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  1. Well I fixed it I guess. I captured and docked at Darkstar. I then gave everyone some time off....a couple of hours. I gave the pilots time off although their fatigue levels were still lower thatn 5-10 percent for the most part. But I guess it worked. After I left Darkstar they reported to their stations. I gave the order to report to their fighters. This time it worked.
  2. Thanx for your help. One more for you. I hope I'm not bothering ya'll <Yes I'm from the south> But all of a sudden my pilots will not enter their fighters although the fighters' status says ready. The combat officer is on-station. I'm not sure what it could be. When I check PERSCAN the pilots are in the appropriate FC Bays....but just won't enter the craft. What could be causing this?
  3. Thanx for clarifying that SC. I do have another question however. So far I've mostly explored around the areas of Sol, Barnard's Star, Polaris, and have gone onto Herrin, and a couple of other points on the Northern portion of the Credian sector. So far I've noticed that enemy AI ships will usually continue on their way using defensive fire as they jump in and out. But they never turn to engage me. They choose to continue onto whatever gate or wormhole. I do see some fighter escorts however. My thought is that this is because their further away from their home sectors and are not wanting prolonged engagements? I figure they'll stand and fight the further out I get....closer to their home sectors.
  4. Ah so you mean kinda like targeting and escorting a TU-95 Bear out of our airspace. hehehe...
  5. Hi, I've noticed that sometimes when I'm on patrol I see LRT type transports that are list as being on S&D. What does this mean? I figure since they're unarmed what could they be on S&D for? Another similar question is that I'll see a fighter that is set at ESCORT but for an asset that is listed as his enemy? Of course although it says ESCORT...as soon as he gets close enough he makes an attack. So I'm wondering why it says ESCORT. Just curious. Thanx for your help.
  6. Agreed. These look very nice. I may have to upgrade me lowly PC. But for now as a new AWA player it may take me very long to really learn that game being so huge in scope. Thanx SC for sharing these.
  7. Turning off the "DXT Compressed Textures." worked for me just now. I kept getting crashes when trying to use an OTS missile. It pays to do a little research.
  8. Yeah....you know I don't think I was paying attention to that. Thanx.
  9. Yeah it worked. But stupid me forgot to turn off the cloaking device radiating my crew. I had to clear out the radiation. But now it seems for some reason I can't jump to certain locations such as Barnard's cuz my hyperjump won't set, or they can't set coordinates I guess. If I try to jump to another place such as Barnard's I end up at Sol. Go figure. But I've been watching the station as it slowly rebuilds. Not much any activity as of yet. I'd like to capture another one. But as I said I can't seem to get there.
  10. RT, It worked. I was finally able to capture Borealis. hehehe...uhm. Pretty cool. Now I want to see how long they'll take to try and take it back....the #@%[email protected]$#%
  11. Thanx so much for the info. I'll give it a try.
  12. I just tried to capture it a few times. Each time I failed cuz it blew up. I would get it down to like 700 armor and wait. Finally I don't remember the number the armor was at but it said disabled. However, I never did get an SOS after waiting a couple of minutes. Then I noticed the shields recharging. I didn't realize my PTA was till on and boooooom. Retry: Ok I just went back and tried a few more times. Each time I got the armor down into the 45-50 range and waited. This time although I saw flames from the station, no distress or SOS signal. In fact it didn't say "disabled" like it did before. Oh BTW its the Ter/Ins Borealis Station at Lennen. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.
  13. Thanx for your help. So I guess if one day I get a fleet going I can leave some protection for the station. That way I may be able to hold it for some length of time.
  14. I guess I'm trying to figure this out as well. Is there a way to capture and HOLD a station while you move on? Or is it just inevitible that they'll rebuild? I destroyed a station today and it was rebuilt in a couple of hours and in enemy hands. I left it. Perhaps I should've captured it? then try and destroy any hostiles coming into the sector? I'm just trying to learn how our actions affect the universe. Thanx for your help.
  15. Well, I was able to do it. It wasn't quite what I was expecting. I guess with a little more experience some of this may come a bit smoother.
