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  1. I did check it out SC. That's why I posted here. See the profile here: http://www.bluesnews.com/cgi-bin/board.pl?...21289&boardid=1 It really looked legit to me. I understand you point about making assumptions, and in this case, they were bad assumptions. I apologize for any false implications I have made about your character.
  2. SC, I was not trying to insult you. My post was not directed at you in such a manner. As far as being tricked by the imposter, that is my fault for not checking the reference, and for that I take responsability. I was hoping to encourage your endeavour while making a point. I though here would be an appropriate place because I wanted your thoughts, and on this board you don't have to deal with people flaming you, you can say what you want. That is why I wanted to post here. I wanted to get clarification on what exactly you were planning on doing. If an insult was felt againt you with regard to the manner of my stating my concerns then, Sir, I do apologize. Fractux.
  3. SC, regardless of the big debacle on this subject , I don't mind who gets the IP (better than it lying dormant or dead) as long as the final product is good. However, this pains me. From http://www.bluesnews.com quote: "[...] As for the mods, of course they HAVE NO RIGHT to exist and cut from the copyright holders profits. [...] " http://www.bluesnews.com/cgi-bin/board.pl?...&threadid=50097 -Post #190 I think that a big strength amongst FS are the user made campains and modifications. Allowing the ability to mods stimulate a lot of interest in games now adays, and to hopefully get people to see how fun Space Sim's are and maybe inject some more life back into the genre, I'd like to think as much interest should be stimulated as possible. I would beg you to reconsider on that one particular point. Much like you've allowed people to make their own campain scripts with the GBS to make their own missions, I would hope any future FS endeavour will be open to further modification as well. It would just make a great game even better. Alot can be done with FS3, and I think that you do have some very interesting ideas for it. Thanks for your time. Fractux.
  4. quote:Originally posted by Eclipse: You didn't miss anything, thats just how it is right now. Alright, good to know I'm not too near sighted yet Thanks for the response.
  5. One other question about vehicle turrent controll for anyone who has time to answer. I had jumped into a SAL (mobile), and I was wondering, after I press ALT to controll the turrent with my mouse I can controll and fire it just fine, but I can't aim the gun accurately as my view is only forward (i.e the turrent may be facing left, or up, but I can see where It's firing or aim it). I read through the docs, but I don't see a key. Did I miss anything? Thanks!
  6. Hey everyone. Just a quick question. I was playing around with the demo.(no, still haven't picked up a copy of UC yet) In the two IA scenarios where you're a marine and sniper, I was wondering if there was a way to turn off the red tag that appears in first person mode over an enemy. Because I'm playing in 800x600, and when an enemy is .3 - .4 clicks away, they are covered with the red bar, and it's sometimes a bit difficult to see where their body actually is. I looked through all the docs and didn't find a key or a toggle in the docs. Not a big deal, but just wondering. The FP combat has taken such a leap, I'm really enjoying it. Though, I've learned to keep a good distance between myself and my comrades who are both trigger happy and don't like authority figures... Cheers!
  7. I've had some Fin Du Monde, after the third one, the yeasty taste doesn't seem to bother me, but that's not because the taste grows on you I dunno, I'm not a real fan. Though, I never tried one in the glass they suggest to drink it in, so I can't say. Cheers!
  8. Boy, I don't know if I can name a favourite, it just seems to depend on how I'm feeling. I like Harp too, but I lean more to Smithwick's. I do like a Killkenny once in a while (it's been a while.. hmmm ). I'd have to say that I really like Sleemans Silver Creek Lager. Cheers!
  9. I'll tell you what happened to me last night and how I used missiles. I was engaged in a firefight with a Garid and a Nighstar (I think it was). Well, my fighters were out there, but I forgot to change the loadouts from CAP to intercept, so needless to say, my fighters were not having a good time. So while fighting the garid, I was lobbing some missiles at the fighters. When the garid was almost finished, I fired off a couple of missile in its direction, then a a few more to finish off the fighters, and then proceeded to focus on the carrier. So, I do use the missiles. But in some situations I don;t use them at all. I do agree that sometimes the IOD seems like a uber weapon, but remember, other ship use their IOD's against you too. Cost me some trips to the undertaker. Cheers!
  10. I haven't gotten around to picking up a copy of UC yet, but I finally got a new game of BCM going. I was looking around for a refresher and I stumbled upon this. BC "walkthrough" and info. This was put together in 2003, and while it covers BC3K, it has a ton of info that can get anyone who has just started playing up to speed. It goes into detailed info that some may find very helpfull. Anwyays, I can say that I was shocked that someone had taken the time to compile this document, and I see that many members here contributed to it. Anyways, It'd be another good resource to point anyone new to. Cheers!
  11. quote:Originally posted by Darkling: Confusing to say the least. Yeah I was doing a bit of research yesterday to finally clear up the whole labeling debacle going on with all of these cards, because one of my brother's clients was wanted a 9200. Check out some of these charts on TOMS ( I know some people don't trust the site, but the graphs are clear at least ) Toms VGA chart's III Cheers!
  12. I know none of this is an ideal situation, but with UC selling like hotcakes, maybe all the additional exposure will, in the end, do quite a bit of good. When people see the posibilities they can have in a game, they may crave for more. (And after reading you latest interview on HomeLan, here's hoping ) Cheers!
  13. I can't give you exact figures right now (as my brother deleted the logs about two days ago), but I can say with certainty that it hasn't gotten more than 60 downloads. A shame because eveyone should use these textures, as they really give it a nice look. Cheers! I'll rehash this again to make it clearer. To connect, you must set your FTP client to use PASSIVE MODE. NOTE: DISABLE MULTIPLE CONNECTIONS IN YOUR CLENT OR YOU WILL BE KICKED. THE SERVER HAS LIMITED CONNECTIONS IF YOU KEEP TRYING TO CONNECT REPEATEDLY YOU WILL BE BANNED TEMPORARILY FOR 300 SECONDS. Also note, since I have limited bandwidth available, there are currently only 2 slots for users, each with a maximum of 14.7 KB/s. --------------------------------------------- server: gaming.playnow.ca port: 6969 username: freespacer ---------------------------------------------
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