are probably the weakest part of the engine. But no complaints there, just being able to go down to the planets is such a great feature that I could almost forgive any little problems with it.
  25. quote:Originally posted by Soback: LOL, and how would lazy people who can't support themselfs support each other? It could be an evil, sneaky trick to get them off welfare. You just have to hope they're smart enough to get a job when they realize they have to use the money the government gives them to pay for all of the other blood sucking leeches.
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