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  1. ...simply...just...I M P R E S S I V E...
  2. Thanks, friends well, i own an hitech recording studio specialized in motion picture soundtracks and i work in Italy for local television networks and radios. I don't only compose and produce videogames music but also music for tv films and tv series, commercials and so on. Orchestral performances in Universal Combat soundtrack are part real, and part simulated, and each part of course has been produced according to my scores. Synth parts are programmed directly by me, since i'm an electronic music enthusiast, but i've been for many years a classical, folk and country acoustic guitarist. Then i studied piano, melody and harmony and passed exams to be registered in the italian professional composers and authors board. This happened five years ago, and i began this adventure in the musical field. I published also about 9 albums, practically 6 new age and ambient music albums, 2 "very best albums" and another album called Futures Past where are included some soundtracks i made for videogames (before meeting Derek). Lately i'm working on an horror tv series (finnish production), a scifi tv series (australian production) and a film tv set in World War 2 (australian production).
  3. Ok, i'll study it then i'll contact you personally...
  4. quote:Originally posted by mentis: By the way, there's one song in the UC soundtrack that's a nice old school scifi synth piece reminiscent of Bladerunner. I thought that it'd be great to get the Bladerunner sountrack for UC as well. Hey... damn, i can't say anything against Vangelis He is one of my favourite artists... ok, feel free to put his music instead of my soundtrack Long Live Vangelis!
  5. quote:Originally posted by Joel Schultz: The music wasn't quite as hyperactive as in BCM -- not that BCM's was bad; I really liked it. UC's music is slower, moodier. Given that battles aren't frenetic frag-fests until you get into the thick of them, I thought it appropriate. It takes time to get places in the game, time in which you can plan your attack (or retreat) or in which to cringe at one's stupidity for getting in over one's head. The music was reminiscent of Total Annihilation's slower non-battle music (TA is one of my standards for excellent game music), while still retaining elements that reminded me of BCM's score. Nice job Vanethian! Sound effects were good. Some were integrated so subtly I didn't notice -- I went to check to see if I left a TV on before I realized that background chatter I heard was the game. I dunno, I'm not to good at rating sound effects unless they are pretty bad or detract. UC's did not. Many thanks Joel! I'm mainly an orchestral music composer than an electronic one, so the soundtrack style is much more melodic with complex orchestrations than "pumping" with fast rhythms, but I made also some cool synth/orchestra mixes so I'm very glad of this work. About the sounds, they are very "strong", but the aggressive equalization can be appreciated only with good speakers and subwoofer. I would like to know the audio specifics of the machines of the reviewers who criticized the sound effects... i would laugh for about an hour or so, for sure
  6. I agree with spindoktor as well... only something i would add... what does mean "The music reminded me of something out of an 80ÔÇÖs or early 90ÔÇÖs sci fi flick, complete with a lot of synthesizers and high pitched beeping tones"? The soundtrack is 90% orchestral... can't understand his statement. Melodies and arrangements also are very modern... can't imagine "old school feelings" in the soundtrack. Boh...
  7. Phase One document is KICK ASS!!! My lawyer (an italian loveable woman in social life that becomes a diehard lawyer in courts!) told me that Derek first move is faultless... perfect!!! SC will win. No doubt about it. Dreamcatcher made an impressive foolishness. Developers 1 - 0 Publishers.
  8. Phase One document is KICK ASS!!! My lawyer (an italian loveable woman in social life that becomes a diehard lawyer in courts!) told me that Derek first move is faultless... perfect!!! SC will win. No doubt about it. Dreamcatcher made an impressive foolishness. Developers 1 - 0 Publishers.
  9. OMG! That shot is I M P R E S S I V E ! ! ! I'm really shocked... usually i don't post many messages in the forums but... cannot keep my fingers quiet... i thought "damn, that's beautiful"... can't wait to play some planetary missions with the new units... boys, Universal Combat represents a milestone in gaming history. People will talk about this sim for the centuries to come... i'm sure. Oh... i put the shot as my windows desktop image... fits perfectly
  10. And what about the "sun problem"? The third film hints that maybe it could be used as alternate energy source for the machines?... the sun and that... little girl... are connected someway? I mean the real sun, not the matrix sun. Her father functions are related to "recycling"... and her mother? don't remember... Just guessing... so many interesting things to work out
  11. Well... i've seen the movies in full screen mode, using the windows media player 9. If you don't use the full screen mode, there's a kind of slight distortion... it's not my field of competence so i don't know the reason. But in full screen mode the movies are very good, considering the compression. SC has done the best to let everyone (with different connections bandwidth) enjoy the gameplay. And please thank him because it's not his task to spend time worrying about compressions, codecs and so on... Can't wait to see the next movies!!!!
  12. quote:Originally posted by Jaguar: And I would love to go to Italy again someday, but sadly the wallet is rather constrained right now, but you never know what the future will bring, but I'll come right now if you'll spring for the tickets, 1st class of course!! LOL LOOOOOOOOL!!! ok!
  13. Thanks Spindoktor, thanks Jaguar Ah... Jaguar! You are really a "top man" of this forum i hope to meet you in real life one day! We need to arrange a mega party somewhere... what about Rome? or... better... Sicily?
  14. Hello!!! you said Vanethian??? PUFF! Here i am in a smoke and lightning effect Thank you, Derek!!! Thank you very much for your words!!! I suggest all of you guys to don't pump the volume too much as soon as you'll start the game or you'll risk to make your building crumble to dust!!! (is correct english grammar? oh well ). It would be cool to buy an HIFI SYSTEM only for this great game... UC deserves it!!! And if you know a guy who annoys you and you hate him and he lives next to you... what about putting a sub woofer aside his window, at late night, and ... hey, using that fabulous SP911, clicking like a mad??? hehehehe Universal Combat - good to play, good to use it against jerks!
  15. Can't believe it... Malfador Machinations developed a space sim based on their strategy games: http://www.shrapnelgames.com/malfador/Starfury/ And... well, read what they say... "As captain of your battle cruiser, you'll travel through solar systems via warp points, explore the galaxy, engage in furious space combat, and join in large fleet operations." As captain of your BATTLECRUISER?!?!?!? too funny!
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