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  1. OH YES..... I Concur.!!! [ 08-04-2002, 07:26 AM: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  2. Well $ilk All I have to say is that I have been nothing but happy with my AMD T-Bird....And will give AMD my business from now on unless they seriously drop the ball.....I feel that their Impressive response to the pentium processors are a key factor in bringing PC prices down and keeping them down. besides if the underdog is fighting the good fight,I'll put my money on him every time....kinda seems like the right thing to do.
  3. Tyrn, I want to thank you for all your help when I first came to this community. I hope everything works out well for you and your family. We will miss your leadership. [Cmdr. McGregor snaps to attention and salutes] Should you be able to join us in the future I will look forward to fighting by your side. Damn Tyrn I was looking over my post and noticed this: quote:Commander Tyrn Marcel, Ret. GCV Falcon - Decommissioned and it kinda hit a soft spot. Couldn't we list you as inactive reserve or something else? I guess I'm getting to mellow these days.....that just made me kinda sad. [ 05-04-2002, 00:06: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  4. LMAO @ GRAYFOX!!! Damn 'Fox it's been a while since I heard anybody use the term REMF
  5. quote: Good post Stormshadow, the same point I'm trying to get across except I get long winded and stuck replying 'inside' Menchise's post. AHH $ilk ,my friend, This is your error. You cannot reply to his posts effectively by remaining "inside" his circle of logic. This philosophy focuses the adherents attentions inward on the Words, Ideals and Ideas that form the foundation of socialism.The problem with this is that this foundation is based on suppositions that are outside the realm of probability. Socialism is like some beautiful, fragile, crystalline structure formed in the weightless vacuum of pure thought. As long as it remains there it is like shining beacon to it's followers....however, It is also doomed to remain there because once subjected to the tempestuous environment of the Human Socio-Dynamic it is quickly shattered and it's pieces scattered in the maelstrom. The logic is flawed because it refuses to look outward and make a truthful and accurate assesment of True Human Nature and Social Interaction. At our current stage of Human social evolution I would even say that socialism is even outside the realm of POSSIBILITY. all of this is obvious without even taking into consideration the actions of these "Plutocrats" and all of those "have" kinda folk. Who are not just going to roll over and give the "have nots" all their shit. But you know,.....maybe I'm wrong. Maybe in the year 2010 IF all the Stars in the Universe are in perfect alignment, AND it's the 6th Tuesday in February, AND we can get every Human on the planet to stand on one leg and stick their right Index finger in their left nostril.........Then MAYBE,We got like a 50/50 Chance of making this Socialism thing work.
  6. quote: I have supported my argument with a real world example that neither you, Jaguar, or $iLk has invalidated, so drop the fantasy talk. Uhhh WRONG !! You have supported your argument with a supposed experiment in a controlled environment which leaves out millions of variables that influence and determine the course of human action. let the button-pushers be hooded....completely anonymous. Now tell them that the people on the other ends of those wires are: The guy looking at their child with lust. The guy who cut them off in traffic that day. The gal who slept with her husband. The gal who called her a slut. The guy who stole his new DVD player. The guy who fired him. The neighbor that won't turn that music down. ETC. ETC. and watch the buttons start flying......It'll sound like a bunch of typewriters in there. This experiment is NOT the empirical evidence that you believe it is or that you would have US believe it is. Now let us look at some REAL,REAL WORLD examples. Crucifiction. Impalement. The Roman games in the Coliseum. The genocide of peoples by Ghengis Khan. The Inquisition. The Crusades. The treatment of the Scots by the English. Trench Warfare. Chemical warfare. Dachau. Auschwitz. Slavery. The treatment of African Americans in the south after slavery was outlawed. The treatment of the Nisei during WWII. Hiroshima. Nagasaki. Tieneman Square.