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  1. As a former U.S. Marine I have come to the conclusion that the only job that would make me feel comfortable would be as a Marine in the 22nd!!! I believe that you have openings, have you not? Let me know if you're interested and what the details are! I'm currently assigned as a commander in Delta Wing, Prime Fleet... Semper Fi!!!! HOORAH
  2. I've been playing BCM for awhile now and I'm ready to join a fleet. I was pretty much sold on GALCOM at first, but I've grown more interested in the insurgency lately. Most of your sites are down, however, so info. is hard to come by... What is it that the Insurgency represents? What are you fighting for. Who are your friends and who are your enemies? etc. etc. This eager, highly motivated and potential recruit wants to know!
  3. Ok... just registered with the Fleet DB. I selected Prime Fleet only because I'm not sure what else to do. As I learn more and get more info. I will be able to make a more informed decision. Although ISS sounds cool, I'm not sure if I wanted to play a defensive role... after all, I was a Marine! Thanks!
  4. I don't believe that I have registered with the Fleet DB... I will take a look to see if I can do that now... ISS is the inteligence agency...correct? Thanks... any other opportunities out there???
  5. Reporting for Duty Sirs!!! Hello... I would like to get in on some fleet action! My Commander skills are already impressive and continue to grow with each day I play. Because of this, I would ideally like to play as commander with an asset. My prefered ship of choice is a super carrier... the Aestrom or the Firestorm... my current ships name is the Trafalgar. However, as a former U.S. Marine, the role of Marine also appeals to me... just give me some men to command into battle! If there are any fleets that are currently in need of personel, please contact me! Semper Fi!
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