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  1. Yup, you can slice stormcarriors in half with a single pass of a Gerid. They can take a beating, dish out massive ammounts of death, and can fly close to fighter speeds. You can just ignore clouds of fighters, and the carrior's pta system would never deal enough damage to the cruiser to fend it off. Carriors are flying fortresses, for attacking other baces. Cruisers are carrior killers, but are not as good as carriors for handling adverse situations and bace attacks. Fly the MK line of carriors if you want speed and utility/upgrade abilitys. Best choose your side soon.
  2. If I'm correct, the acm was designed to be played as the terran military only. In other words, there is no acm for the insurgant cast or any other cast and race.
  3. Thats nice. Your points are valid, but you provide no revelations, because every person here can point out socialogical problems. Until you can provide solutions, please shorten your reteric or don't complain at all. [ 06-18-2002, 05:33: Message edited by: antaren4279 ]
  4. MY GOD! Have you fools forgotten that not too long ago the ruler of the lines was the bbs, and the 110 bps modem was the 8th wonder of the world? come on, i'm only 22. you teens and older should know this! oops, sorry off topic again. [ 06-03-2002, 18:09: Message edited by: antaren4279 ]
  5. not totally sure, but i thought sc used a radeon in his development computer. [ 06-02-2002, 15:45: Message edited by: antaren4279 ]
  6. Hey supreme cmdr, how did E3 go? [N/T]
  7. Didnt you ever take your parent's car for a joy ride? The crew must get bored. They spend all day sitting on the bridge of a multi-billion dollar ship capible of destroying cities, and only you get to play with it. Even the marines raise hell when your gone. They bring out the beer hidden all over the ship and chase the medics around. [ 04-28-2002, 01:31: Message edited by: antaren4279 ]
  8. McDonald argues that gamers will tune into this channel partly because of our low attention span. I remember when I was a teenager, I could go 12 hours at a time on games like wing commander or master of orion, ignoring desperite crys from my bladder, stomach, and mother. How dare ... that ... guy say ... ah hell, what was I talking about? On the flip side, games have been a driving force in computer technology. Video game developement is getting ever more competative and expensive. This tv channel could be at the very least another media for developers to parade their creations.
  9. from all of us gaming geeks, thank god sc didnt use his talents for programing insurance reports or fixing old cobal and msv mainframes.
  10. even on this day of resnig bashing, you still have to give props to sc...for allowing you to execute the bastard after letting 2 measly intruders blow a new cargo bay where your engines used to be.
  11. [ 03-28-2002, 00:47: Message edited by: antaren4279 ]
  12. 1. upgrades to guns that would make them useful for dogfighting -faster recharge time -longer range -better targeting computer? or an upgrade that extends computed range? -upgraded pta system, longer range, faster and more damage -upgrade to reduce power consumption 2. more diverse missles -super fast low damage missle -missle that temporarily dissables target instead of damage -upgrade to the cc's missle racks? such as faster launch or multiple missle launches from a single tube 3. new weapon systems -emd device that effects systems other then enemy targeting systems -new types of mines, such as a cloaking mine, dissable systems mine, or anti fighter/missle mine (a mine useful for midcombat?)
  13. Grayfox, this might be a way to kill your plan: puting a paper thin ter/ins blockade in the path of the convoy. Flanking manuvers could tear into your sides if the distraction was successful. We'd grab the box, kill the survivers, and head back to bace. Where sc would then pop my head off. For the rescuers, probably the best way would be to get in and out as fast as possible. Have second or third vehicle driving parallel to the rescue vehicle for backup and distraction. Leave a couple of units behind to slow down persuit. Going the most direct rout back to bace is predictable, it may be necessary to take an alternate rout back home. Perhaps have 2 convoys going in differant directions in the hopes of confusing the enemy. Hopefully have some sort of anti air specialist in both groups. [ 02-05-2002, 19:57: Message edited by: antaren4279 ]
  14. Would there be any way of implementing geo-dynamics in the terrain engine, allowing missles and crash landings to create craters on a planet surface? Is this idea way too much work. Do you see this in the XP1 feature set? I did not see anything about texture changing in the x1 faq. Will place specific damage effects be implemented? See above BCM is huge. BCM-x1 is a huge list of features. Hey SC, how many lines of code do you, the flight sim jedi master, and the bco dev crew write on an average work day? The amount of and quality of the work one does is not determined by the lines of code that is written. [ 02-05-2002, 08:20: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
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