(SP?) Africa (can't even begin to list these ongoing atrocities). Salem Witch Trials. Sept 11th. and so on. There will always be factors that will provoke violent action by a group of humans...ie Fear, Greed, Racial Hatred, Religious Intolerance, Revenge, Lust for Power. And the people who commit those acts will always rationalize their actions. History has PROVEN this to be True. [ 04-17-2002, 04:20: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  7. I was gonna try to stay out of this thread......but the temptation has just become to great..... I spent some time in Israel when I was in the Military....this would've been about oh uh 1986....I toured the country...swam in the Dead Sea...climbed Masada...toured the bunkers in the Golan Heights...and the thing I remember the most was standing by a memorial dedicated to a tank unit,(I forget the strength,Battalion I think) that died, to the last man, trying to hold against the Syrians and give the IDF time to mobilize. Anyone who believes that the Israelis are going to give up their country is living in a fantasy world. It's not gonna happen. just about every Country in the World has had some civilization, country, tribe, or group whose occupation of it's lands predates the current controllers. To use that as as argument for the Israelis to give in to the Palestinians is ludicrous. The debate on terrorism vs. warfare is also pretty much irrelevant at this point. Israel has been attacked by Palestinians who have been sponsored,trained and supplied by the men(or man ) who represents the Palestinian people. make no mistake about it...this is a war. It is now the duty and responsibility of the Israeli Military and Government, to neutralize the threat to Israel. And if that means killing every single person of Palestinian blood, so be it.That's their JOB....To neutralize threats to the Israeli people.And if you, as a political entity show that you are going to use your citizenry as weapon delivery platforms. so be it.they must be neutralized........pretty simple actually.....at least from a military point of view As for the Palestinians, if they continue to let the Hard-liners call the shot's and put them on the firing line. Let them go...let them Vanish from the face of the Earth,because the gene pool could certainly do with out their nonsense. If they want to go be with Allah through the great Jihad,Then by all means let's speed them on their way. For them it's an internal problem. but also pretty simple, get some new, more moderate leadership, behave like civilized folks, or face annihilation. Why does everybody insist we coddle these FU%^in' people? The Israelis have been much more tolerant than they needed to be.MUCH more tolerant than the U.S. would've been.( as evidenced by this past year ) Why does everybody think we should DO ANYTHING...It's not our business. Let the Israelis defend their country, and let the Palestinians learn the error of their ways or fade into history. and finally, A few Questions for Menchise How old are you? have you ever had a REAL job? Who is paying for your education. and have you really THOUGHT about this stuff you're saying or are you just a drone that spits out this prattle whensome one uses the "socialism" keyword? The Phenomenon that is Humanity is much too diverse in temperment, Ideology, religion, culture etc. etc. to even seriously entertain the thought that socialism is viable. If you take 100 people and ask them "what is the most important thing to do" and "how do we go about doing it" you are probably going to get 100 different answers. This is the STRENGTH of the human race. Your Socialist Collective would never work ,It would lack Vision,Focus,and Direction. These are provided by leaders.....and you have none. And this doesn't take into consideration the Negative aspects of the Human equation. Because those guys around the corner.....they think your socialism sucks, because they want to be estranged from labor,matter of fact ...they want to be as far from labor as they can be....However they still want what you have. They also have leaders...they have a vision......to have all your shit, they have a focus....to gang up on you folks and Take all your shit. and they have direction....the direction they need to go to get to your shit... while I am being a bit facetious here, the point is valid.If you haven't seen that the dark side of human nature is alive and kicking.then you need to grow up and join us in the real world. Sorry, it's just a bad operating system.way to buggy and unstable as hell. [ 04-16-2002, 05:26: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  8. Menchise Clip and magazine are the same thing....one is proper and the other slang. And for those of you wondering..... MOUT means Miltary Operations in an Urban Terrain. There are a lot of weapons that were designed to be held by the magazine...The U.S. M3 "Grease Gun", The German MP-40, and the French MATS-49 just to name a few.
  9. quote:Jk2: WOW, i think it's gonna win game of the year. Well ,I have nothing against this game but I'm hoping this is not the case.......... Because it will mean that Morrowind did not live up to expectations. [ 03-29-2002, 19:46: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  10. Just a Question for the SC and you BC Vets....has anybody ever suggested making a Pen & Paper RPG based on the Battlecruiser universe?
  11. uhhhh.....Post in the Prime Fleet Forum !?
