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  1. Cmdr Brion MacGregor, callsign Stormshadow reporting as ordered Sir. The GCV-Stormdragon and her crew stand ready for new Orders.
  2. ~S~ Commander McGregor and the Crew of the GCV-STORMDRAGON reporting as ordered, Sir. I'm running BCM:G DSL and system specs as posted. Haven't tested out the server side yet but will be doing so shortly. Can't wait to take my Megaron for a spin with you guys!!!
  3. Bahhh...You don't wanna fly that slow , sluggish, honkin' huge target anyway.......
  4. *Salute* Welcome to Wraith, Fermin For you new guys. I think it's time you put on the uniform and get those Sigs looking squared away. If you are unsure how to do it...run a search or ask one of us. Everything needs to be looking ship-shape for when the FLEET gets under way.... [ 04-15-2003, 12:46 AM: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  5. Tyrn, Would it be possible for me to get the url for that Wraith SOG Holo-Insignia? Also, I don't know if you and Tac have gotten as far as doing Asset assignments but if I had any say in the matter ( which I probably don't ) I would still go with a Megaron. [ 04-13-2003, 04:52 AM: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  6. Tyrn Left ya a message at Wraith Forum, You are almost exactly a year late with that tactic. So It should rightfully be called the " Stormshadow maneuver"
  7. Greetings all. The time when we get to meet each other in battle is near. In order to help facilitate the coordination of the Fleet I am running a Voicecomm server on my computer. I am using the program Teamspeak , and you can get it here or at my Mechwarrior 4 Clan's website here in the links section. Anyone who wishes to use it is welcome. I will try to keep it up at all times. The IP is [ 06-04-2003, 01:50 PM: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  8. Tyrn, It's great to have you back. My email is [email protected]
  9. TYRN!!!!! That's the best news I have heard all year. Hope things are going well for you. Hope to see your ship docked at Wraith HQ soon.
  10. Cmdr Tyrn Marcel was Tac's XO and also Wing Leader of Wraith SOG of which I am In.....But Cmdr Marcel has regrettably retired and his ship has been decommisioned.... I know we don't have to worry about this until later, But we should try to keep some kind of Command and Control in the Fleet. I brought this up several months ago and got little response....... [ 12-24-2002, 06:42 PM: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  11. Almalexia, Sotha Sil and Vivec are slain..... The Tribunal is no more...Azura is pleased. You do not have to be 50th level to beat them....I'm only 39th.
  12. I'm really sorry about that... I checked the VCF....but it was really late and there are just so many Items in the 1.08 patch... I guess I missed it. I know that you've been working hard on this patch SC, so I hope you accept the following in the spirit in which it is given. I've been doing the math, and at this speed it would take about 166.6 Minutes or 2.7 hours of game time to travel 150k km ( a distance I selected for the average distance between anomalies....I know that this number is incorrect) and about 1166.2 minutes or 19.43 hours for a long range probe to complete it's remaining 7 jumps. After going "in game" to look at this some more, The TIR shows over 650,000 km between the "to earth" jump point and the " to Sirius" wormhole, in the Jupiter zone....I don't understand that, if the zones are 250k km, but that journey would take the probe over 12 hours game time ...( it also happens to be where I launched the probe in question and the order that I gave it) . As is, the benefits of carrying anything other than short range probes are neglible, especially in a military sense. When designing the probes did you ever consider giving them a "burn-out" hyperdrive. Please forgive my ignorance, I really don't know how much of a problem it would be to write the code for something like that. [ 11-09-2002, 10:31 AM: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  13. Hello all, I've i've done a clean install of BCM and patched up to RC24 and started playing. I've launched several probes and they don't seem to be behaving as before.......They are travelling very slow. When I launched one in the Jupiter zone and ordered it to jump to Sirius it started that way.....but after several hours it still isn't even halfway to the wormhole. Is this correct behavior? Is anyone else having this experience? They seemed to move much faster before. [ 11-09-2002, 12:59 AM: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  14. Race, The fact that I hold some political views in common with Jaguar has nothing to do with my stance here today. Jaguar has, As many of us here have, are or will be putting ourselves in harm's way out of love for this country and it's Ideals. It saddens me that you don't recognize that Jaguar's dissatisfaction with certain trends in government stem from his deep love for this country and the principles it was founded on, and that his passion is fueled by his desire to see that his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren are able to enjoy those same rights and freedoms. That does not mean that I think that you or anyone else is unpatriotic because they don't agree with everything that I believe or that Jaguar believes. I would've thought it improper for Jaguar to tell you to leave this country under the same circumstances. The beauty of this country is that we can disagree with each other but still find common ground in the fact that we are all Americans and that we have the freedom to disagree and to debate these weighty topics. As for the instances that you have found offensive as a man of color. I think that perhaps it would be worthwhile to explore those cases with the members of this community.A Heated debate may insue, but I see nothing wrong with that.an earnest discussion of this type of problem may foster a deeper understanding and tolerance for all participants. I see this as much preferable to keeping silent and and perhaps harboring resentment for such statements. Because of the limitations of this medium of interaction, it is often easy to misinterpret the correct intentions of statements because we are unable to gauge level and tone of voice and body language. I don't know if this might be the case in the instances that you mentioned but it might be worth exploring. I have reread my post several times and can't find the spot where I implied anyone was stupid.....In fact I tried to be very positive about the high quality of the debates on this forum and encouraged them to continue..... I did state that some viewpoints were inconceivable to me....but that just means that I don't understand how certain conclusions were arrived at.......it doesn't speak at all about anyone's intelligence level.........I'm not real good with quantum mechanics either.
