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  1. Heee, I'm enjoying this simulator very much : ) despite of some crashes when things became hot (many crafts around, I think). But, one problem shows up: All my officers, pilots and engineerers are growing in fatigue. I have done all I could. I put them off duty (I waited almost 20 minutes and fatigue kept growing). The faniest is that the life vector is almost 100%. Even when it is at 100% (when the person just come over the medbay)the fatigue still grows. How can I stop this????????? I am ready to launch back to the scene but I cant until put my crew 100 % again. HEEEELP.
  2. Here is the way I use to travel fast in long ranges. Be carefull because you shouldn't do this with hostile ships around. I only use this technic traveling in calm areas. It's very easy (and I don't know how I couldn't think about it before) Lauch a shuttle and ask it to tow you . When you arrive where you want to go, order the shuttle to tow nothing (bottom of menu) and dock it again. The big things here are: - you don't waste fuel. - the shuttle is much faster than ANY carrier. - you don't need rechard time. I bet that SC wouldn't let this happen without some kind of, haa... disadvantage, but I haven't found any (yet). Fly high, Fly faster
  3. A noob question here. I have searched for all the forum and I haven't find the answear. I captured the Destiny station (Nevuela - Alpha Centaury). I had a lot of work trying to protect it. The problem is that many fighters got to my station at the same time and I was anable to avoid my station to be disabled. Now I can't dock at it anymore but it is still labeled TER/MIL - DISABLED. The question is: Will this station be ok again (and than I will keep around trying to protect it) or Is it destroyed forever? (And so, I will leave and find another station to capture.) If it will be ok, how long do I have to wait to be able to dock again? Thanks
  4. Gustavo

    Disabled station

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Just because you think its a bug, doesn't make it a bug. If every thing a newbie didn't understand was regarded as a bug, we'd all be very busy around here. Being a newbie is NOT an excuse to post in the incorrect forum. And thats what the previous poster was trying to tell you. If you THINK its a bug, then reproduce it, explain WHY you think its a bug, and post it in the PROPER forum.Ok, lets stop it because we are not going anywhere this way:p I DO NOT THINK it is a bug. I have never tohguth this way. I THINK I am missing something here. And, in fact, I am. I checked and the integrity of the station wasn't at 100%. My mistake. But I had never said that it would be a bug. I was checking if my problem would be the same as reported before. NOW I know it is not the same problem. HE found a bug in the game. I found a bug in my eyes (I didn't check the integrity). If I can't make myself clear, I appologize. I will try to do better. [ 02-06-2002, 15:14: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
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    Disabled station

    quote:Originally posted by Roberto: Did you check to see if the Integrity was at 100%. Im assuming your running the lastest patch. Errrm I just noticed your other post above which was edited by the SC. This isnt a bug reporting area, so if its a bug, and not something you think you just overlooked, please post it in the relevant area. This area is not for tech support.Ok... Remember I am a NEWBIE and I don't know when I'm doing something wrong or when the game has a bug. HERE is the place to ask questions, right? I searched the manual, the appendix and all the forum before posting here. sorry for this.
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    Disabled station

    quote:Originally posted by Rm: I've had something similar, where i had captured Pixan, but it was destroyed shortly after i launched from it - but when it was rebuilt, the Disabled flag was never cleared, despite the region being cleared of hostiles (i know, i left a probe), and three days having elapsed. I'll shut up now, since this isn't a tech support forum.Hey, I don't know if this is my problem here but lets go... I captured the Destiny station and I kept around to protect it. When It was full shield and armor recharged (all station at 100% and shield and armor at max value) I decided that The station could take care lf itself. A lot of fighers attacked my station at the same time. I destroyed many of them but on reached the station and fired two or three missles at it. The stations was at full shield level and full armor level but it sent an SOS and was disabled. Why? I have seen the same problem with other captured stations.
  7. hey, before you get angry with me, I will say that this is just a suggestion ok? I know that you have been discussing this matter A LOT but here we go: I think that the Real Time experience is very good. I believe too that any kind of "accelerate time buttom" is not compatible with the game. But the game could be like Baldur's gate, where one entire day in the game (24Hs) is like 8hs in Real time. In fact, the game speed wouldn't change anyway, only the clock time. And, I will not retire after 35 years playing the game but only after 12 years . What, you agree, is much more realistic. Thanks
  8. Gustavo

    Disabled station

    quote:Originally posted by Grayfox: i always love using enemy resup stations to resupply. nothing like using the enemies material against them What is the pouporse of this Supply Station? I don't like that red dot beside my new captured star station so I blow out every Sup Station I see around. I don't get Exp for it but It is funny *snip* NO bug reports in this thread. First warning Last warning [ 01-28-2002, 12:21: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
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    Disabled station