  12. Well since you asked: This is something that I discussed with Gallion and I can see you might have been looking at an aspect of it by looking at the VCF. quote:Mr. Gallion I just had a couple of Items that I was wondering about. If you are to busy to answer these questions, I understand. Has there ever been any discussion between the SC and the Beta group about doing something more with the Power Allocation screen in the game? When I'm playing, I usually power down the non-essential systems. Thus I usually have some extra power points to play with.....but there is nothing to do with them. I think it would deepen the tactical options if you could reroute that extra power to other ships systems. ie, "Commander, shields down to 30%" "reroute power from launch control to the shields" "aye, Sir" It would enrich the gameplay IMHO, to be able to slightly alter certain ship parameters through the re-allocation of power resources....such as shield,weapon, and HJ recharge rates, and maybe IOD and PTA strength, or Afterburner speed. I know that many of you have probably thought of this.....just wondered if it was ever seriously discussed. One other thing, any discussion of a method of allowing the Commander to update ( I would Imagine at great cost) the genetic material and Brain engram samples for the cloning module so that your Ace pilot doesn't came back as the Rain man? Thank you for you time [[smile]] -------------------- Commander Brion McGregor GCV-STORMDRAGON WRAITH FLEET/SOG Hard,Fast,Furious ... FIRST ! system profile info Also some kind of "Spinal mounted" really heavy weapon like a mass driver would be nice. a heavy missile or "torpedo" would be good or perhaps a modified or "Heavy" weapons pod that allowed you to carry and fire a couple of those SDM's would be cool.
  13. Steffan, On every class ship there is a place where the PTA systems has an optimum damage output. This is the place that we call the "Sweet Spot". Because this spot is dependant on turret placement etc. It is different for each ship class. I would suggest you do some experimenting and try to find the sweet spot for the Violon or whatever ship you are currently commanding. Otherwise your PTA system is not going to be that effective no matter which ship you try..... although some of the sweet spots are easier to find than others. I haven't really flown the Violon that much, so I really couldn't tell you where the sweet spot is on that ship......sorry. [ 03-20-2002, 12:43: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  14. Hey Bandus, I haven't been around here long enough to remember you but I thought I'd respond anyway. Looking at your Sys Info, I'd say that maybe you need to update some drivers. Also, It seems that some people are having conflicts with their SB live sound cards and the VIA chipsets. You might want to notch down your graphics acceleration and your sound acceleration in DXDIAG,....that's all I can say since you didn't really give us any Idea exactly what problems you're having. Oh yeah...also make sure you're running the current version.....You probably are, just thought I'd add that. Good luck [ 03-19-2002, 16:52: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  15. I'm not mad Carl I really appreciate that you're going to keep your CC visible so I can give your CE stuff to Fix. *grin* I think your missing the point of what I'm trying to say. I'm saying picking one element out of the offensive and defensive arsenals that you are given as a Commander and then saying that the use of that element is for "losers" is just a foreign concept to me......If you were cheating in some way I could understand...but the cloaks are within the normal parameters of the game. And while I do realize this is a game, when I play I'm going to try my best to win or at least do well.....and I will utilize every thing that I can to do so.
  16. quote: only losers use cloak--- be a man (or woman) and rush in there without cloaking and start some real fighting! get some battle scars! Dont you find it boring having all systems green all the time? I cant stand it unless I have atleast one heavily damaged system or a batterd crew.. --well thats just me i guess [[big Grin]] I'm going to have to say that I'm kinda puzzled by this attitude. A warrior will use whatever weapons are at hand to most effectively complete the mission or attrit the enemy. A good commander will use all resources available to do the same AND keep his people and ship out of harms way. I think it would be safe to say that most of the crew and most certainly the Chief Engineer enjoy "all systems Green" quote:You see but that isnt FUN.. If I heard "aquired" then id see if its worthy of me paying attention-- if it is then id just say bring it on and load up on vagrants(sp).. Then of course id charge into battle and rip em a new one-- If it was fighters when id just send my fighters to get em off me and let PTA finish the job.. It would be just as arbitrary to say only losers use vagrants. Playing against real commanders is gonna be much different than playing the AI ships....I think you better learn to use that cloak as well as you can...or spend a lot of time as space debris quote: So I still stand on cloaking being an overused non-valiant tactic.. but thats just me Non-Valiant? WTF are you talking about? Your job is to accomplish your mission and try to preserve your people and assets....who said anything about being Valiant? My mistake, I guess. I thought this was a simmulation of being a military commander.....not just a gamer going and getting his A$$ shot off because it "Kewl" but ....that just my opinion
  17. Hmm...At this point I think we are getting so close to MP that some of us might be a little reluctant to share our hard won secrets......at least with anyone besides our fellow Fleet Commanders........Am I despicable for having these feelings? Does anyone else have similar thoughts?
  18. Well Now you can start counting...I've read them.And IIRC somebody else also mentioned them or The author on this board at some time.....I read them about 20 years ago it seems....Some of the concepts were just a little TO far-fetched for me I think.