  16. Hi, I'm trying to learn UC-AWA. I've been through the tutorial for UC(free version). I've recently purchased AWA. I'm trying to start a campaign, "A World Apart". The first mission it appears is to patrol the Jupiter region. Great. But I've not seen any baddies....no problem. But I keep loosing experience points cuz a ship makes it through carrying "Unauthorized Weapons". I guess it must be cloaked or something? I did see one ship I thought had weapons early on in the mission. But it was a friendly...or so I thought. I've launched probes to the various regions of Jupiter, and at jump gates. I've launched fighters. But the few times I've played the mission, the same message comes up about unauthorized weapons. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong in these "Patrol Missions". Any help is greatly appreciated regarding strategy.
  17. Roger that...thanx. Yeah I know how to use the transporter. I was wondering more how to get the crew out of the shuttle to do the same thing....I see there is the option to deploy team. I'll keep experimenting with the waypoints. I figured if I set the waypoint to deploy team that once I got to the waypoint it would do it automagically. 19
  18. I don't understand how to get them out of the ship. If I hit Alt-E only I exit. Do I have to make a waypoint for an AWAY TEAM or something? 19
  19. GEEZ SC, Such dedication....such determination..... NOW TAKE A BREAK WILLYA!!!! If only other developers would stand by their products half as much as you. I have a newfound respect for indie developers and hope more are around soon so I can support them. My brother's BCM just arrived FEDEX today..heheeeee....so I'm doing my part to spread the word. 19
  20. I feel a need to clarify. Paddy, I have some vision left. But not much and its very hard to see. I have a cane that I use to travel with. I teach my clasess both with and without vision. I was taught to teach without any vision at all....so often this is how I teach my classes blindfolded. Many of my friends are also totally blind and still do this job...suffering the same situations as I do. As far as reading the forums...hehe...imagin my face propped up pretty close to the monitor. Also there are speech readers that will allow you to read whats on the screen. My friends and I play games like this because of the strategy. Since I'm still able to see whats going on on screen we can talk and make decisions based on that. It is hard reading the manual at times because the print is small, and there isn't much contrast. Its hard to read the map period...the one that came with the keycard. I can't read that without some sort of magnifier. But yes I am blind. Most people who are blind have a little bit of residual vision left over. Heheh...but I tell you what we're all going to be playing BCM...hehehehe. 19
  21. Hi all, I'm away from home right now tending to personal business. My father is very very ill..and it doesn't look good(very serious lung cancer, and complications). I've been really stressed as of late. But I figured I could come here and take a break because I've seen the dedication in this forum, and from the SC. What do I come back to? Well I know I'm only a noob. But Derek, I really respect you for what you've accomplished, and will continue to achieve. I just recommended BCM to my brother and others because of YOUR DEDICATION. The sim is awesome. But you and its fans are far beyond that in your dedication. I've never seen a community like this one and am very happy to see its still here. I do much more reading on here it seems than acually playing. Take a break and enjoy life. I've had a similar situation as you and know in some ways how you must feel. I am blind, and am an orientation and mobility instructor...much to the chagrin of many in the field who think that blind people shouldn't do this job.(heh..I really should talk to you about it sometime) Every single day I'm told I can not do this job, and how unsafe it is. But my students are the ones who keep me here. Why? Because they know how dedicated I am to them...and my belief in them is unwavering. Sure they call me tough, hard and #[email protected]#!~ But they know that I believe in them and love them. So though each and everyday is filled with people calling me names sometimes, or telling me how little I am and that I'd never be as good a teacher as them because I am blind I'm still here because of my own personal belief/dedication and my students seeing that leadership come through. "Funny thing about leadership..." I believe one of the posters said in another thread. They say they see that in me. So thats why I'm still here with them. But despite all the naysayers....I DID IT!!!! I'm here ...and I'm not going anywhere. It was hard getting here..and is harder staying here. But I'm not going anywhere. I feel much the same way when looking at you SC. YOU DID IT!!! Oh well...I'm sorry for rambling. But hey man I just want you to know I respect you for all you have done. Again, sorry for the long post. I do hope you read it. Not sure when I'll be back. But I'll keep checking the forums. 19
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