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  1. nice... thanks for sharing that, I needed a good chuckle. Cheers
  2. Will sign up after I get a copy of BCMG. Cheers
  3. chuckle.. I get it.. Nice to be back. I was recruited back in June into a new firm, the senior partner there had been after me for a couple of years, but the terms weren't to my liking. I liked calling my own shots and was never very good at ass kissing. However, he finally came around with an offer that I can live with. It's less of a logistical hassle than running my own show and I can now focus more on the things I do well. I Guess you can relate to that one. Long story short I had to wind down my old practice and get settled into the new digs. heh... thanks for noticing I was gone. Looks like it has been a satisfying year for you as well. Glad to see that you seem to be having fun again. Cheers
  4. Wow... I mean wow.... a guy goes away for awhile.. and blam...you go rename the game, start taking pre-orders and dammit look at all those purdy pictures ya dun gone and posted SC. Very well done...I'm looking forward to kicking the tires on this one. Cheers
  5. pretty busy with work, lots of corporate clients with year ends coming up. Too much snow up here but can't complain that much, yourself? BTW Great news about your son! I am glad to see your back Tyrn. You, Tac and Dreada seem to be the fleets "glue" guys. It has been a while since I have seen this much activity on the fleet board. Thanks for asking Cheers
  6. here as well, occasionally Cheers
  7. Perfectly wonderful news about your son Tyrn, welcome back. Cheers
  8. George R. R. Martin - excellent series best out there right now. The Best I have read since the first three books of the wheel of time by Jordan. Maybe will run second to Tolkein when he is done as one of my favourites. Another excellent one on the rise right now is Steven Erickson's - Tales of the Malazan Book of the Fallen, very very good. (Gardens of the Moon, Deadhouse Gates, Memories of Ice) Runs a close second to Martin. I just finished Jordan's latest. I was very very disappointed. Terry Goodkind is solid. David Farland has some innovative ideas. Tad Williams - Memory, Sorrow and Thorn was an exceptional series. Feist's first run( three books) was awesome (Riftwar Saga). Lots out there , Enjoy. Cheers
  9. Im still floating around here in and out, I am by far the newb of the group but figured I would check in. Cheers [ 12-24-2002, 11:24 AM: Message edited by: Oban ]
  10. Anything that lets you do what you enjoy most and still allows you to spend a little more time with your family is never a bad thing. Well done and best of luck. Cheers
  11. Well well, you must be quite the sweetalker their B., gettin the big fella to sign up and all. Welcome B. and Best of luck to both of you. You may both need it Feel free to enter any of the pseudo religious/political debates They need some new blood. Cheers [ 12-20-2002, 09:50 PM: Message edited by: Oban ]
  12. now now stop showing off I must say things are looking great.. Cheers
  13. Wow, go on vacation, get a little busy at work, play a little Morrowind, and then boom, miss a good old EP 5 crises. Probably a good thing I got a chunk taken out of my a** on the last one, right Blades I did take the time to read all the outtakes, if you will, and for what its worth I think it was well handled by all. Cheers
  14. Typically Canadian, we are so ridiculously and politically inept at times.... it just leaves me shaking my head. I am embarrassed. Cheers
  15. Paddy, If the police are truly interested in solving the crime they will get a list of employees from the owner, who had access to the vehicle on that date. They will also ask the employer to provide picture id's or else bring your sister around to various jobsites in unmarked vehicle to id the driver, assuming she can do so. It may not hurt to drive your sister down to the guys office and hand outside across the street and see if she can i.d. any of the employees going in or out. Don't just let them sit on this I would call every week or so to ask how they are proceeding. You could sue in civil court but would be limited due to the lack of actual physical injury to your sister and yes, unfortunately, it would cost you money to do so. As for the golf ball guy, thats a damn joke, you have to identify the balls as stolen before theft can be charged, you actually would have to identify the balls as coming from the lake and having been reported as stolen. They were never the property of the course, cripes this means we cannot even use "found" golf balls during a round as that would amount to conversion or possession of the proceeds of crime. Another case of a political appointee on the bench who has no grasp of the law or the ramifications of reckless decisions. I am glad your sister is okay. Cheers
  16. No offence taken at all Jaguar.. I knew what you were getting at. As for your mother, I think I'd like her, she sounds like a smart lady. I wish my mother had done the same thing somedays. Cheers
  17. I am very sorry to see you go Tyrn, you were one of the first guys who really helped me out here. Take good care of your son and the rest of your family. You will be missed. This is just a game. There is no greater responsibility nor a greater reward than family. Until you return, all my best sincerely
  18. quote:Originally posted by Jaguar: Come on guys, give me a break. ... blame the defense attorneys on this one. It was thier moronic defense that made this the ruling it was. If the gaming industry had hired REAL lawyers they would have won the case and we could get on with life. But since the defense lawyers are either MORONS or want more money because now they have to appeal is anyones guess. I hate lawyers, they are bloodsucking sharks who care nothing about anyone but thier own pockets. Most anyway!!Ouuch Jaguar.. that smarts.. Actually I agree with your assessment of their performance. They were most likely "in house counsel" which in our world means "oh my god dont make me go to court, I might piss myself". To go into a trial without understanding the industry you are representing and then neglecting to call a developer or two( or ten for that matter) as a witness is borderline negligent and tactically inexcusable. As we say, "those that can't either teach or go in house" . The chances of success on appeal are very high especially on what we would call a "fundamental rights issue"(at least in Canada). Appeal Courts are made up of a panel of judges, not just one crackpot, to protect against such ridiculous decisions. Lower Courts historically botch most attempts to "define" Amendment (or charter (Canada), rights. However you are also correct in that some.. ahem... practitioners like to milk such cases for higher profile "Appeal" court decisions, which also means higher fees and more press. This adds to our already less than stellar reputation and that really pisses me off. Hey guess what? This legal interlude was free of charge.. see we are not all bloodsuckers... at least not all the time. Cheers
  19. The Highlander ( original one) Conan the Barbarian Lord of the Rings (newest one) Wizards ( the cartoon movie) Dead Poet's Society Airplane Any Monty Python Movie Any Pink Panther Movie with Peter Sellers Heavy Metal (original) Raising Arizona The Godfather Apocalypse Now Fast Times at Ridgemont High Resevoir of Dogs Barbarella ( man she was hot back then) Spinal Tap Cheers
  20. Similar to what Antaren and Greg Miller said. 1) Some type of anti-fighter missle, much faster with light damage, ineffective against capital ships. 2) Some type of missle that aids in combating cloaked ships. Not that it would have to do any type of damage but maybe when it exploded it would give off some sort of illumination or reaction with the radiation emitted from a cloaked ship. The result would be to reveal any and all (even friendly ships, requiring careful more strategic use) cloaked ships within a certain range, for a limited period of time. Kind of like giving a sub hunting role/capability to some of the cruisers that are not that well used to date. Maybe this could be a weapon in itself only mounted on the smallest of ships so as to make them more appealing to play and add to their support role in fleet actions or base defence. Cheers
  21. I am looking forward to this one too. Could be great fun. Cheers
  22. I love that .. I couldnt stop laughing... hey SC Didnt I see you as a supervillan on the "TICK" once? Your very own trading card... damn I bet ol' Sid Meir is green with envy. Cheers
  23. Awesome news Orthae, awesome. Cheers
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