  19. Ok, That Firestorm is very nice and all,but it only makes me think one thing ( and I think the poll is showing that I have some support in this statement) Where is the new Megaron? MEGARON !! MEGARON !! MEGARON !! MEGARON !!
  20. OK, I kinda tried to stay away from this thread, but I was bored this morning and ended up here anyway..go figure. I'm going to post some links. In these links are info that I would like your various inputs on. Some of the info on these links I know to be true,either through personal experience or observations. Some I BELIEVE to be true although I don't have any real proof.....and some I'm unsure about. I have never had the opportunity to discuss this topic with such a wide group of knowledgable and intelligent people from many different countries and political viewpoints, So ,Your thoughts on these subjects are most welcome. Silent Weapons BB,CFR,&TC BB [ 03-11-2002, 09:06: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  21. Well X welcome to our Nightmare I just knew this was gonna happen. Ok, X we've been trying to keep these posts on how to make "mad cash" down to a minimum since every time we post one the SC (That's Supreme Commander,AKA Mr Derek Smart ,in all his magnificent glory) promptly tries to "plug it up" ! Luckily the "Creator" ( the aforementioned SC ) has wrought a wonderous thing in the BCM dynamic universe and attempts thus far to stem the capitalist binges of the economically agressive commanders have just been a test to find exactly how the universe would react to the tweak and exploiting the new business opportunities. Then you gotta come and start rocking the shuttle We'll be workin' up a skin for your ship come MP.....it'll be the one with the big "bullseye" on it *sigh* Oh well, who wants to be a billionaire anyway? Anyway, Glad to have you here. When you get a chance you might start thinkin' about joining a Fleet. If so, Come see us over at WRAITH HQ. [ 03-11-2002, 08:33: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  22. quote:I, for one,would like to initiate a few new SOP's on board my ship. Ter/Ins Marine running through the corridor towards the shuttlebay duffelbag thrown over his shoulder,rounds the corner and------- (COMPUTER VOICE) YOU ARE NOW ENTERING THE SHUTTLEBAY PLEASE PLACE ALL WEAPONS,MINERALS,METALLIC OBJECTS,AND ALIEN ARTIFACTS IN THE PLASTIC TRAY AND STEP THROUGH THE DETECTOR !! GALCOM MARINE CORPORAL: Place your duffelbag on the conveyer any other contraband in the tray and step through the detector ! TER/INS MARINE: HEY! What is this?I come this way ALL THE TIME and this was never here! GALCOM MARINE CORPORAL: New orders.just do what I told ya!....oh yeah..has anybody but you had access to your bag today,sir? TER/INS MARINE: uhhhh..... No GALCOM MARINE CORPORAL: Well,Then let's take a look at that bag(zip..zip)Well now, what have we here, a PAD device?....Sir I'm gonna have to ask you to step outta that line and answer a few questions....Have you got a reciept for this device? TER/INS Marine: HEY!!(starts backing up) That ain't mine...I don't know where that came from.I didn't put that in there. GALCOM MARINE CORPORAL:HEY BOY!! are you trying to get smart with me....HUH!!!...WHAT"S YER AI BOY? TER/INS MARINE:..uhhhh...uhhhhh....19. GALCOM MARINE CORPORAL:19 !!!!.....19 !!!!......really? The GALCOM MARINE CORPORAL looks over at RESNIG's blank face.....back at the bunny marine....RESNIGS blank face...bunny marine. GALCOM MARINE CORPORAL:WANNA JOB? <http://www.3000ad.com/cgibin/eek.gif> <http://www.3000ad.com/cgibin/rolleyes.gif> If only it was that easy [ 03-09-2002, 13:51: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  23. quote:No usable missles, but strangely enough you can load them up with missles anyway, or unload them (sell the missles that come with them!).I've been wondering about this also.On page 69 (go figure)of the fine manual it clearly states that: "armed OC can carry up to 10 all purpose Radix stand -off missiles.these can be used for air or ground tagets." but I have yet to figure out how to fire them. quote: If I decide to kill something you want to protect: Good luck getting there before I'm done killing it. (Although if it was MP, player controlled fighters would be a threat to me). [[big Grin]] If I come after you and do you damage, you better have HSD, or you ain't getting away. Jump, and I'll be waiting at the other end every time. (Of course, you DO have cloak, so even there you're not really in trouble). [[Wink]] I'm really anxious to see how well the Megaron will do against a Sunflash in MP !! MP is gonna be SOOO Kewl!!! Kinda gives ya goose bumps all over just thinkin' about it huh?