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Thats exactly the reason why I flagged supply stations as indestructible. And if you don't get EPs for capturing a station, read the appendix. Sorry SC, But This is in the Appendix (bottom page): Player awarded EPs for capturing stations: EP MEDAL AWARDED Each Station + 5000 1x Combat Shield Maybe I am missing something here.
  10. Hey, My probes keep jumping to one place to another. I want to keep it just in one area. How can I do that? the menu doesn't give me any option for this. My Probes are always in silent mode. I don't see any diference between normal and silent. Enemy fighters run after my probes when at any mode. (the faniest is that they just follow the probe never shooting at it).
  11. Gustavo

    Disabled station

    quote:Originally posted by Rm: Just ignore the supply station - you don't get any EPs (i think) for destroying them and they can't be captured. Anyway, you can still use them in FP mode, even if they belong to an enemy race/caste Ok, I will keep that supply station, so...
  12. Gustavo

    Disabled station

    Ok, thanks again. I have another problem here. I captured the Desteny station (Nevuela) but I cant distroy or capture the Station Supply (TER/INS) near it. I tried to tow it and deliver it but it is not allowed. Is there any way to destroy or capture this station? The most funny is that I distroyed it (disabled) but I didn't receive my ExP. I didn't received ExP for capturing the Desteny station either. Is it a bug or It is just me missing anything again? I'm not a Strategic Commander yet. Is it the problem? thanks again
  13. quote:Originally posted by Epsilon 5: LOL takes me roughly 20 mins Hey man, be a good guy Dont forget I am a Noob commander
  14. Gustavo

    I want to stop the probe

    Ok, thanks a lot. I have to keep selecting new nav points everytime for my probes. It is like a son. you have to take care of it everytime
  15. You can find any place with this characteristics, but I will show my favorit one. The area must have a conection with another one with a FluxField. As less Jump Gates in thise two areas as possible, better, and you will see why: Near Mercury there is a Flux Field (f04) and two JG conecting to Earth and Venus. Jump to Venus and stay in front of the JG (FROM Venus TO Mercury). There is A LOT of ships going in and out that JG (The ships came from F04 and they prefer to go to Venus instead of Earth, I think. So Venus is almost the only way for ships going in and out that Flux Field). You just stay there waiting. when a enemy vassel start to emerge from hyperspace you are already ready to blow it out easier due to this ship can't fire at you while in this transition situation. The Traffic here is busy and you will have many targets to play with. Be carefull, however, with the ships coming from the jump gate you are near. They can hit you from your back. If you are ready enough, It will be a easy target too, because it can't go away due to the recharging time of its engine. thats it
  16. Gustavo

    Strategy to destroy enemy ships easier

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Yep Let 'em camp. Me? I'm cloaking. Ha, What do you think? I will be cloaked too. And I have fighters for lunch every day.
  17. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Whatever flavour of crack you're on, Gustavo, its not good for you. You might want to consider changing to Menthol. [ 01-22-2002: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ] Ok, I surrender BTW, I don't like menthol. I prefer vanilla.
  18. quote:Originally posted by Epsilon 5: Have you patched? The SC changed that that it takes more time towed by a shuttle than with the CC alone. But you still don't waste fuel yes, I did. I tried this operation just after install the new patch (1.04). I works very well to me. I was upgrading my engines so I was anable to jump. this was the way I found to go back to a station.
  19. quote:Originally posted by Epsilon 5: What would be the use of reduced day time? As I said before, You could really retire in this game. The other problem is that the game doesn't act exactlly as real time. For example, if you are fatigued you can stay off duty for just 20 minutes and than you are ready again for hours playing. You too can reach higher levels just in a few hours playing. I have upgraded my shields, armor and engines just with 4 hours playing. It really doesn't seems real to me. But if one day in the game would be 8 hours real time, maybe it would be more realistic. As I said before, the game wouldn't change. Only the clock time would change. It is just my point of view, of course.
  20. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: It is doing quite well actually. Especially since it is on limited exclusive released to EB until 2/19/02 I expect it to do even better once the exclusive period is over and the game becomes available everywhere; including international countries (still working on this and the holiday is making things run slower than usual). Once XP1 is out (sometime in Q1 2002), it will be available as a stand-alone (CDROM only add-on) as well as in a Gold type bundle with BCM. SC, I live in Brazil. I used to be an International Pilot (I bought this game in Miami) but now I'm flying just domestic flights. Is there any chance that we will have this game here in Brazil? And, Is there any way to buy the XP1 via internet (or wherelse)? I'm very worried with the possibility that I will not be able to have the XP1. Thanks
  21. Gustavo