  15. Hello all. I had pretty much decided to just remain here in lurker mode after partipating in many discussions along this vein and realizing that, in spite of logic, common sense, and statistical evidence, seemingly good, intelligent people still support this type of assault upon our constitutional liberties. I remain as proud to be a member of this community today as I was the first day I joined. This forum has continued to attract the best and brightest people from all walks of life, all ages, and many different countries. We come together here and share ,not only our joy and pleasure in gaming, but also our views on politics, theology, morality, science and just about every other thing under the sun. We come here because the vigilance and integrity of the SC, the moderators and the community as a whole, have made this a place where we can voice our opinions, thoughts and beliefs, secure in the knowledge that somebody out there will force us to refine, focus, and yes, maybe even append or disregard those viewpoints by exposing us to new information, different points of view or differing personal experience. Here we are challenged to look at ourselves and our beliefs and decide whether they are based on fact, logic, and common sense and not just some legacy of unanalyzed social programming that we picked up along the way. Here we are encouraged to seperate the chaff from the wheat. (Oh yeah, Almost forgot......We come here also because BCM is a KICKA$$ game) I've abstained from many of these discussions because there are many here who offer the same viewpoints that I have and are more than willing to engage in the thrust, parry and riposte. So, as much as I hate to admit it.....my posts would probably be very redundant. However, this morning I felt compelled to offer my .02. There are several things in this thread that disturbed me this morning. quote:ep5 has every right to be pissed off... jesus youre a friggin moderator for christs sake!!!!!!!!!! what you said is discriminatory... VERY this topic has gotten to the point where i never intended it to go... i meant it to be a discussion about one thing, and it got sickly perverted into an insult fest... therefore i move this topic be closed. Fox, I was really puzzled and surprised to see this post under your name. Ep5, no matter how much knowledge he aquires about the U.S., It laws, and the U.S. Constitution, Is still only an observer. Like the military historian who knows all the details of all the great battles of history down to the smallest minutiae, and can rattle off the specs to every weapon ever made. He might tell of comraderie and valour on the battlefield but unless he has been in the military, he can not tell you what it is to BE a soldier......No matter how many orders of battle he knows or how many military manuals he memorizes.....he is an observer. Of course there is nothing wrong with that....it's just the way things are. I think it is pretty apparent that Jaguar's statement was more along that line of thought than a put-down or slur about him being a Canadian. Moving along............. It is this post by Race that really disturbed me. quote: Are you living in the right country? You seem to take issue with the very existence of any system of government. Perhaps you would be better suited somewhere else. I am somewhat disappointed and angered by not only the tone of this post but also the thought process behind it. and although it seems Jaguar didn't take offense to it, I'm afraid I have to. To suggest that Jaguar should leave this country because he Believes wholeheartedly in our constitution and vocally denounces an attempt by our government to pervert or Illegaly change that document and the liberties guaranteed therein, is indeed an insult.... not only to him, but to me as well, because I agree with him wholeheartedly. What, I think, Jaguar takes issue with is any system of Government in the UNITED STATES that is NOT completely based on the Constitution and that is constantly trying to assault the inalienable rights given us by that Document. Our forefathers bled and died to afford us this freedom and it is our duty and resposibility to maintain the integrity of that sacrifice against ALL enemies DOMESTIC and foreign. It is inconceivable to me that, In light of the corruption, Immorality, and Greed in our government today even with those rights still in place, that you could believe that were they removed,we wouldn't be crushed under foot. History has shown us a very different picture. Just my thoughts. I have really enjoyed reading these debates people....keep up the good work. And to a few of you I've never spoken with before. LITVYAK: I like your style. DRAGON LADY: You, my dear, are a rare Gem. [ 11-06-2002, 04:16 PM: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  16. OH YES..... I Concur.!!! [ 08-04-2002, 07:26 AM: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  17. Tyrn, I want to thank you for all your help when I first came to this community. I hope everything works out well for you and your family. We will miss your leadership. [Cmdr. McGregor snaps to attention and salutes] Should you be able to join us in the future I will look forward to fighting by your side. Damn Tyrn I was looking over my post and noticed this: quote:Commander Tyrn Marcel, Ret. GCV Falcon - Decommissioned and it kinda hit a soft spot. Couldn't we list you as inactive reserve or something else? I guess I'm getting to mellow these days.....that just made me kinda sad. [ 05-04-2002, 00:06: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  18. LMAO @ GRAYFOX!!! Damn 'Fox it's been a while since I heard anybody use the term REMF
  19. Menchise Clip and magazine are the same thing....one is proper and the other slang. And for those of you wondering..... MOUT means Miltary Operations in an Urban Terrain. There are a lot of weapons that were designed to be held by the magazine...The U.S. M3 "Grease Gun", The German MP-40, and the French MATS-49 just to name a few.
