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    Cologne, Germany (GMT+1 DST)
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    UC/BCG, Computer Games, Pen and Paper RPG, Reading, Playing E-Guitar
  1. Thomas Siemens

    New Hobby

    Nice stuff.
  2. Thomas Siemens

    Jaguar #4 is on the way!!

    Congrats, Jag! Best wishes to your wife, too!
  3. Thomas Siemens

    Product Release News

    You will not only get the game (or The Game, that is), but also, if you ordered right now, we also include This Fine Community ™ at no extra cost. Yes, you definitely should stop watching those infomercials. And me, too... Regards
  4. Thomas Siemens

    Inexplicable CTD...

    Just a few shots in the dark... Check for ex. www.guru3d.com for other drivers for your graphics board. Be sure to really uninstall old drivers while updating (use drivercleaner or any other driver uninstaller tool). Also, setting hardware acceleration one step back from highest for audio has helped people from time to time. If you still experience problems, check older versions of the game. Does the game run stable out of the box? A bad patch download could also be the problem... You did check the FAQ, didn't you? Best regards
  5. Thomas Siemens

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Happy (belated) Merry Christmas to everyone!
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    Windows XP Game Advisor

  7. Thomas Siemens

    Could You Guys Please Help Me...Sorry

    Jaggers, Read This and That, or... You have to add your system profile to your forum sig! Best regards
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    Please enter you Forum Username into your System Profile Information!
  9. Thomas Siemens

    Out of Kerry's Closet

    Gents, remember this? Read this before posting in this forum!! Now calm down a little, please.
  10. Thomas Siemens


    Welcome, Cary, Maybe you want to read the Welcome-Message again? Welcome to the 3000AD forums Let me point out an important paragraph for you: quote: Just because you happen to own one of our games, doesn't earn you some special privilege to come to the board, nor to post here. If you want tech support and you don't want to abide by our board rules, send email to the tech support address listed in the manual. So, stop that bickering! It will only get you out of this community faster than you can say "airlock"... Best regards
  11. Thomas Siemens

    To "Kahn"

    You should use the Private Message feature of this board.
  12. Thomas Siemens

    When people get banned.....

    Yep, deleted him, deleted topic. Usually, I give people a chance, or two. But not this time...
  13. Welcome back, Remo! quote: Originally posted by Remo Williams: [...] As you can see the Fleet Charter mirrors the game appendix and the in-game BC universe ranks. So I see no reason that we should have had to put up with what occurred with Gudihl; which almost caused my resignation if it would have been accepted by Derek. Noone asked for any resignations! And the only thing, that happened, was you posting (in this thread): quote: Originally posted by Remo Williams: The Following are the ranks available with-in Prime fleet and how They're assigned. [*]Supreme Commander - (The Main Man) [*]Tacops Commander - (G6 Fleet Leader) [*]Strategic Commander - (G6 Staff Chief) [*]Fleet Commander - (All Other Fleet Staff) And: quote: The rank of Fleet Commander now designates that you are of the Staff officer level which makes you a commander over the entire fleet for the job that you do within the fleet. Hence you maintain the rank of Fleet cmdr. The fleet leader of Prime has always had seniority over the other Fleet Leaders in the field since he runs Prime the #1 fleet in the GalCom alliance. Now, don't tell people stories about me "attempt(ing) to undermine all the work that the others and myself (Remo Williams) here in Prime have done over the years" (your words)! Btw., most of this "Prime Fleet Charter" is based on the work from me, and suggestions by Cmdr. Badgerius, from 2000, plus meaterial from the manual, and the appendix. You later substituted 8 Squadrons by five Squadrons, and five "Carrier Groups" in the Fleet Structure, and introduced the renowned Prime Fleet Academy. Rest assured, old friend: if you (or anyone else) ever try to mess up stuff like the upper ranks, which affects other fleets not under your responsibility, or post statements like "Prime Fleet is senior over other fleets, therefore the commander of Prime Fleet is senior over other fleet leaders", I post my objections, as is my duty: quote: Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: As far as I am concerned, Gudihl's involvement is solely from an admin standpoint since he knows a bit more about how the fleed dB backend, the BC mythos etc all work. This means that he can be involved in any aspect of the fleets (not just Prime) in order to ensure that they are in compliance with the game mythos etc. This whole mess was never about Prime Fleet at all, as you try to convince people (and maybe yourself?) all the time... Cheers
  14. Thomas Siemens

    New Official Beta Testers

    Heh, no. He was one of the first the SC entered. The SC himself has member #308, because IIRC members of the old forum (there was one before this one), have been added in alphabetic order... Some of us are in this community since 1996. Cheers