    BCM XP - The Grand Scheme Unveiled

    Just one word for this: PERFECT
  22. Gustavo

    BCM War Stories & Experiences

    This is my (newbe) disaster I am at Alpha Centaury area. I have 4 mine drones working on one moon at Centris. I am full of fuel and ready to kick some butts. Then I reached Eori, a small planet full of EMP/INS bases begging to be attacked. I have one OTS missle ready to go. It seems to be a good day for this commander here. (guess what) But.......there is one small thing between me and my targets. An ODS TRANCOR with low shield (about 2500) set and a LOT of Armor set (38000 - that's it). Ok, I have dealed with starstations and ODS's before, so, It will be very easy to destroy this one. HA First Attempt: I failed miserabilly. I flew direct to it with my FATAL missles ready and scanning. My plan was: reach the area, cloak and release all you have at once. when I reached near the ODS (about 15 km) I was visible and not able to cloak yet (transition to Hyperspace to normal). It was a mess. My firestorm was distroyed in seconds by blue laser shots. Secont attempt: Lets put the FATAL in standby and turn off the PTA so the ODS will not "see" that we are tracking it. Than lets enter the Hyperspace cloaked so the ODS will not see us when approaching near it during the transition space. Not a big deal. When I reached the ODS my cloack radiation level was about 50%. I had to be quick. I approached the ODS and started to launch my missles. My PTA was doing its job and I was firing my main gun with full rate. It's shield was gone in seconds but its armor was hard to destroy. Even cloaked the ODS was firing alleatory to my direction and sometimes my Firestorm took some damage. My FATAL was working hard and the ODS armor was still about 28000. My cloak radiation level was approaching 100%. It was not going to work this way. I decided to launch my fighters (How stupid you are commander? Fighters against a powerfull ODS like this? You should be court martialled.) Oh my, what a mess, what a mess. I decloaked because my radiation level was 106%. The ODS hit me merciless. Every system around started to take damage. I began to receive reports from everywhere. I was in hell. I could hear the noise of the lasers hitting the hull. So I decided to cloak again an run away. By now, all my 8 fighters were destroyed. They lasted less than some seconds outside (stupid commander). When I tried to move away from the ODS my Engeneer shut down my cloak system due to the radiation level (reaching 110%). It was the end. My ship was destroyed quickly with just some shots. I even didn't have time to try to engage the hyperdrive and run away. Be carefull with some ODS. They don't forgive.
  23. Ok, I have tried to transport my AE near the EAD but it didn't work very well. Every time I beam up myself (!!!!) back to the ship, I go back to bridge automatically, so I have to relocate myself to the transporter again everytime. Not a big deal, really. I still have problems trying to deploy my veichles. Here are the plot: First I went to training area, so I could figure out what would happen during my deploing operations on normal game. So I set all WP for FCs, SCs and OCs. My FCs and SCs worked very well, but I noticed that my OCs weren't released. I thought: "maybe my SC's are trying to reach the release veichels WP, but it is impossible due to the EAD. They are making their way out to the missels and rockets". Thinking that way, I decided go to a frendely isolated area where my SC could normally land and release my veichles. It didn't work. My SC landed, took off and RTB with the ATV inside it. What I'm doind wrong? - I checked: the ATV is INSIDE the SC (Tactical) - I set a "proceed to next" WP before the "release veichles" WP. - There are people on bord, I sent one medic and two marines to the ATV. On Tacops, it is bright green. thanks for helping
  24. hi again, I'm about to drop my marines on surface. I'm going to use the tips on page 58 of TFM. But I have some questions: 1 - I'm not going to transport them, I want them going by SC/OC. So... Where should I allocate them? To the SC, OC or both? 2 - Once on the surface, Will them leave the SC or OC automatically and SAD? 3 - Is there any way to give them any kind of order like halt, SAD or whatever? 4 - I'm using the same questions 2 and 3 form my OC's. 5 - If I attack a planet like earth with A LOT of bases, will that bases send troops or fighters against me? Because if they will, I'm not going to drop my marines to get a starbase and than to have them killed by the troops of another starbase on the vicinities. thanks for helping.
  25. quote:Originally posted by Papi: First things first Gustavo, if you haven't registered your copy go and do it now or you can't expect any support. If you have registered add your system profile info to your sig (as told in the link here)and you'll get support. Hope I can help you as soon as you got it done Edit: I saw above that you had your system profile in your sig, where did it go? Try to fix it as soon as possible to avoid misunderstanding. Anyway, I think it's alright to try to answer some of your qustions. No, but nearer the better. It takes time for missile to fly to planet atmosphere. [ 01-04-2002: Message edited by: Papi ] Ok, thanks for information. I don't understand why I have to register again (I have to register to post anything here, right?). But that's ok. I did it again. I really don't know if I did it correctly. BTW, I has been thinking over and I will try a strategy. It's crazy, but I will try. Here is the plan: We know that if the marines don't see you, they will not attack you, right? And it's easy locate the Air defenses from TACOPS, right? So, I'm going to beam down my AE near the EAD and shoot them until destroy them (need just some good shots). When I finish with one, I will beam up my AE again and then, beam down near another EAD. I'll keep doing this util all EAD will be destroyed. If I survive this, It will be easy to destroy all the base without many losses. I will keep you informed (if I survive)