  20. Well since you asked: This is something that I discussed with Gallion and I can see you might have been looking at an aspect of it by looking at the VCF. quote:Mr. Gallion I just had a couple of Items that I was wondering about. If you are to busy to answer these questions, I understand. Has there ever been any discussion between the SC and the Beta group about doing something more with the Power Allocation screen in the game? When I'm playing, I usually power down the non-essential systems. Thus I usually have some extra power points to play with.....but there is nothing to do with them. I think it would deepen the tactical options if you could reroute that extra power to other ships systems. ie, "Commander, shields down to 30%" "reroute power from launch control to the shields" "aye, Sir" It would enrich the gameplay IMHO, to be able to slightly alter certain ship parameters through the re-allocation of power resources....such as shield,weapon, and HJ recharge rates, and maybe IOD and PTA strength, or Afterburner speed. I know that many of you have probably thought of this.....just wondered if it was ever seriously discussed. One other thing, any discussion of a method of allowing the Commander to update ( I would Imagine at great cost) the genetic material and Brain engram samples for the cloning module so that your Ace pilot doesn't came back as the Rain man? Thank you for you time [[smile]] -------------------- Commander Brion McGregor GCV-STORMDRAGON WRAITH FLEET/SOG Hard,Fast,Furious ... FIRST ! system profile info Also some kind of "Spinal mounted" really heavy weapon like a mass driver would be nice. a heavy missile or "torpedo" would be good or perhaps a modified or "Heavy" weapons pod that allowed you to carry and fire a couple of those SDM's would be cool.
  21. Hey Bandus, I haven't been around here long enough to remember you but I thought I'd respond anyway. Looking at your Sys Info, I'd say that maybe you need to update some drivers. Also, It seems that some people are having conflicts with their SB live sound cards and the VIA chipsets. You might want to notch down your graphics acceleration and your sound acceleration in DXDIAG,....that's all I can say since you didn't really give us any Idea exactly what problems you're having. Oh yeah...also make sure you're running the current version.....You probably are, just thought I'd add that. Good luck [ 03-19-2002, 16:52: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  22. Ok, That Firestorm is very nice and all,but it only makes me think one thing ( and I think the poll is showing that I have some support in this statement) Where is the new Megaron? MEGARON !! MEGARON !! MEGARON !! MEGARON !!
  23. Well X welcome to our Nightmare I just knew this was gonna happen. Ok, X we've been trying to keep these posts on how to make "mad cash" down to a minimum since every time we post one the SC (That's Supreme Commander,AKA Mr Derek Smart ,in all his magnificent glory) promptly tries to "plug it up" ! Luckily the "Creator" ( the aforementioned SC ) has wrought a wonderous thing in the BCM dynamic universe and attempts thus far to stem the capitalist binges of the economically agressive commanders have just been a test to find exactly how the universe would react to the tweak and exploiting the new business opportunities. Then you gotta come and start rocking the shuttle We'll be workin' up a skin for your ship come MP.....it'll be the one with the big "bullseye" on it *sigh* Oh well, who wants to be a billionaire anyway? Anyway, Glad to have you here. When you get a chance you might start thinkin' about joining a Fleet. If so, Come see us over at WRAITH HQ. [ 03-11-2002, 08:33: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
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