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  1. I'd love to see that "Shirley "sign made into a billboard and plastered all over the Battlecruiser Universe !!
  2. I've tried a few also, started with Tae Kwon Do then moved to Shaolin boxing, some kickboxing, ended up with Bujinkan Ninjutsu. My Ninjustu Instructor in GA wrote a hand to hand combat manual for the U.S. Army Rangers and the father of American Ninjutsu, Stephen K. Hayes, has his home Dojo here in Dayton. [ 03-08-2002, 17:42: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  3. Easy 'Binder, like Nova said he's only 15,he's been sheltered.( no offense intended, Nova ).By the time he's out here in the real world, and realize just how bad these things are,It'll probably be to late. Once a freedom is lost, It is rarely ever recovered. When looking at legislature like this you must look at not only what they tell you it's gonna be used for,but also what other broader powers it gives them in utilizing this information, technology, and enforcement powers. It's not ANYONES business where I surf on the internet or what I look at....period.To do so most certainly violates my right to privacy. To think that law enforcement wil not abuse this if given the oppotunity is folly. And will this really protect anybody from the people who are most are most likely to disregard these new laws? I doubt it.like anything else the people who really know what they are doing will find a way around these safeguards. I saw on the news tonight that Movie attendance was up in 2001,......higher than it has been in 35 years.....so WTF?....who are they protecting? How many of you are gonna be standin' in line waiting for that "personal" chip to be implanted that's gonna be able to tell exactly where you are , keep track of your finances and everything else,....just because it's "KEWL"? those days are coming.
  4. Grayfox, If you haven't read your private messages,please do. After I wrote that to you, I took a Garid right "outta the box" stationed in Lyrius over to Lennen to run some tests.I destroyed the Starstation there and all opposition without taking any damage. I used the tactics I messaged you, with some slight variations. A starstation CAN be destroyed with a single, just launched supercruiser. I probably could've captured it, but I doubt if I could've held it due to the amount of hostiles in the AO. Might've been possible to hold Station If I would've had Fleet C&C. PM me if you have any questions. Just got done with some more testing.took out Pixan with: Warmonger Questar Sunflash although I did take slight damage with these ships. [ 03-06-2002, 12:57: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  5. quote:With review space so valuable, do you ever think the day will come when the first paragraph or two does NOT mention your history with TAKE2?Very good point Steve! The people that have been around already know about it and to the new people, it is of little importance. I would much rather read about the support and dev status than have this type of thing rehashed.
  6. Well said Kush, Well said. I can see valid points on both sides of this conversation. I've been gaming in some form or fashion for over 21 years now. In that time I've seen many games that had the potential to be great, simply disappear due to lack of support and development. Others,on the verge of decline,were revitalized by those same elements. I can still remember gamers standing around the bookstore sayin' "HOLY SHIT!!!" when the first "Forgotten Realms" stuff hit the market. I still, am a little awed that the box game I bought back in the 80' called "Battletech" evolved into the massive Battletech universe that exists today, spawning role-playing games,novels, and computer games. In this day of games being developed and then cast aside, I think it is important to the serious gamers to have a game that has a history of continuity. I don't have the time to waste playing a game, that I might fall in love with, with which it is a probability that support will fade and vanish or that it will not evolve. So, while I think that for many of us out here, that type of information is very important. I also realize that those reviews are also targeted towards the more casual gamers and are handicapped by word count. [ 03-02-2002, 01:15: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  7. Well Gents, Just did a little experimenting with the new defense systems....after getting the STORMDRAGON combat worthy again.,,,,,and yes, Gallion is indeed correct. The Starstations can still be taken out by one craft, without Fleet C&C, if you know what you are doing.........of course you need a cloak to do it....but, like someone mentioned above, I will leave my exact tactics unwritten. I don't think we need them anymore powerful. I just took the Pixan station AND the ODS satellite, by myself, without Fleet C&C, In a Megaron. First try......however,trying without a cloak and without Fleet support proved to be futile. One good thing about these changes, I think it will allow a greater chance for the station to survive AFTER being taken if there are hostiles in the Area. I think the only change I might make were it up to me would be to maybe divide the turrets up and have some at the new strength that are strictly anti-capitol ship turrets and some that are maybe a little less powerful with less range that are dedicated to Anti-fighter duty. Since I'm not exactly sure how these turrets work, I'm only guessing that this might alleviate the instances of fighters overloading the targeting arrays in a large fleet battle. If the targeting arrays already have some type of threat analysis AI, please forgive my ignorance. For any of you that still insist on posting your tactics for accumulating massive amounts of cash....I implore you to keep those Ideas close to your vests....maybe share through e-mail or IM......I'm getting BCM finger in my mouse hand again ....and you know the SC's just gonna try to "challenge" us even more in the future. All in all. I think I will agree with everyone else....the changes, Hell, the whole patch itself is pretty friggin' Kick-Ass !!
  8. Ryan Eversole


    uhmmmm, We're not ALL absent...just MOSTLY absent.I'm still around.