  24. quote: So the Army Rangers know some Ninjutsu techniques but not the whole training for it? Interesting because last I heard that this art was taught only to family in Japan back in the early centuries.The manual was basic self-defense techniques utilizing the fundementals of taijitsu (The actual body-movement & unarmed combat aspect of ninjutsu ) as a foundation. As for the "whole" training.... Ninjutsu training comprises many different facets. Unarmed combat,weapons training,blind fighting, sensory awareness, as well as the more esoteric and mystic aspects of the art...which you really don't even start to touch until you get your black-belt. This kind of response coupled with the stigma that the art gained back in the "ninjamania" craze of the 80's made me reluctant to post in this thread . Many people have the same erroneous misconceptions that you do with little basis in actual fact. Dr.Masaaki Hatsumi is the 34th Grandmaster of the Togakure ryu Ninjutsu in a direct line that goes back around one thousand years to the founder Daisuke Nishina. quote: Ive done Ju-jitsu for about 7 1/2 years before I switched to Ninjitsu. Personaly I prefer Ninjitsu. Trained with the Bujinkan Dojo also, but I dont think its the same one since I did it in england before I moved here to the USA. It was the BBD (Bujinkan Brian Dojo) lead by Brian Mcarfe (i think I spelt his name wrong). I trained with 5 diffrent instructors back then, traveling around the UK. I learnt more in 2 years of Ninjitsu than I did in 7 years ju-jitsu, so I highly recomend it if you dont mind the pain involved.I would say it's probably the same.The bujinkan Dojo is probably pretty much world-wide now. here is a link to Stephen K Hayes's website: SKH Here is some Bujinkan Stuff for you Bujinkan.org Enjoy [ 03-08-2002, 23:57: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  25. Well, Young man let's look at some your questions and statements. quote:If you take the life of another for punishment, you are no different than the criminals themselves.let's see, who is this "YOU" you're talking about? it's not me taking this life. If a person commits a crime for which the death penalty applies...he is effectively commiting suicide. society may be the instrument of that death, but the ultimate responsibility lies with the criminal.....You ARE responsible for your own actions.also, the death penalty is not meant for just a punishment it is also meant as a deterrent. quote:You people are so happy with the death sentence I'm not happy with the death penalty,IMHO it is not used as frequently or as publicly as it should be!! quote: Now let's say if fell to you to pull the switch, and fry their brains... would you do it? YES quote:I myself even if they were absolutely found guilty wouldn't press the button, for reasons that are my own. And why might that be? because you think it's not civilized? I am really curious. You present your position on this subject but not the thought processes that led you to that position. Now,let me ask you a question, If you were witnessing someone trying to kill/hurt/rape someone that YOU love, and you were in a position to stop them. Could you sink the blade? Could you pull the trigger? Could you smash the skull? Would you? Which would make you feel worse, killing this assailant or watching a life dear to you snuffed out when you could've done something about it? Would you be right morally in using lethal force to defend your loved one? I certainly believe so. Laws, like capitol punishment, are enacted to protect others not only by punishing but by deterring also. also, over 80% of the people who commit capitol crimes and are incarcerated and then released after serving their time, become recidivist. They Kill, Rape, Assault, Molest again and again if given the opportunity. people being able to work out in their yards without fear of their neighborhood being shot up by gang-bangers is civilized. being able to go to work at a convenient store without fearing that someone is going to blow your head off for 35 dollars and some change, is civilized. being able to let your children play in the yard or in the park without worrying that someone is going to snatch them up,molest them, and discard their lifeless body in some ditch, is civilized. being able to sit at a diner waiting on your wife,without fearing she's been beaten and raped is civilzed. paying for some murderer/rapist/child-molester to sit in a cell, watch T.V., get free medical treatment,get three meals a day,and in some cases an education and/or vocational training, while there are innocent people starving,homeless and needy both here and abroad,is MADNESS and goes against common sense and the laws of god,man and nature. like my Criminal Justice Professer used to say: I don't believe in the Electric Chair....I believe in Electric Bleachers...kill all them fu@#ers! There IS evil in the world and people that embrace it.They must be destroyed.
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