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  1. quote:Originally posted by Cmdr. WeeGee: This is typical of CS gamers though. Well, I wouldn't say its typical of CS gamers. I play a lot of CS myself....but I will admit that there are many MANY players out there that act like a bunch of 1337 [email protected] But hey, they just give the rest of us more entertainment. Sorry, this is a little off topic, but I had to defend the few sane CS players out there.
  2. Ya, just recently, I pissed off a bunch of raiders by blowing their Sentry up in Pluto orbit. After I figured Pluto region was safe, I headed over to Mars. Nothing happening. Then a bunch of raider cruisers and carriers pop in the system and before I know it there's raiders EVERYWHERE. It was an intense battle, expecially when the raiders sent a nice, brand-new Firestorm after my MKIII. Let me tell you, after that battle, I had the Mars Starstation engineers cleaning Space Marine parts off of every nook and cranny in my ship. I musta hit like a dozen of them during that battle. It reminded me of when me and my family would go on long road-trips through some old countryside in the middle of summer and every two seconds you'd hear a crack on the windshield and see a nice, green splotch there....yeah...it was kinda like that. [ 12-06-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Dowding ]
  3. That just happened to me today. I was attacking a raider starstation with my own MKII and was dodging some fighters when I realize I've had a raider MKII on my arse for some time, didn't even realize it....they are VERY sneaky!
  4. I only wish my Garid could use more artifacts. *sigh* [ 12-04-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Dowding ]
  5. I'd have to go with: 1)Carrier: Battlecruiser MK II Got a nice, stealthy look to it.(All the BC's look nice, though) 2)Cruiser: Garid It Looks cool, its fast and it has good firepower.
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