  9. quote:LMAO!!! What?? No shots!??!! C'mon, we need a shot or something.I've got shots...already converted to jpegs and everything....I just haven't gotten around to making a homepage to host them on.... quote:And I noticed no RANDOM weapon use is logged? What!? Don't tell me an SCMDR in GALCOM is taking the moral high ground.No, It's not anything like that....I just don't have the AI to launch a RANDOM yet......I started my run with 523 OTS missiles onboard....I thought that would make up for the lack of the RANDOM
  10. ************ NEWS FLASH ************** 04/10/3010 Today, Tacops Commander Brion McGregor was named Supreme Commander of Galcom Miltary Forces in a small ceremony held on the newly captured PARIX Starstation which orbits LV115 in the Gammula system. Attending the ceremony were elements of the newly constituted "Dragons Fangs" Task Force, which is comprised of ships captured during Operation "Highland Fury", McGregors blitzkrieg-like attack into Gammulan Space. McGregor's success in this unanticipated drive for the Gammulan homeworld is most certainly the reason for this unprecedented promotion. Sources close to McGregor say that upon hearing the news, The new Supreme Commander immediatly sent a communique to Galcom HQ inquiring about his predecessor, To which the reply was,"Derek who?". As this report was being written,We've also just recieved word that shortly after the ceremony Supreme Commander McGregor lauched another attack. This time on the Huge GAMMULA Starstation in near-orbit around Gammula 2, and that he has been victorius once again,capturing the station and securing the local space around Gammula 2. We intend on keeping a close eye on the new Supreme Commander and will be sending you up to date reports as events unfold here at the front. -------------------------------------------------- *** FLASH TRAFFIC*** To: ALL GALCOM Forces From: Supreme Commander Brion McGregor RE: Updates to tactical databases In the aftermath of operation "Highland Fury" the following Starstations are to be re-designated. Spectre Station.....Antis.....TER/MIL New America.........Rinaal....TER/MIL Cyclone.............Cyron VI..TER/MIL Rocon...............Regis VI..TER/MIL Alidas..............Otura 6...TER/MIL Exin................Kruger....TER/MIL Rogan...............Chalinis..TER/MIL Sorius..............LV 110....TER/MIL Parix...............LV 115....TER/MIL Gammula.............Gammula 2.TER/MIL Hexar...............Gammula 1.TER.MIL There were also at least 9 ODS platforms that were either disabled or destroyed,type and locations will be sent in a later transmission. End Transmission -------------------------------------------------- Supreme Commanders Log 04/10/3010 10:05 It's kinda weird being Supreme Commander. Words I've never used before like "Sheesh" and "Siddown" have crept into my vocabulary. Not to mention phrases like " It'll be ready when it's ready,..and it ain't ready" and "You have been warned", to name a few. Probably the worst part is all this E-mail and letters from these barely coherent commanders who obviously need help removing their heads from their "third point of contact". Sheesh!! Then , they slip up to me and try to tell me how to run this campaign!!! Like Shermans March to the Sea, I've left a flaming trail of death and destruction across the Gammulan Quadrant and the STORMDRAGON now sits in orbit around the Gammulan Homeworld raining nuclear ruin down upon our Foe, and they have the gall to want to give me tactical tips! -------------------------------------------------- Let's see, How Well is my Game Going Asset : Megaron GCV-STORMDRAGON Date : 04/10/3010 10:05 Rank : Supreme Commander Violations : 0 Finances : 332,643,625 Inventory : 61,355,625 ( this inventory doesn't appear to count the 481 OTS missiles that I have in my Cargo Pod...The real total of my inventory + Finances would be somewhere around 1.2 BILLION Galactic Credits) Experience : 311,861 Medals : Star of Merit = 1 Commanders Shield = 1 Order of the Wraith = 1 Combat Shield = 9 OTS launches : Around 35+ Neat stuff What do you know, the Gammulans left 4 bright shiny new STORMCARRIERS at the Gammula station for me to play with. IT is SO cool to see this on your tactical crew screen! SUPREME COMMANDER...............ON STATION Derek, Thank You once again, I'm having a blast. * BTW no cheats were used in this game * [ 02-22-2002, 20:01: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  11. Their first mistake was letting a MARINE read the map.......... Their second mistake was letting a MARINE OFFICER read the map........
  12. Well,there you have it !!!I knew something like this was gonna happen ... Ya know as many times as I've heard that saying "never mess with the DM or GM(and now SC)" It never ceases to amaze me that our gamers minds just can't wrap itself around that piece of good advice But while we are at it, I'm surprised that there is not an ODS type satellite that can't be towed and parked in the general area of those jumpgates and wormholes......lol...I tried tractoring one to do just that and had no success Oh and 'Fox, I think I'm ready to start helping you with that list.. uhhhh come to think of it...my ver.1.00.05 is running really great....uh maybe I can skip that 1.00.06 thing........... NAHHHHH
  13. It seems perhaps the SC had a change of heart.....or perhaps made changes to the Sunflash that will be less apparent so he won't have to listen to the Bi#%*ing. I wonder if there is gonna be any changes to the range of the Station and ODS turrets? I see alot of ships getting cut to pieces while being distracted by defenders.....should be interesting.
