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  1. If I'm correct, the acm was designed to be played as the terran military only. In other words, there is no acm for the insurgant cast or any other cast and race.
  2. MY GOD! Have you fools forgotten that not too long ago the ruler of the lines was the bbs, and the 110 bps modem was the 8th wonder of the world? come on, i'm only 22. you teens and older should know this! oops, sorry off topic again. [ 06-03-2002, 18:09: Message edited by: antaren4279 ]
  3. from all of us gaming geeks, thank god sc didnt use his talents for programing insurance reports or fixing old cobal and msv mainframes.
  4. even on this day of resnig bashing, you still have to give props to sc...for allowing you to execute the bastard after letting 2 measly intruders blow a new cargo bay where your engines used to be.
  5. 1. upgrades to guns that would make them useful for dogfighting -faster recharge time -longer range -better targeting computer? or an upgrade that extends computed range? -upgraded pta system, longer range, faster and more damage -upgrade to reduce power consumption 2. more diverse missles -super fast low damage missle -missle that temporarily dissables target instead of damage -upgrade to the cc's missle racks? such as faster launch or multiple missle launches from a single tube 3. new weapon systems -emd device that effects systems other then enemy targeting systems -new types of mines, such as a cloaking mine, dissable systems mine, or anti fighter/missle mine (a mine useful for midcombat?)
  6. Would there be any way of implementing geo-dynamics in the terrain engine, allowing missles and crash landings to create craters on a planet surface? Is this idea way too much work. Do you see this in the XP1 feature set? I did not see anything about texture changing in the x1 faq. Will place specific damage effects be implemented? See above BCM is huge. BCM-x1 is a huge list of features. Hey SC, how many lines of code do you, the flight sim jedi master, and the bco dev crew write on an average work day? The amount of and quality of the work one does is not determined by the lines of code that is written. [ 02-05-2002, 08:20: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  7. Reporting in commander. May I prepose an idea: when BCM multiplayer comes out, could we use voice communications? Roger Wilco is easy to install and works great. It would be easy to set up a private server for fleet activities, my machine could be a possible canidate.
  8. Sorry to cause a rucus, didnt mean to start a spat. Current game: Ter/mill gerid, 3 days 12 hours (i think, in real time) game type: roam experience: 43,211 funds: 47,945,000 asset: 14,742,850 medels: 0 violations: 1 random launches: 0 ots launches: 1 [ 02-04-2002, 18:49: Message edited by: antaren4279 ]
  9. Here are some possible solutions to your problem: 1: Download system commander and set up a dual boot. Now you have win98SE. 2: Buy a new joystick. If you paid for winXP, you can pay the extra $30 for a joystick with programable axis. 2: Grin and bere it. While your whining about a stipid joystick, there are dozens of people playing on minimum spec computers that crash every 15 minutes and they won't stop playing for anything.
  10. The longest game I played was a ter/mil garid with the 1.04 patch, and it lasted for about 15 days before I met a spectacular end. I took the long, slow rought through stable hyperjumps. Taking my time, I destroyed any raider or insergant space station on the way. All resistance I encountered was easily eliminated. My luck changed when I entered cyron. The valkerie took little notice of me when I worped over to thier station and destroyed it. Although my enemies did not persue me, they would remember my deeds in the future. After trashing some gamulian ships in Regulus, I made the jump to Omega Centaur. Static ripled across my screens, but I plaid little attention to that at the time. I failed to notice that tail tell clue as I made my way to Otura-6. My final mistake was approaching the station orbiting the planet. The valkerie remembered me. On my approach to the station, fighters began to appear. Fighters were still being launched as I consentrated my fire on the station. I failed to take note of the fighters appearing out of no where. What I did notice, was the wall of missles unleashed on me, and the wave of beam fire following me like a deathly stage light. I counted 20 fighters before they converged on me. The fighters seemed like they were all working together, attacking in unison and scattering when I came about. A river of missles were flowing at me. I tried to escape by making planet fall. The fighters followed me, doging me with every turn I made. My shields failed, and ion bolts made stripes on my hull. Systems started failing, crew started screaming, and then an explosion in the bridge blew me out into the corrider. I remember my vision blury, trying to clear the blood and smoke out of my eyes. My ears were ringing, but I know I heard the electronic voice of the ship's computer talking about the reactor going bad. Evacuation sirens were wailing, but there was no way I could get off the ship. I saw Resign make a dash down the corrider, dissapearing off into the smoke. I smiled, I knew the bastard would die before he got to what was left of the launch bay. I picked myself up off the floor and crawled to a port window. Through the smear of smoke and my own blood, I got a look at the ground rushing up to me. The engines were still runing and on full throtle. My last thought as commander of my ship, was about how large my crater would be. [ 02-04-2002, 00:28: Message edited by: antaren4279 ]
  11. I've found vectors to the pyron and grazer ods where they would not fire on my cc. Could it be that all the ods units have some sort of "blind spot?" I'm not sure how this could solve the problem of dieing when materializing. Perhaps approaching the ods from differant dirrections would help with the materialization problem.
  12. Troubleshooting FaqIn this are links to programs that can tell you about your chipsets and tweaking your hardware. There are plenty of people who have already had your problem. Post instead of bothering the guy who is already catering to more then what your $50 entitled you. [ 12-13-2001: Message edited by: antaren4279 ]
  13. Merphy's law number 2,302: all problems not involving game developement (including all newbie questions) automatically piss sc off. Merphy's law number 2,303: pissing sc off sends you to hell, no pass go and you loose your turn.
  14. doh...chalk up another one for the clueless newbie
  15. report for r7: just want to say thanx derek for being so fast on the patches and game issues ... and allowing my ass to get back onto the forums. the game still crashes, but not anywhere near as frequently. in a 5 hour session, the game crashed 3 times. Deleted a bunch of inconsequential crap by someone who has not been paying attention or reading the game manual. [ 12-06-2001: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
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