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  1. Malkuth

    Night Orders

    YEs I do it all the time, its really the only way now to Mine. Since it takes like 444 mins to fill one Drone. I usually park my CC on an empty Moon or planet. Shut down all non esential systems and go to bed.
  2. Malkuth

    General Critique of Battlecruiser Millennium

    The game takes time bud to learn. Everyone has already given you pointers on what to read so I wont repeat. I will give you this hint though. Before trying the Campain do Free Mode. This is where you learn the most, and not bothered with missions. + Free mode is just cool. The only thing I agree with you is that the real time is kinda hard to grasp. I for one cant sit in front of a computer screen for two hours watching my ship get repaired . So now I just try not to get it damaged. When you get into mining and stuff. My suggestion to you since it takes 400 Realtime mins to fill a drone, leave it on when you go to bed. Park you ship on a nice empty Moon, shut stuff off and go to bed. thats what I do. All I can say though is once you learn the game, you will find it the most coolest space game ever. Pretend your going through training and getting the rough edges smoothed out of you by some Big Mean Drill instructor. Thinking of the SC might help Happy Spacing.
  3. Just wondering because with the super carrier you get 8 Fighers but only 8 pilots. Any reason not to have the first 4 fighters with Co-pilots? Nice to have all 8 fighters going [ 12-19-2001: Message edited by: Malkuth ]
  4. Malkuth

    Hey Derek yer bum, FIX THIS !!!!

    Never mind then. I solved my problem, just wont go after ships to close to planets. Drivers are up to date with xp. Will update my Profile. Havent touched it since I started up. Sorry about that SC.
  5. Malkuth

    Hey Derek yer bum, FIX THIS !!!!

    All Right I give up on this game. All day Ive been trying to stay alive in this game, which I was doing great at. Only thing that just killed me for the second time today is A CTD and now my Saved game wont load. It gets stuck on Gave Loaded and stays thier, and all I can hear are sounds. I have to reboot the computer because BCM wont let my Ald,CRT,Del it closed. 4 hours of game time down the tubes. What a waste. You want the saved file Ill send it. Just tell me what to send and you will get it. Only thing different on my system is that I put the Soundblaster back in Gamer 5.1. Since XP doesnt like the cheap Onboard sound. I did a system restore back from October to get the Sys.ini cleaned up. Every works great. Latest drivers. Etc.. Sucks I really was liking this game. But cant play if Im going to keep losing my save files to random crashes. Again i got the save if you want it. To prove Im not fibbing you.
  6. Malkuth

    Hey Derek yer bum, FIX THIS !!!!

    Ok SC your right that makes sense fine. But Im not in the gravity pull of the planet when I left HS. And if thats also the case why doesnt the Enemy ship fall into the Gravity too? Was playing all after noon and it happened again at pluto. Pain in the butt. I was not anywhere near the planet when I came out. In fact the enemy ship was Beyond the Pluto Space Station. But I did HS through it again. And ended up getting damaged again.
  7. Malkuth

    Hey Derek yer bum, FIX THIS !!!!

    Alright my understanding of the hyper drive thing states that when in hyper drive planets, moons, ships do not exsist in hyperSpace. Well just had a bad experience in my Police Cruiser in Pluto Region. I came into pluto and found some fighters beating up on a few Transports on the other side of Pluto. I used the Autopilot to intecept and attack the fighers, but I flew through the planet (do it all the time in other regions) and when I came out of hyper I was pulled back to pluto and entered it, even though I left hyper far away from the planet. Very Very bad to enter pluto with your CC. I got out before to much damage happened though. Its strange sometimes you can do it fine. Other times the planet sucks you back up and you enter the planet. Hmmmmmm.
  8. Malkuth

    The state of the forum community

    Hmmm, this is too bad. What good is a forum anyway if people are afraid to post on it. Its most likely better this way anyway. To much stress for SC. SC maybe its time to put some trust into your moderators and let them handle it. Instead of closing the forums. Put some trust into them and they might just surprise you. [ 12-17-2001: Message edited by: Malkuth ]
  9. Malkuth

    FBI Crack Down on Warez

    Hmmmm, thats to bad about E5. Wasn't trying to get anybody introuble with my post. Im just glad The FBI is Cracking down on this stuff. Games are back up to 50 + bucks and its because of Warez. Man it was so great begging of year into summer picking up games for 39.95. I miss that.
  10. Malkuth

    FBI Crack Down on Warez

    Just read this little tibit. Seems the FBI has done some cleaning house. Maybe people will think again before stealing peoples hard work. http://gamespot.com/gamespot/stories/news/...2832452,00.html
  11. Malkuth

    Misc Issues

    My best advice too everyone make sure your next sound card is not Creative Soundblaser anything. Exspecially if you have VIA chipsets. Two years now and they have not fixed any of the issues with VIA and Soundblaster 5.1 issues. Turtle Beach is the best card for AMD right now. Also go Dxdiag and turn down your sound acceleration too standard should help.
  12. Malkuth

    I must be mad, MAD I TELL YOU!!!

    Ahhh thats slow!