  14. quote: * Removed 2 sets of turrets arrays (4) from the Sunflash cruiser, reducing it to 8 turrets (from 12)I know some people who aren't gonna like THAT....I really wanted to take one of those on. Well guys, I think you've consigned all of us newer people who aren't going to get the better ships, to a continuing cycle of death and respawn in MP. If a station is being defended by real live commanders we are gonna get crushed in an assault. The Sunflash was one of the bright spots for those that were gonna have to compete sans cloaking capabilities. In the other Forum I mentioned the stations as big "pillboxes" and that's what they will be now. But by no means let me discourage you from continuing. What is the next ship that threatens your competence as a commanders? Speak up...so we can get it immasculated also.
  15. quote:quote:Originally posted by Stormshadow: Meanwhile those,DAT's LMAO... i havent heard that saying in years... were you one storm??? if so bless you my child, those m1's (when we were with em) kept us nice an warm lol. No 'Fox ,I wasn't a DAT. I was 100% "True Blue", "Spirit of the Bayonet-KILL ,KILL , KILL", "Close with and destroy the enemy by means of fire and manuever" , "Can't have good sex without a grunt"," Ground-Pounder", "Death on two fu#*ing legs", 11 BANG BANG BABAY !!!! Aco 4th/16th INF, 1st Inf DIV (FWD) THE BIG RED ONE !!! LOL....Damn that felt good I had some friends that were DAT's though.....I don't know what ya mean anout keeping warm though,they wouldn't never let me in the damn things......said I'd get it DIRTY....lol...........Now if yer talkin' about standin' behind them and warmin' up in the exhaust..then I'm with ya...lol...I think the old M-60's put out more heat though [ 02-13-2002, 12:52: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  16. I think with the station turrets crankin' out the megawatts now,that we might have some problems with them,although they are still going to fall prey to the cloak/PAD combination ... but I doubt we'll be using those alot in "sanctioned" MP bouts and I would bet that those little gems are gonna be much harder to come by once BCO cometh...so what the hell..have fun. quote:Never had any problem against a supercarrier or any other ship. Lets wait and see what mp has in store for us.We'll see how you do in MP against LIVE Commanders. I'll put my Megaron against your Sunflash any day..... OOOOOooohh This is gonna be SWEET
  17. I think that once there are real people defending those stations,they are not gonna be such easy prey.If you have something slowing you down and diverting your attention,Those station turrets will be able to cut you apart. Has anyone been fired upon by a station using SDM's? In hundereds of hours in the game,I have never seen a station fire it's missiles.This could also be a factor,especially in MP when the EMD's will not be as effective as in SP. Those SDM missiles will ruin your day if several of them hit you!
  18. IMHO Using the tech support rules as a precedent, I don't think you should be able to claim the prize unless you are running the current version of the game. Many of us have already been close and have lost all in the patches. Not that I'm bitter.....well Ok ...maybe a little bitter ,but from the way this board works,I just kinda took that for a given. *shrugs*
  19. Gentlemen, I think you miss the point. Anytime gamers are deprived of a choice on the method and medium in which they game,It is a sad day for us all. quote:Down with Linux! Long live Windows! HORRAH! I remember a time when such a statement,made in the presence of hard core gamers, would get you banished to the Abyss,never to be heard from again....... I guess Microsoft should go with "Resistance is Futile" as a corporate motto. By the end of this generation the assimilation will be complete. *sighs* [ 02-09-2002, 22:50: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  20. I don't think so Spidey, I was VERY close,had my crew AI's in the high 80's, but then came a patch,and the saves were deleted. *sigh* Haven't been able to get that far again ,yet. [ 02-07-2002, 20:54: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  21. Gamespot shows that there are many variants to the the Geforce 4 card, Including a pretty good one for $199.00. Look here [ 02-07-2002, 17:08: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  22. quote: Works as designed. The cargo pods have a different compartmentalized method of storage. I guess you haven't seen cargo pods containing whole nuclear reactors, huh? That's GREAT as far as I'm concerned! Cuz that just means one thing. Mo' money Mo' money Mo' money [ 02-05-2002, 01:35: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  23. ROTFLMAO Damn RM,now I gotta clean little pieces of hamburger off of my monitor screen......I'm just glad I wasn't drinking when I saw that.....coulda been very bad!!!
  24. I've been playing for awhile in the craft assigned to me for The Wraith wargame...I'm playing on the 1.00.05 Jan 27 patch with a sunflash Heavy Cruiser. I've been making trading runs between Galcom HQ and Wraith HQ, mainly trading weapons.When I got a sufficient bankroll I started trading Bugnor OTS missiles and in an attempt to get more for my mileage I started moving some to the cargo pod when my weapons bay got full....and this is what I've found. When I move the Bugnors to the Cargo Pod they only use one cargo unit instead of the 100 they used in the weapons bay.When I arrive at Wraith HQ and move them back to the Weapons Bay,they once again take up 100 units. Nothing I've read suggests that this is as it should be. So, I thought I would mention it. If needed, I have a save game with 45 OTS missiles in the Cargo Pod and 455 cargo units left in the Pod. If this IS the way it should be, Then I stand here humbly waiting for my chastisement. [ 02-04-2002, 18:34: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
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